Ski Resort Reviews - Sundance Resort

Sundance Resort is a small full service art, nature and recreation village situated on 6,000 of protected wilderness. Enjoy skiing at the base of the majestic 12,000 ft. Mount Timpanogos.


With 500 acres and 41 trails, beginner and expert skiers and boarders can choose from perfectly groomed gentle slopes to wide open bowls and steep narrow chutes. New, for the 2009/10 season, Sundance Resort is offering night skiing! Take a rest and snack break on top of the mountain at Bearclaw Cabin with its incredible panoramic views of Uinta Mountains.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

With 25 km of daily groomed trails for Nordic skiing and 10 km of scenic trails, Sundance provides activities for everyone to enjoy.

More Activities at the Art Shack

The Sundance Art Shack offers daily workshops. Explore your creativity in pottery, painting, jewelry making, drawing, printmaking or photography.


Relax and rejuvenate yourself after a day of activities and explorations. Visit the Spa at Sundance offering healing and restoration of the body and spirit through a blend of Native American traditions.


Sundance Resort's dining is top-rated with a variety of offerings. Sit by the fire and listen to a band play in the Owl Bar where Butch Cassidy's Hole-in-the-Wall gang visited. Want romance and a candlelit dinner? The Tree Room is the ultimate fine mountain cuisine dining experience with its Four-Diamond award and the Wine Spectator award.


Locals and guests from around the world relax and stay at the Sundance resort lodges for a true mountain retreat.

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Orlando Spa Resorts

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most idyllic holiday destinations in the US. With pleasant weather, lovely beaches, and innumerable resorts with world class facilities, Orlando would provide the best kind of retreat for both tourists as well as business travelers.

There are two most popular things about Orlando resorts: the golf courses and the spa treatments. Almost every resort has its own private golf courses and facilities for spa treatments. These are provided for the resort guests as well as for Orlando residents.

There are many resorts in Orlando that are popular for their spas. These spa resorts boast of state-of-the-art equipment, treatment by professionals, rejuvenating hot tubs, fitness centers and others, for ultimate relaxation. They have different kinds of spa treatments which can be personalized as per individual requirements. They also vary on the basis of the price. There are also luxury spa resorts which provide world class facilities to their patrons.

Some Orlando spa resorts have spa facilities housed in nearly 40,000 square feet of space. Here, there would be around 20-30 treatment rooms, some of them with specialized spa treatment facilities like water treatment, a relaxation conservatory, a salon, a spa boutique, heated lap pools with healing waters, and a wellness center. Normal spa treatments include massage, steam bath, facials, manicures, pedicures, and other indulgences. Special spa treatments include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, warm stone massage, revitalizing rain treatment, chamomile body polish, sea salt body polish, clay mud wrap, algae mud wrap, deep cleansing, antioxidation, refresher facial, and so on. The prices of these treatments range from $50 for a 25-minute massage to $150 for an 80-minute massage. Some spa resorts also give spa treatment packages like a complete set of aromatherapy massage, pedicure, manicure, and facial. This would last for four hours and would cost around $320 or $130 for a 1½ hour massage. There are also luxury spa resorts which provide world class facilities to their patrons.

The Internet is a good source of information for Orlando spa resorts. There are several websites of the spa resorts which provide information about their latest offerings. You can also compare offers and prices and choose the best ones. These sites are also updated regularly with latest offers. However, check for reviews of these spa resorts. Reviews may be posted on some specific websites on the internet or they may come from someone who has visited Orlando and is willing to give some first-hand advice.

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Whistler Mountain - The Largest Ski Area in North America

Blackcomb Mountain located in the Mountains of British Columbia in south-west Canada. These two impressive scenic mountains are internationally well-known as the popular ski- and snowboard resort Whistler Blackcomb. From Vancouver it's only a two-hour drive through a beautiful tranquil river valley along the 'Sea to Sky Highway', one of the most stunning passages in Canada. Whistler is named after the high, sharp sound made by the local western marmots that live on the rocks.

Largest Ski Area Of North America

When you arrive in the resort you can see the majestic and magnificent mountain tops ascending high above you mirrored in Alta Lake. Whistler's highest lift takes you to 2,182m and Blackcomb is 2,284m high. With 2,800 ha both mountains have the largest area of ski- and snowboard territory of North America and the largest vertical drop. There are more than 200 marked tracks, three glaciers, 12 huge Alpine bowls and 33 lifts that run up and down the mountains.

Disneyesque Resort

The resort has an exclusive focus on customers, is convenient and well preserved. The clean and inviting mountain village is also known as 'Disneyesque' or 'toy town', because of its casual-chic ambiance and modern country-like buildings. You can find restaurants, transport and accommodation of all budget levels, get a free orientation tour around the village when you are here for the first time and you'll even be entertained while waiting in the well-organized queues for the lifts.

Outdoor Activities

This huge mountain full of big thrills is the perfect place for adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts. If you don't seek these mountain thrills you will also have plenty of activities. There's a diverse selection of year-round sports activities and the little town has plenty of restaurants, shops and spas. The resort offers something for everyone.

Wilderness Tours

Whistler's village offers all the luxurious advantages of a city, but is surrounded by an untamed and stunning wilderness. The one thing you hope to see her in summertime is a black bear in its natural environment. Join a bear-watching trip if you want to or an ecological tour, which will learn you about the different species and the ecological habitats the live in. If you are lucky you will see deer, cougars, different types of birds and rabbits in the wilderness.

2010 Winter Olympics

Next to the breathtaking nature, lush wilderness and unlimited activities there's also the Whistler Museum and Archives to visit to learn about the village's history and Fernie, the pleasant nearby mining town. Whistler will host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2010 together with Vancouver.

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Buying a Disney Vacation Club Timeshare

Having just been back from a week-long vacation at Walt Disney World near Orlando, and returned with more than we expected. My wife and I did all the WDW things and had a Saturday left over to leisurely relax. That is until we visited a kiosk on one of the properties that talked about the DVC or Disney Vacation Clubs. We arranged for a one hour tour of Saratoga Springs, a timeshare on the lake across from Downtown Disney. We had no intension of buying anything, but we did have some time to kill.

Now, first a brief word about our situation. We are semi-retired and run a web-based business out of the home. I have stock investments and three grown children, one still in college. We have seen other timeshares and agreed they are usually not good investments. Typically, they have many restrictions, are over-priced and more often than not offer properties in places you might never visit. For example, they are miles away from the beaches or main towns. Anyway, we did the tour out of morbid curiosity and the fact that it was a Disney resort.

They sent a van to our resort and drove us over to the sprawling 1000 room resort. Once we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. The massive project composed of three-story buildings was very well designed. There were several pools, restaurants, fitness center and spa and buses and a ferry to the rest of Walt Disney World. Once we finished the tour, the representative went over the details.

The timeshare system is simple. You buy a bunch of points beginning at 150 for around $15,000, give or take a bit. Then you get a brochure of properties that are grouped by collections. The best value and most flexible choices are those in Florida and one in Hilton Head, SC. Based on the time of year and size of room, you could get anywhere from a few days to a few weeks on the property. Disney also partners with a company called Interval International to add foreign destinations to the plan. There are restrictions like a minimum of a full week and other rules for those pieces of real estate. But Disney also provides complete travel packages like escorted tours and of course, their cruise line.

So what did we decide? Well, the most endearing feature is that it is a Disney timeshare, which means they do have high standards. Even the partners must adhere to the Disney tradition of excellence. But the downsides would be familiar to most timeshare buyers. There is an annual maintenance fee that begins around $850 after your have paid the $15,000, plus closing costs. That fee can go up every year and does, even if it is as little as 5%. Then there is a booking fee from $75 to $95 for every arrangement. If you book 5 separate, 2-day stays, you would pay 5 separate booking fees.

The good news is that there are no blackout dates but you need to book far enough in advance to secure the room at the property of your choice. Another plus is that you use one agent and one phone number for all arrangements, even for restaurant and transportation reservations. The locations for most of the timeshares are good; some are four and five star resorts, but those use the most points, of course. Also, the more popular times of year require more points as well. Okay, so what's the bottom line?

You could do worse than buy a Disney timeshare. If you plan to go to Disney World on a regular basis, then this is for you. There are numerous member discounts from park fees to souvenirs and restaurants. The Saratoga Springs timeshare lasts 47 years. You can pass that onto your children, without any penalties. Or have them use the points while your still around. It's all up to you. There are also DVC timeshare re-sales available at a lower cost, but I can't endorse them because they are not connected to Disney. Do your own research online. But the discussion forums I've visited have nothing but praise for DVC and all the various properties. If you have ever considered a timeshare but were as skeptical as us, look into DVC. We are thinking of buying three, one for each child and their future children. They could still be using it 47 years from now and they would have already been paid for. And who doesn't love a Disney vacation?

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Relax And Refresh At Spa Resorts

To make you feel good about yourself in mind and body there are many spa resorts that cater to only women, or men and even both. Pampering yourself with luxury is nothing to be ashamed of and since you probably work hard, it is acceptable to play hard and then have experts take care of the needs to relax the mind and muscles.

There are few better ways a person can pamper themselves than with a vacation at one of many spa resorts in exotic locations such as the Caribbean, Asia, Mexico or throughout North America. Depending on your available budget, spending a few quiet days in luxurious solitude can do wonders for a person health and well-being. Many of the spa resorts offer massages, meditation, yoga and a variety of other stress-free activities.

Many spa resorts offer amenities such as body and skin care, swimming pools, hydrotherapy and massages. Offering tremendous cuisine and expert aromatherapy are also offered at several to fit into the local environment. Whether the spa is located in the middle of nowhere or in the center of the city, once inside the facility it is hard to determine exactly where it is located. Most provide an atmosphere that shields participants from the rest of the outside world, allowing them to forget all the worries they left on the outside of the door.

Imagine walking through the door with absolutely no responsibilities and no one depending on you for duration of your stay. Moreover, everyone in spa resorts will be working hard to make your every wish come true and are there to pamper you and make you feel totally refreshed and ready to beat the world when you leave. Whether it is for one day, a few days or an entire week you will leave refreshed and stress-free.

While many consider spa resorts strictly for women there are also facilities that cater to men as well as other that invite men and women and especially couples. Both can enjoy the invigorating physical pampering of massages and aromatherapy as well as aromatherapy messages. The couple can both experience the relaxing atmosphere and learn how to relieve stress once they return home and help each other relive the experience of their time at spa resorts. Sharing the experience can make the time away from home more meaningful and relaxing, as both parties know what the other is going through.

By sharing the experiences both parties can better understand what is required to ease the tensions in their lives and even during activities where the couple is separated for privacy, they can learn more about themselves making the time spent at spa resorts not only physical but can account for psychological improvement as well.

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Luxurious Seychelles Hotels

Seychelles is an archipelago of about 115 islands by the Indian Ocean. Although it has the smallest population among other African states, it attracts a large number of tourists year round. It features pristine beaches, topaz water, lush hills and world class Seychelles hotels.

From its one hundred and fifteen islands, the three main islands are Praslin, Mahe and La Dique. For years, these islands are a big hit to honeymooners and couples who want to enjoy some quiet and relaxing time in a glorious location. With its reputation as a "paradigm of ecotrourism", the islands of Seychelles, offer the greatest location for watching giant tortoises and birds in their natural habitat. Aside from the turquoise waters and charming beaches, expect adventuresome jungle trails and romantic fine dining restaurants near numerous luxury Seychelles hotels.

Its laid back temp mixed with ultra-luxurious options make Seychelles the paradise accessible to everyone. Although it is an expensive tourist destination, there are resorts and hotels in Seychelles that still offers affordable, self-catering accommodations like guesthouses.

Seychelles Hotels

Seychelles offer a ton of activities to different people. It is the best destination for diving, fishing and sailing apart from swimming and other water sports. Mahe has 65 silver beaches, several restaurants, bars, casinos and cafes. Seychelles is also popular for the Garden of Eden which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most of the hotels in Seychelles are close to where the action is. Apart from the attractions and the activities, check out the nightlife only Seychelles can offer.

Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa - This 5-star hotel in Seychelles offers world class accommodations in a friendly atmosphere. Guests are guaranteed with room services, a full service Spa, an outdoor pool, private beach, fitness facility, steam room, meeting facilities and more. It offers 40 luxuriously decorated rooms with air conditioning units, wireless Internet access and spacious bathrooms. They also offer tour assistance and wedding services.

Coco de Mer - Black Parrot Suites - This is one of the best Seychelles hotels in Anse Bois de Rose Bay. It is very popular amongst honeymooners and couples.It features very clean and well maintained rooms, a private balcony, spacious bathrooms, a small pool inside suites and a nice bar area. Its staffs are very friendly and you can coordinate with the hotel regarding car rentals which are actually cheap. Room amenities include coffee/tea makers, Internet access, cable TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons with boards and data ports as well as air conditioning units and more.

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Top Ten Catered Ski Chalets in Europe

Discover the top ten catered ski chalets in Europe for the ultimate ski vacation in Alpine resorts. These ski chalets offer the complete luxury vacation experience.

Top 5 Catered Ski Chalets in Switzerland

1 - Exclusive catered lodge and spa in Valais: Veysonnaz Chalet Hidden Dragon. In the heart of Switzerland's 4 Valleys, it's an exclusive vacation home with panoramic views and ski-in/ski-out access. With six bedrooms and room for 12, the Valais fully-catered chalet offering helicopter and limousine services, fine gastronomy and wines, dynamic skiing opportunities, spa therapies, activities and childcare services.

2 - Most Luxurious Chalet in Swiss Alps: The Lodge. Sir Richard Branson's luxury ski chalet with pool is renowned for its stylish interior and exceptional personal service from its 14-person staff. Guests can enjoy a fully-catered ski chalet vacation including spa treatments, catering, fine wines, relaxing sauna and abundance of amenities. The Lodge is truly a luxury chalet with pool indoors in addition to a games room, indoor jacuzzi, wine cellar, gym and sumptuous bedrooms and living spaces. It's one of the finest chalets in Verbier and perfect for family vacations as it accommodates up to 18 guests in true comfort and luxury.

3 - Truly Unique Swiss Chalet in Verbier: Solmaï. This traditional Verbier ski chalet offers bespoke service for a vacation home away from home. Enjoy a full ski resort experience without any crowds. The luxury chalet is just a short stroll from Verbier village and includes two-minute chauffeured drives to all top restaurants, bars and lift stations. This Verbier chalet offers a chauffeur, guest concierge services, private chef creating delectable gastronomy and a masseuse for a full relaxing experience.

4 - Exquisite Luxury Ski Chalet in Central St. Moritz: Chesa Lumpaz. This St. Moritz chalet stuns even the most discerning guests. It's a magnificent fully-catered chalet in St. Moritz resort next to the Badrutts Palace Hotel and a short stroll from the central shopping street. Guests can enjoy the best of St. Moritz resort: slopes by day and fine dining and cocktails by night. Ski slopes, restaurants and clubs are all within walking distance. The nearest private jet airport is Samedan, only 10 min by car.

5 - Magnificent Modern Chalet with Dream Views: Chalet Bellardia. Verbier chalet reach their height in this incredible chalet rental with ski-in/ski-out access. This chalet is actually two 100 year-old chalets combined into an incredible ski home. Guests can stay in this fully-staffed chalet with a housekeeper, chauffeur and private chef. It's one of a handful of truly ski-in, ski-out properties in Verbier and its location provides it with the most stunning views from its terrace and balconies. The beautiful finishing and architectural features of this modern alpine home are complimented by the artworks adorning the vestibules and walls and the house boasts many unique features.

Top Fully-Staffed Chalets in France

6 - One of Europe's Most Beautiful Catered Chalets in Megève: Chalet Mona. This idyllic chalet is just minutes from the Mont d'Arbois and Rochebrune slopes. With no other homes around, guests enjoy complete privacy and panoramic views of Megève. The staffed chalet offers butler, concierge and private chef services. The ski chalet's dramatic entrance hall will take your breath away as it leads into grand living spaces decorated with large picture windows, contemporary design touches and romantic old wood accents.

7 - Catered Ski Chalet in Val d'Isère: Chalet Le Chardon. As one of the most desirable chalets in Val d'Isère, this elegant fully-staffed chalet is fit for 20 guests in ten bedrooms and bathrooms. The luxury chalet offers two living rooms, grand TV room, study, dining room and expansive private terrace with a snow bar. Resting elegantly on the side of the Solaise Mountain, it is a haven for keen skiers of all abilities. Each of its ten en-suite bedrooms has floor to ceiling windows offering uninterrupted views of the Manchet Valley and Vanoise National Park.

8 - Must-See Luxury Chalet in Courchevel: Chalet Allegra. A luxury chalet, situated in Courchevel, with wonderful dimensions, beautiful decor, a billiard room, a home cinema, a spa, and access directly on to the slopes. You could not ask for a better location nor a more charming chalet. Every detail, from the furnishings to the layout to the extras, has been considered in this Courchevel chalet rental. The luxury chalet offers nine bedrooms, including two children's rooms, amazing amenities and incredible spaces to entertain family and friends.

9 - Luxury Catered Holiday Home in Rhône-Alpes: Le Marti. This unique boutique chalet rental offers an experienced staff to take care of every need on your ski vacation in Argentière. Enjoy access to three ski areas and the quaint village of Argentière for après-ski entertainment. The Chamonix chalet offers professional chef at home, on-call concierge services and a plethora of amenities. Guests who rent a chalet in Argentière won't find a finer chalet than Le Marti: 8 en-suite bedrooms, a cosy living area, fire place and spacious dining area along with a sauna and private outdoor Jacuzzi.

10 - Chamonix Valley Ski-in Ski-Out Chalet: Prarion Fully-Staffed Chalet. Overlooking Les Houches, this Chamonix chalet offers amazing views and exclusive amenities in the privacy of an exquisite vacation home nestled in landscaped gardens. The fully-staffed chalet is the perfect way to relax and indulge on a Chamonix ski break, complemented by exquisite interiors and plush furnishings. Ten guests can enjoy their stay in this Chamonix ski chalet with five bedrooms, extravagant living spaces, a home theater, beautiful balconies and terraces, as well as children's rooms and amenities for the perfect family getaway in Chamonix.

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Visit Scotland For a Truly Relaxing Spa Break

Scotland is the perfect place to escape to for a relaxing holiday - particularly when it comes to visiting one of its indulgent spas.

One of the most luxurious of these is Stobo Castle Health Spa in Peeblesshire, which boasts sophisticated accommodation, a wide range of spa treatments and a prime hilltop position that offers grand views of the surrounding parkland. Whether you want to visit for a day or stay for a bit longer, the spa has much to offer to those looking to flee the stresses of daily life.

All about the spa

UK spa breaks typically offer traditional spa treatments such as massages and facials combined with facilities for active types like swimming pools and gyms. However, Stobo Castle Health Spa goes a step further to provide a range of innovative treatments and features that can't be found at other spa resorts in Scotland.

It has more than 80 different spa treatments on offer ranging from those designed specifically for the face and body to an array of hair styling services and alternative therapies. Treatments developed especially for men are also available.

However, the main attraction of a spa break at Stobo Castle has to be unique facilities like the Crystal Steam Room - where guests relax to the sound of tinkling ice crystals - and the Aroma Room, which combines steam and Eucamenthol for an experience to delight the senses.

Guests can also indulge in an ice crystal rub at the Ice Fountain and a dry heat treatment in the Laconium. For more active types, Stobo Castle Health Spa boasts Scotland's only 25m ozone pool and a fully-equipped gymnasium.

Luxurious accommodation

Stobo castle's 19th century exterior gives an indication of the elegant accommodation that lies within. Guests can choose to stay in single, double, classic or deluxe rooms, with relatively low-priced accommodation available at the Castle Lodge.

However, the ultimate experience has to be a stay in the opulent Cashmere Suite. As its name suggests, the walls of the bedroom are covered in cashmere and the decor and furniture are of a high standard throughout the suite.

Highlights include a lounge with silk furnishings, as well as a bathroom that comes with a bath that has been carved from a single piece of limestone and weighs more than one tonne.

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A Day at the Equinox Resort Spa in Beautiful Vermont

You might not think of a lavish resort town when you think of Manchester, Vermont. You may not even think of spas when you think of the state of Vermont. However, the Equinox Resort Spa seems to be breaking all of these assumptions at once.

Not only has this spa made many top travel spot lists, it is also a perfect location for a family vacation. How often do you think of bringing the whole family on a spa retreat? Well, with the many activities that this resort offers it is hard to think of leaving the kids at home.

Parents will delight in all the wonderful spa offerings that Equinox has from facials to wraps of all kinds. Many will also find that afternoon hours easily pass when playing golf on the award winning course, though some of the best things to do at this resort do not include golf or spa.

How would you like to learn to fly falcons? Equinox offers its guests a chance to train falcons at The British School of Falconry. Kids twelve years and older will love to learn how to fly Harris Hawks, and the entire family will enjoy Hawk Walks that weave through forests and mountains.

If birds are not your thing, you may enjoy the Orvis fly fishing or shooting school along with the Land Rover Experience Driving School. If you just want to relax, enjoy a day at the spa and then head to your lavish room for a bit of sound sleep.

The owners of the Equinox believe in lots of nature and fresh air, which is why you will find that all windows inside of the resort open in order to allow that crisp Vermont breeze to waft in. While beds are tastefully decked out in striped silks, there is nothing dry or stuffy about this resort.

Relax on a wicker chair with a warm woolen blanket during the fall months, or enjoy a nice Adirondack lounge chair during the summer months. Either way, you will delight in the small town charms that surround the Equinox even if you venture to Vermont during a cold New England winter.

The Equinox Resort Spa is far more than your average vacation spot. This is one resort that takes all members of your family into consideration when it comes to a truly relaxing vacation. Rooms at the Equinox begin around $300 USD per night and are worth every penny.

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Arizona Resort & Day Spa Tops the World's Best List

Since their inception in the 1980s, day spas have become wildly popular worldwide. In a culture filled with stress, hectic schedules and a mind-numbing pace, spas offer welcome and much-needed downtime if even for an hour or two. According to two prominent industry authorities, when offered a global selection of destinations, travelers placed southwest locations - such as Scottsdale, Arizona resorts and spas - at the top of their lists.

In fact, three of the top five spas that earned Travel and Leisure's World's Best Award for 2007 were located in Arizona. What makes this state such a prime destination? The climate.

Benefits of Arizona's Dry Climate

Ask anyone with allergies and they will quickly tell you they can breathe easier in a dry climate as opposed to a humid one. That's primarily because chronically high levels of humidity (as often found in southern states) bring with it higher levels of mold and other unwanted irritants. In addition, humidity can cause breathing problems for those with asthma because it can contribute to the swelling of airways.

The solution lies in the dry, desert climate of cities like Tucson or Scottsdale. Resort hotels and spas in this region of Arizona stood out in SpaFinder's 2007 State of Spa Travel survey. Given global choices, respondents noted that spas on the West Coast and in the Southwest United States were their top choices. But that's not the only opinion they voiced.

Travelers' #1 Consideration

The SpaFinder's survey revealed participants' number-one consideration when making travel plans for a spa: the facilities. Over half of respondents reported that the accommodations and spa offerings were what they considered as most important in making their selections. One quarter named cuisine, activities, desirable region, proximity to sightseeing and attractions, among other factors, as most important.

One Scottsdale, Arizona resort keys in on these customer desires by offering specialty accommodations including patio guestrooms, garden courtyard guestrooms and lagoon guestrooms. The accompanying spa boasts the use of certified organic and biodynamic herbs from their own herb farms to enhance traditional massage, manicure, pedicure and facial treatments.

Most Important Element

Whether they chose to visit Palm Springs, Austin or Scottsdale, resort-goers expressed that pampering was the biggest draw for attending a spa, with a full 84% describing it as "very important." That should come as no surprise since the primary purpose of day spas has always been to pamper and de-stress its clientele.


One further consideration should be the cuisine available at the resort or spa you choose. While it typically isn't mandatory that guests dine at the on-site restaurant, oftentimes packages are available that include restaurant privileges. If you have a preference of food or adhere to a particular diet, you might benefit by asking for details regarding dining options.

You'll certainly want to take part in both sides of the spa experience: soothing and rejuvenating the outside as well as cleansing and pampering the inside. Ask about steam spa treatments to flush the skin followed by juices, broths or herbal teas designed to rid your system of unwanted elements that accumulate over time.

Then indulge yourself with an invigorating massage in the morning and a virtuous yet elegant dinner at night. With highly acclaimed, five-star chefs on staff, spa restaurants are well known for meals that are both nutritious and delectable.

Whether you agree with what those in these surveys voiced or have your own set of criteria for choosing a resort and spa, one thing is certain: You'll feel rejuvenated, more relaxed and likely have a better outlook after your visit.

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Cheap Henderson Hotels

For those who want to experience the best of Nevada, whether it's the strip, the desert, the mountains and other nature areas, Henderson is the best place to travel to. You'll find many cheap Henderson hotels and resorts with an onsite casino or close to the lake as well as the Henderson State University.

Body: One of the cities in Nevada to visit is Henderson. It lies along the Las Vegas metro area and it is the second largest city of Nevada, following Las Vegas. With its very close proximity to the glitter of the Las Vegas strip and Mount Charleston, it provides an excellent way to spend your vacation in Nevada. There are lots of Henderson hotels that guarantee closeness to the oasis retreat of the Mojave Desert and three amongst the world renowned man-made attractions - Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the neon of Vegas.

Henderson is a premier residential community that can provide both guests and residents with abundant cultural events, miles of trails, special attractions, recreational facilities and open spaces. Visit the largest outdoor amphitheater in Nevada - Henderson Pavilion; the only bird migratory ponds - Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve; the largest commercial corridor in Nevada by Galleria at Sunset; and many sites for shopping and dining. Aside from luxurious and cheap Henderson hotels, the city has luxury resorts that offer family-friendly amenities, championship golf courses and more.

Even business travelers can have their fare share of Henderson. There are lots of exciting developments currently happening in this city since new residents and businesses are relocating here for expansion purposes. Reasons for this are attributed to the business climate and outstanding quality of life the city of Henderson can offer. Matter of fact, Henderson residents are noted to possess the highest median education levels as compared to residents of Southern Nevada. They also receive the highest median income. Now known as the "Address for Business Success in Vegas Valley", Henderson continues to attract well known regional, national and local companies.

Budget-Friendly Resorts and Casino Henderson Hotels
Fiesta Henderson Casino Hotel - This Henderson hotel has a 3-star rating. It is located midway between Lake Mead and the strip. The airport is only 8 miles away while the Las Vegas Convention Center is only 11 miles away. The hotel features a casino with a poker room, bingo room and race sports book. They also have an outdoor seasonal pool with sundeck, 4 restaurants, 3 bars and a year-round Spa tub. All its 224 guest rooms are equipped with AC units, tinted windows, clock radios, pay movies, high speed Internet access and more.

MonteLago Village Resort Lake Las Vegas - This 3.5 star hotel in Henderson offers Tuscan style condo-resort accommodation in Lake Las Vegas. It is near a casino, the Henderson State University and the strip is only 17 miles away. This hotel has 344 individually owned non-smoking guest suited and studios with patios or balconies. These rooms are equipped with bathrobes, high speed Internet access, DVD players, kitchens or kitchenettes and more. Facilities of the resort include 2 Spa tubs, 3 outdoor pools, 2 fitness centers and a children's pool. There are also 2 eighteen-hole championship courses opposite the hotel.

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Spend a Few Moments in Relaxation - Visit Disneyland

What is your personal opinion about Disneyland? Is it only meant for the entertainment center? Disneyland is the perfect place for the recreation and for spending a vacation. You can try your luck by visiting Disneyland for getting relaxation. Okay are you confused to know that this park also offers relaxation and pampering to the visitors? The fact is that at the time of building this sophisticated park, the designers and planners have put much emphasis on the basic requirements of the common people.

It is true that the visitors go to this park with the main objective of finding the good moments for entertainment and amusement. This amusement park will give you the moments for mental relaxation as well. How will it work out on the human beings? Well, you will get the complete satisfaction and comfort in this highly sophisticated amusement park.

Inside the park there are many attractive sites and the entertainment centers which will offer you fun and amusement. For several hours you will get the chance to get relief from the boredom. In this connection, you can opt for the concierge service which is really effective to bring the smoothness and flexibility to the muscles and the tissues. The Concierge service is really good for health. It will ensure the mental satisfaction and pleasure. You should hire a hotel room for getting the service. The resort will provide you different sorts of free drinks and beverage products.

It is not a spa center where you will get the sophisticated treatment process and the different exercise tools for the physical warm up. Concierge service is very well known to the visitors and you will be very glad to get the golden opportunity to get the satisfaction and contentment. The private chamber will be nice looking with the easy accessibility to sunlight and air.

The ventilation system is fully upgraded and efficient to enhance the entry of fresh sunlight and fresh air for breathing purposes. You will get the soft drinks and beverage items free of cost and throughout the day you can spend the hours in relaxation and idly. In the morning, you will be offered the breakfast for enjoying the holiday. Your lounge will be decorated with the excellent furniture. However the cost will vary depending on the qualitative service the resort will offer. The cost is usually high in comparison to the ordinary hotel. Your money will not be wasted as you are getting the coziness and comfort by paying the reasonable price.

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Make Wintergreen Your Next Ski Vacation Destination

You would think Virginia for sailing and beaches, but Wintergreen, located near Charlottesville, VA is considered to be the ski resort of the south. This resort offers everything needed for the skier. Though Wintergreen only has an elevation of just over three thousand, five hundred feet, it does offer more than eleven thousand acres with more than 20 skiing trails, with a drop in elevation of approximately one thousand feet.

Wintergreen has six lifts. You can take in the breath-taking views of the Appalachian Mountains. This area is surrounded by luxury and golf courses, with one world-class course near the resort.

Since this is not one of the big ski resorts, it makes it ideal for a family vacation. In addition to skiing, there is hiking, biking, tubing, snowboarding, and even swimming in the indoor pool. As a family, you can partake in a variety of events, such as craft workshops, campfires and storytelling for the kids.

In addition to the skiing and pampering yourself at the enjoyable spa with massages, body wraps, skin treatments, and nail cares, you can take a scenic drive to the historical civil war attractions and wineries near-by. For you fitness junkies, you can visit the Mountaintop Aquatic and Fitness Center. This center features steam rooms, heated pools, hot tubs, and the latest in cardio and strength-building equipment.

You can also take advantage of Wintergreen's Performing Arts, which throughout the year, have several musical performances that will delight your entire family. If musicals and arts are not your thing, maybe nature is. the Wintergreen Nature Foundation promotes the conservation of natural resources, such as what you see in the Blue ridge Mountains.

The family events don't stop there. Other fun activities include tennis, horseback riding, tubing, and even snowmobiling. You can participate in rock climbing, bungee trampolining, rappelling, and mountain biking through The Outdoor Wilderness Leadership school.

Wow, Wintergreen offers a lot. The resort is open year-round, and has proven to be a top-place for relaxation and rejuvenation, with activities that are great for your entire family.

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Mt Buller Accommodation

The town of Mount Buller, named after a mountain peak in Victoria, Australia is a famous tourist destination. The place is popular for winter sports like skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, four-wheel driving, and horse riding. The tourists also throng the spas, enjoy fishing and boating on Lake Eildon, and go for drives and bushwalking. Being near the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, Mt Buller is a favorite vacationing spot for the locals. Despite being a small township, you will find all types and sizes of Mt Buller accommodation spaces here. Before entering Mt Buller, the visitors are charged entry fees to cover the management expenses of this beautiful ski-resort.

Types Of Accomodations Available At Mt Buller:

1. Apartments And Houses: The apartments and houses are usually 1 to 4 bedroom sets. However, you might be required to sign a bond for using these.
2. Hotels: You will find all categories of hotel accommodation in this township. From simple queen size one bedroom sets to deluxe suites, you have a variety to choose from. The interiors are clean, well furnished and comfortable.
3. Lodges: The manager at the lodge will help you with all you need. Mt Buller Accommodation lodges are self-service residential facilities.
4. Cottages: If you wish to live closer to the natural scenic beauty of this Alpine resort, go for a cottage.
5. Resorts And Spa Retreats: The spacious and luxury resorts beautifully landscaped are ideal for tourists.
6. Bed And Breakfast: Any alpine chalet, whether in the town or on the side-lanes of the ski-run, typically provides bed and breakfast accommodation. You will find a bedroom-cum-small suite and the price usually includes the morning breakfast.
7. Ski Club: A ski club Mt Buller accommodation typically has many rooms to service the guests.

With more than 7000 on-mountain beds and many more available off-mountains, the tourists do not face any difficulty in finding Mt Buller accommodation in summer. But, if you are planning a holiday in the winter, it is advisable to do prior booking. To promote tourism during summer and spring, the management board has brought out the following schemes:

1. Ski Guarantee Properties: The properties under this scheme give back the money if it does not snow. There are, however, conditions attached to this.
2. Kids Stay Free Scheme: In June and September, two kids can stay free with two sharing adults in any of the properties opted in this scheme.
3. Spring Is Priceless: Under this scheme, if the bookings are done before July 30 for a vacation during the month of September, the rates for all the participating properties are reduced to half the peak season rates for a five-night stay (Sunday to Thursday).

If you wish to stay in Mt Buller accommodation which provides these schemes, simply check for the properties on the internet. Also, you can check for the terms and conditions of these schemes. Make your vacation memorable at Mt Buller.

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Serbia - A Paradise For Vacation in Europe (2)

1. Hot Spring

Hot spring spa in Serbia has a long tradition and history and it has been popular since the Roman period. Spa remains of the Roman period can be found in Serbia's 140 hot springs. Now, there are more than 1000 hot and cold mineral springs there. The natural soil and gas of hot springs can provide physical therapy for guests. There are two kinds of hot springs: outdoor and indoor. Hot springs can also provide places for organizing conferences, exhibitions and other events. Most hot springs are located on foot of mountains or regions close to forest, where climate there is pleasant and free from pollution.

2. Mountain Tours

Serbia is a country with unique peaks. Its mountainous regions have conditions which can satisfy various climbing activities and thus mountainous regions in Serbia are also attractive tourist destinations for people. Many national parks are built in these wonderful mountains with wonderful poetic imagery.

Copaonik peak is one of the highest mountains in Europe and the largest tourist destination in Serbia. There is a 44-kilometer long skiing slope there, as well as 20-kilometer long ski lifts. In addition, Zlatibor, Divcibare,Zlatar, Golija, Goc, Jastrebac and the Stara Planina peak are also tourist spots all year round. These places can be reached within a few hours by driving cars from Belgrade.

3. Holiday Travel

Serbian Cultural Festival reflects this country's national strength and spirit. Many festivals are held annually to celebrate the Serbian ethnic customs.

Serbia travel companies can provide and organize various festival tours with different characteristics for tourists. During the holiday season, local and foreign tourists are attracted by the traditional customs and handicrafts there. This kind of festival is usually held in the summer.

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Why Rent a Luxury Vacation Home Rental Versus a Hotel?

In this article, we aim to provide an educational means to understanding how to save a considerable amount of money when traveling with a family or large group. In the case study below, we'll show how Ultimate Luxury Rentals vacation homes in Tucson, AZ have saved the vacationers coming to the area time, money, privacy, and a "home away from home" feel.

First off, you may be wondering, what is a luxury home rental? Well, we will get to that later in the article. Let's start with some of the reasons people are now renting these vacation homes as opposed to

Many vacationers choose to rent a vacation homes for a variety of reasons. Economics is one of the primary reasons. A vacation home can replace 2-4 hotel rooms at a fraction of the cost. Vacationers can eat their meals at home or even cook up their favorite meals on the barbecue. Our average vacation rental customer saves over $2000 in a 1 week stay. Privacy is another major consideration when choosing a vacation rental home over a hotel or resort. Many vacation homes include enclosed back yards with private heated pools and spas. Guest can enjoy their gathering of friends and family without interruption. Amenities are probably the main reason vacationers continue to rent vacation homes year after year. Many vacation rentals offer amenities that are superior to many upscale hotels and resorts. Pillow top mattresses with sateen sheets, plasma TVs, free wireless Internet, pool or game tables, fully stocked gourmet kitchens, private heated pools and spas and some of the most spectacular city and mountain views in town.

In addition to the home itself, the destination you choose has its own attractions and amenities. Continuing with our case study of luxury homes in Tucson, Arizona, here is a little history of the Old Pueblo and some of the history that attracts people to this particular destination.

With its mixed cultural heritage and international population, Tucson's traditions span centuries of habitation from prehistoric Indian cultures to recent immigrants from all over the world. Today Tucson has become a destination for many visitors particularly those looking to rent a vacation home in Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

True to its Old West beginnings, Tucson's first inhabitants roamed the area hunting mammoth and bison between 12,500 and 6,000 B.C. Following them were the Cochise , who built pit houses and used stone tools, and the Hohokam, who began farming the valley in 300 A.D.

In 1692, Spanish missionaries arrived in the valley to find the Indian village S-tukson ("black base"). In 1775, the Spanish built an outpost, the Presidio of San Augustin.

By 1804, some 1,000 people lived in the adobe village - mostly Spanish, Mexicans, and Native Americans who made their living raising crops and livestock. After the Mexican Revolution of 1821, Tucson became part of Mexico.

Looking for a southern rail route, the U.S. negotiated the Gadsden Purchase with Mexico in 1854 and Arizona became a U.S. territory. In 1867, Tucson became the territorial capital for the 10-year period, which accelerated civic progress.

In 1885 , The territorial legislature approved $25,000 to build the University of Arizona. The city continued to grow rapidly, reaching 7,000. Around the turn of the century, Tucson began attracting thousands of tuberculosis victims seeking a cure in its dry climate. In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state to enter the union.

Fueled by Industries and tourism, the population of Tuscon grew rapidly - at one point welcoming 1,000 newcomers each month. By 2000, the population had reached 800,000.

Vacation rental homes in Tuscon, Arizona offer a wide range of choices to visitors from all over the world. Many different neighborhoods comprise the city and offer vacationers a large selection of accommodations and activities.

The Tucson Mountains are located approximately 8 miles west of Interstate 10. The proximity to Interstate 10 makes day trips to Phoenix, Tubac, and Nogales Mexico very convenient. Some of the most desirable luxury vacation rental homes in Tucson Arizona are located in this area. These vacation homes boast some of the best city and mountain views in the state. Most of the luxury vacation rentals are located on acre plus lots with private pools and spa and offer an experience that is one with nature. Vacation rental customers may have the pleasure of seeing many of the desert's wildlife such as the javalina, coyote, bobcat and a wide variety of birds such as hawk, dove, quail, and the state's official bird, the road runner . Vacation rental guests will also have a wide variety of attractions such as the Sonoran Desert Museum, Old Tucson Studios, Wildlife Museum, Gates Pass, and the Saguaro National Park West. The west side of town appeals to the business traveler as well. Many of the Ultimate Luxury Rentals vacation rentals are located less than 10 minutes from the Tucson convention center. These homes' locations put you in the heart of the most beautiful desert in the world, the Sonoran Desert. During the first 2 weeks in February, The TCC is home to the Tucson gem and mineral show the largest gem and mineral show in the world. Parents of University of Arizona students choose west side vacation homes because they are very convenient for visiting their child during the holidays or celebrating a graduation.

The Catalina Foothills is the largest mountain range in the valley and a well sought after area of town for visitors looking to rent a vacation home in Tucson AZ. Several upscale resorts and spas have made the Catalina's their home. The Catalina foothills area has a wide variety of restaurants as well as upscale shopping at La Encanta and St Phillips Plaza. For those looking for hiking and site seeing, the Catalina area offers the Sabino Canyon Recreational Park. For vacation visitors looking to escape the summer heat (temperatures average 20 degrees lower than the city), you can take a 25 mile drive up to the top of Mt Lemmon. The Tucson vacation rentals located in this area consist of a large selection of luxury vacation rental condominiums and single family vacation homes on ½ acre lots with excellent mountain and city views.

Oro Valley has been one on the most rapidly growing areas in Tucson. Many of the vacation rental homes and condominiums are new construction and offer very upscale accommodations. There are many fine restaurants to choose from as well as some of the best golf resorts in town. The is only disadvantage to renting a vacation home in Oro Valley is the traffic. Traveling to and from Oro Valley at the wrong time of day can be quite a chore. Travel times to other areas of town such as the Tucson mountains and the east side can take up to 45 minutes or longer.

As you can see for this particular destination, there is an entourage of amenities, attractions, scenery, and history. In order to make the most of your trip, it would obviously be to your benefit to have extra funds. Luxury vacation rentals are a win-win option for your trip. Aside from your destination, they are certainly something to look into. Obviously you'll want to find the best deal with the most credible provider of luxury rentals.

Still curious what is a luxury rental? Ultimate Luxury Rentals is a starting point for you. With over 7 years in the luxury home rental business, they have continued to provide the highest quality of homes and services to customers worldwide. Visit them at and get a first hand look at homes in Tucson, AZ, Taos, NM, and Costa Rica!

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Top Five Ao Nang Hotels - Review

Ao Nang with its white sand beaches and laid-back atmosphere is the perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil beach holiday. Despite lack of thronging crowds, Ao Nang hotels are in plentiful that offer great value for money. Here are some of the best among them.

1. Ao Nang Phu Petra Resort (4-star) (Address: 521 Soi 11 Moo.2 AoNang, Muang)

Located on the main beach, yet tucked away in a secluded soi, this new villa resort has 25 villas designed to reflect local flavor and done up in natural hues. Other attractions are kids' corner, massage center, reading area and spacious restaurant.

2. Sala Talay Resort & Spa (4-star) (Address: 123 Moo 3 Tumbol AoNang)

This luxury resort situated on the beachfront offers an exhilarating mixture of Thai architecture and modern amenities. Swimming pool, massage center and excellent restaurant are some of its highlights. This stylish resort is the perfect base for exploring the town.

3. Vogue Resort and Spa (4-star) (Address: 244 Moo 2, AoNang)

This Thai-style luxury resort set in lush green surroundings, overlooking the beach is the last word in comfort and good taste. Though located within walking distance from the main beach area, it is secluded enough to give guests a peaceful stay. The restaurant serves continental cuisine as well as Thai cuisine.

4. Krabi Resort (3-star) (Address: 232 Moo 2, AoNang Muang)

The only resort in Ao Nang with private beach access, Krabi Resort is located right on the beach. The beach area with its numerous restaurants, bars and equipment hiring shops for the various activities offer immense possibilities for resort guests.

5. Ao Nang Paradise Resort (3-star) (Address: 25/18 Moo 2 AoNang Muang)

Most comfortable of Ao Nang hotels, Paradise Resort is well hidden in the verdant surroundings and has rooms designed in diverse styles. The Bird of Paradise Restaurant, swimming pool and the array of activities available are its attractions.

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Spa Resorts and Spa Holiday

Fancy going on a holiday for Spa treatment and detox. There are many beautiful beaches and resorts in Thailand that catering for this.

In many Thailand spa resorts, the well-trained therapists will ease away your stress and tensions with a wide range of treatments and therapies. Pamper yourself everything from traditional Thai massage to various types of exotic massages and treatments with special oils and scrubs imported from many destinations in Asia and in the West.

If you visit Koh Samui and Chiang Mai, there are a lot of Spa and Resort facilities that offer a broad range of spa, health and beauty treatments.

Ask your travel agent to choose for you a Spa holiday packages that includes Rejuvenation, Body Detox, Health Management, Fasting & Weight loss programs. Choose a Spa takes a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Visit to a spa cultivates your inner harmony and promote health and beauty.

Many Spa Resorts in Thailand offers a range of spa treatments, facials and Thai massage, all to the highest standards in town. A spell at the spa will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to continue your adventure in Thailand city.

In most of the Thailand Spa resorts, you can have your treatments in one of the wooden, Thai-style houses or in a traditional sala at the water's edge. You can choose from a wide range of massages, including Foot, Facial, Aromatic Oil, Herbal Steam, and Classical Thai treatments, or pamper yourself with a body masque. They have also luxurious open air bathroom with Jacuzzi.

Modern Spa use a combination of tradition and modern techniques, such as herbal remedies, steam compresses, natural ingredients and some spa even have the state of the art facilities such as the salt flotation tank to ensure clients satisfaction. Most Spa Resorts in Thailand offers a holistic spa and salon approach, such as:

1. Ayurvedic Aroma Therapy

2. Herbal Steam Room

3. Classic Thai Massage

4. Body Masque

5. Jacuzzi

6. Facial Massage

7. Aroma Oil or Herbal

8. Steam Massage

9. Aroma Therapy

10. Foot Massage

11. And many more treatments.

While on holiday, Indulge yourself in sheer indulgence and exquisite pampering. You can choose from a wide selection of spa services: from romantic treatments to comprehensive one-day packages combining hydrotherapy, massotherapy and aromatic body, beauty and skincare treatment. You are certainly spoilt for choices. Relaxation through Spa allows you to focus on harmony between the mind, body and spirit. So after a relaxing spa holidays, you should feel more refresh and more energetic back at work.

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Outdoor Spas

It is a common feature to find a spa near a watering hole or at the seaside. The mineral water spas are found near hot springs or lakes. These are luxury resorts that help people to unwind and relax. It is however not possible for everyone to visit these expensive resorts. The need for relaxation has encouraged spa industry to grow. Now spas are available to the common man and they can get a spa installed outdoors. Outdoor spas are placed outside the house, either in the garden or in the courtyard. Fitness areas that consist of pools also can install these spa tubs adjacent to them. This can help people to experience the unique experience of spas right at their doorstep.

Spas of varying sizes and shapes are available with manufacturers of these units. They can fit into a corner or can be the center of attraction in the fitness area. Most of the outdoor spas have Jacuzzi bathtubs that enable the user to utilize hydrotherapy. The material used for making these bathtubs can either be wood or acrylic.

Sauna bath units can also be installed outdoors. Whirlpool baths and hot tubs can be installed easily with the help of user manual. Electric supply is required to fit outdoor spas. The purification and filtration plants can be installed away from the spa equipment as per the instructions. A proper plumbing facility is required to give the desired effect to water flow and jets.

Ozonisation of water is an additional feature that can be opted for. The ozone content in the water can be controlled with the help of a few buttons. The spa equipment can be easily operated and it is possible to change temperature of water.

Manufacturers list the costs of these spas and it is possible to choose from a particular price range. Manufacturers also have a warranty for their products and assist in installing the unit. Company representatives also do servicing of these units.

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Spa and Golf Resorts

Meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation are the new catch-phrases of today's lifestyle and catering to this increasing majority of discerning tourists, countless spas and spa resorts have mushroomed all over the tourist circuits.

A bonus for the keen golfer is the emergence of the Spa and Golf Resort. These resorts combine the best golf facilities with a range of high-end spa luxuries and facilities. These spas offer massages, water or aqua therapy, fitness and nutrition programs to pamper your senses and help you adopt a well-balanced lifestyle.

Located on picture perfect settings with panoramic views of the sea, mountains or lakes these spa and golf resorts offer extraordinary golf and superlative service which makes them sought after holiday destinations. Almost all the hot golf vacation spots such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Hawaii, California, Myrtle Beach or Las Vegas amongst others have fully equipped Spas and offer special spa and golf vacation packages.

Most Golf and Spa Resorts come with complete 18-hole courses, full service Spas, and a host of other recreational activities. Theses resorts offer a complete vacation package and are a boon to the families of avid golfers. Most also host tournaments so you can watch some of the world's best golfers at play.

The Spas are a retreat into the world of luxury where you can feel your tensions dissolve as you benefit from the countless treatments designed for women, men, teens and even kids.

After a challenging and invigorating game of golf it is a pleasurable experience to succumb to the soothing scents of aroma oils and let yourself be pampered by the wide-range of therapies on offer, all administered by highly skilled and trained staff. After a session at the spa you should emerge rejuvenated enough to take on the challenges of the most daunting golf course in the world.

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Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa Las Vegas

The Red Rock in Las Vegas was originally built as a "local's casino." They spent $950 million on its construction. Despite the "local" billing it received, it's really an upscale casino for anyone. If you are coming to Las Vegas, you'll want to put it on your list of places to visit.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy Red Rock before it was open to the general public. I was immediately impressed. I knew it would be something special.Once the general public got a taste, the city was abuzz with compliments and excitement. It wasn't your average local's casino; the Red Rock was upscale all the way.

Dining at the Red Rock

The Red Rock has many dining options--from quick food to the premier steakhouse. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, you can enjoy Fat Burger, Panda Express and other great fast food type options. There's also a Starbucks inside to top it off.

I could write a series of articles just on the dining. The buffet at the Red Rock is a little pricey, but it's good. I've eaten there for dinner, and I wasn't disappointed. If you love Mexican food, give the Cabo Mexican Restaurant a try. The Grand Café is a nice coffee shop type dining option. The T-Bones Chophouse is excellent as well.


The Red Rock is home to the Cherry Nightclub. It's a place to be seen and is always packed. The Red Rock also features concerts in various areas around the property. Last month Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performed in an intimate setting. The talented nightclub act Zowie Bowie performs weekly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For the kids, the Red Rock has a full movie theater and a Kid's Quest. There's something for everyone.


The Red Rock was built in Summerlin, which is the best community in Las Vegas. It's upscale and that's why the Red Rock was built the way it was. If you valet your vehicle, it's commonplace to see high priced vehicles parked there--Bentley, Aston Martin, and so on. It's conveniently located off I-215, so you can get there in a flash from the Las Vegas Strip.

I don't think a trip to Vegas is complete without visiting the Red Rock. It's just a great place to be at. The next time you are in Las Vegas, check it out.

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Jamaican Spas

Jamaica is amongst the most visited tourist spots of the world. This has prompted Jamaican hotels to provide their customers with most exotic and exclusive services. The latest additions to the service lists are the Jamaican spas, which usually offer a morning class with Yoga and meditation. There are no exercise machines in these spas, but many new age and self-help books are available in high- quality spas. Most tourists come to Jamaica to party, but getting rejuvenated in one of the spas proves to be an unforgettable experience.

The traditional spa treatments in Jamaica usually include Aromatherapy and deep-tissue massages. Located near the sea, the spas offer an ambiance that is beneficial to body and mind alike. Many resorts have built in spas where dinner and lunch facilities are also available.
The Jamaican spas do not serve alcohol with dinner but visitors are allowed to buy Red Stripe, the Jamaican beer, from the kitchen. The restaurants also serve other culinary delights that are beneficial to the health such as herbal tea.

Yoga classes for both, the beginners as well as advanced students, are available in many of these spas. Herbal body scrubs and fresh Aloe Vera treatments for are also included in some specific yoga courses. The food, fresh air, extra sleep, body scrubs, and massages can indeed have a positive effect on the body.

Breathing classes, Tai Chi classes, Reiki, a type of energy treatment involving crystals and therapeutic touch, form a typical feature of these spas and prove to be beneficial and relaxing. Caribbean spas not only combine these exotic experiences with traditional European therapy but also use many local ingredients and techniques that are helpful in recreation of body and soul.

Generally, the price range for these spas differs according to the location and the services that are offered by them. The costs of different types of therapies offered can range from a mere fifty dollars to five thousand dollars for the entire treatment process.

Jamaican spas offer a wide range of services and are generally famous for their indigenous herbal treatments.

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Resort Vacations - Take Them Often and Sell Them Too

Resort vacations are one of the hottest types of vacations out there. Everyone dreams of visiting fancy resorts and spending a week or two relaxing and enjoying the pampering and luxurious treatment that they get at these places. However, not many people can actually afford to take these vacations very often or at all. For some, the dream will never come true. For others, they might enjoy one or two vacations in their lifetime, but that's all. If you want to take resort vacations on a regular basis and never pay full price for them, there's something you need to know.

You can start a home travel business selling vacations to people at 50-90% discounts off of typical prices. You'll be able to work by yourself, and do something that makes people happy. Not only that, but as an agent of a home travel business with Global Resorts Network, you can also take those discounted vacations yourself, as often as you'd like. Imagine making a six figure income after working to set up your travel business, and still being able to pay bargain prices for great resort vacations. It can happen, as long as you're willing to invest the effort.

Resort vacations are great. They often include luxurious accommodations, ridiculous amounts of amenities, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Too often, people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and don't think that they can afford the time or money to take a resort vacation. However, when you can get such great deals on resort vacations, how can you NOT afford to take them? Imagine staying in 5 star hotels, visiting 3, 4, and 5 star resorts and only paying for budget-priced accommodations.

What might cost upwards of $1,500 or more for a 7 night stay can easily be obtained for $300 to $600 with this great business opportunity. These days, it seems like everyone wants to own their own businesses. Why not own a fun business like a travel company, and enjoy helping others find great resort vacations as well as taking your own vacations as often as you'd like? You need to know that you're not going to be an overnight millionaire when you start a travel business, and it isn't going to be easy to get started. However, if you put in the effort, you'll reap the rewards in the end.

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Phuket Hotels Are Just Right For A Business Trip

Phuket is a paradise for most tourists and business travelers who go to this beautiful Thai destination. Although most people think that this island just caters to leisure travelers, it is not so. It also caters to thousands of business visitors who come each year to invest in Phuket.

Taking into account that most businessmen and entrepreneurs come to Phuket to invest in real estate or other businesses, Phuket hotels are well equipped to handle all the requirements that may arise on a business trip. There are many types of accommodation ranging from luxurious to cheap with convenient business facilities that business travelers can take advantage of.

Most 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hotels in Phuket have good conference facilities with a conference hall, internet access, business center, currency exchange, audio-visual equipment, and meeting room. Some of the high-end hotels have LCD screens along with screen projectors, slide projectors, micro-phones, overhead projectors and movie projectors. You can easily select the hotel based on your needs to conduct a fruitful business meeting.

Some important business hotels in Phuket are as follows:

o Trisara
o Aleenta Resort and Spa
o Villa Zolitude
o Amanpuri
o Villa Salika
o Sri Panwa
o Bundarika Villa Resort

Some hotels in Phuket have dedicated executive floors with internet facilities, data ports and 24-hour room service. Many hotels also have banquet facility and you can make use of it if the need arises. As a business traveler in Phuket, you can be sure of getting quality service and assistance to meet all your business requirements.

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Travel For Free, Get Paid To Travel And Even Get Paid When Others Travel

Fall and Winter vacation time is coming fast! Did you know that you can travel for free and even get paid to have fun in the sun?

This is a unique opportunity! The travel industry is exploding as Baby Boomers retire in droves and head to the cruise ships, Caribbean resorts and European Spas in record numbers.

Learn how to put groups of friends, family, club members, etc together to travel to exotic places around the world, getting your tickets free while earning commission on your friend's tickets! You can even have your own private labeled travel website that will pay you handsomely every time someone books their travel on it, even if you are asleep, at home with the kids or even on vacation.

Read on to learn how you can cash in on this bonanza for very little money.We said you could even travel for free. How can that be? You can be invited by the owners of Luxurious Resorts, Spas, Cruise Ships around the world to stay at their facilities as their free guests!

These are called FAM(iliarization) trips. Owners are counting on travel professionals to brag about their luxurious vacations at fabulous resorts to your friends and family when they get back home. Word of mouth advertising, the best. A couple of examples: In November, 2006, one of my friends spent a week in Jamaica, Free! She stayed at top, beach front hotels as a guest of the Jamaica Tourist Board, with everything included, meals, transfers, excursions, etc. Special airfare price of $199 RT New York!Or, how about a 3 night stay in the Virgin Islands, courtesy of the USVI Tourist Board in September?

There is a cooking tour of Tuscany, Italy, coming up in September. 5 nights, all inclusive in a 600 year old farmhouse on 1,000 acre vineyard, all inclusive, including cooking lessons and wine tasting, $599!On April 18th, 2007, you could have boarded the QM2 in NY, for a 7 day, luxurious Transatlantic trip from New York to Merry Olde England for only $499!How would you like to be upgraded to 1st Class for free when you fly, business or pleasure?. Staying at a hotel? How about a suite for the price of a regular room? Or how about renting a Jeep and getting a Hummer for the same price?This is not some fantasy, these perks and more are offered every day to owners of travel agencies.

Now, you can be the CEO of one or an entire Network of Expedia-like, Internet Travel Agencies that will stream massive, passive income into your bank account 24/7 while you sleep. Earn $500 per month, or $500 per day, it is up to you!

American Express sells Internet Travel franchises for $10,000 each with a liquid reserve of $100,000 required.. Magic Johnson sells them for $5,000 each. One company, YTB Travel, can get you started in your own home based, Internet Travel Agency right now for less than $500. They are the fastest growing of the new breed of Internet Travel Agencies and are actively recruiting new, home based agents as well as looking for marketing people to sell them.

Good Luck!

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Koh Samui - Hotels, Resorts & Spa Destination For a Sense of Good Living

Spending a nice vacation in peaceful hotels, resort or spa destination like Koh Samui is a dream of many people that wish it comes true one day. The island has became one of the world spa destination. Spa treatments and courses are now available in many resorts and hotels on Samui. If you are looking for pampering yourself in different types of spa treatments, look no further than Koh Samui.

Lots of resorts, hotels, and spa sanctuary are offering their signatures spa treatment. Six Senses Spa is one of them. This spa is a part of Six Senses Hideaway Samui which is located in Samrong Bay. The area is an unspoilt area on the north-east coast of the island. As the name suggested 'Hideaway' on the hotel's title, Six Senses Spa is certainly very peaceful and secluded.

The 'Secret La Stone' spa treatment at Six Senses Spa combines the benefits of the sensuality of an essential oil massage with a hot stone treatment. This is performed by two therapists massaging gently at the same. It is really good feeling. Staying and pampering yourself nicely in this great hotel and its spa is a memorable experience.

Tamarind Springs is a real sanctuary of resort & spa world on Koh Samui. Here it has a very unique architectural style of spa formed by nature. All big stones or rocks are kept in the way they are as possible, but have created very amazing spa treatment atmosphere.

All courses of the Classic Tamarind Spa start at the steam and dip pool with great unique natural made embraced them. You can soak yourself in the pool and go to steam as long as you like for hours before going for the treatment that you have chosen. 'Stoned on Samui' is a 4 hours treatment spa that you can enjoy about 1.5 hours in the steam cave and plunge pool followed by 1.5 hour stone massage, plus 1 hour massage of your choice (foot, head or facial).

Apart from offering such amazing spa service, Tamarind Springs is not just like other spa in hotels or resorts. Here, 'Holistic Therapeutic Treatment' is available for any guests with particular health problems. Tamarind Springs offer therapeutic treatments tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements. Such treatments may sometimes combine several of the difference applications, such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and osteopathy.

What mentioned above are very tiny examples of how you can stay healthy and pamper yourself while living in hotels or any types of shelter on Samui. Much more of spa services are await for you here on this lovely island. Grab your passport and reward yourself with one of the world best spa destination service. It is just like heaven on earth here in Koh Samui.


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Top Five Secret 2010 Holiday Destinations

Are the first rays of spring sunshine putting you in the holiday mood? Although there are still a few weeks to go before the summer season starts, you will most probably find out you are not the only one wishing to act on that 'holiday feeling'. Where to? That could be the question. If not Mallorca, the Algarve or the Canaries, what are the new tempting destinations for 2010? There are several summer as well as winter sun destinations emerging this year. The choice depends on what type of holidaymaker you are planning to be in the summer and winter sun season of 2010. To assist you, here is a short comprehensive list of some of the hottest undiscovered top five destinations.

Cape Verde, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its unique landscapes of volcano cones combined with fertile valleys carpeted with lush green plantations. It is a true paradise for hikers, bird watchers and those craving for some peace and quiet on the uncrowded beaches surrounded by unspoilt picturesque scenery. The ten islands of Cape Verde, although forming one region, present identity of their own in terms of nature, the coastline and culture. Thanks to its mild climate, Cape Verde is able to welcome visitors all year round.

The Azores form another archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean which will fascinate those keen on walking tours, whale watching and various watersports like windsurfing, sailing or fishing. There are nine islands to explore in total and they all offer spectacular scenery blended with local traditions and festivals. The cuisine here consists of delicious seafood dishes and the dark sandy beaches stretch for miles. The best time to visit the Azores is summer for the beach lovers and rest of the year for those wishing to explore the natural beauty and history of this region.

Ayvalik in Turkey will appeal if you like quieter beaches of the fairly undiscovered Northern Aegean Coast. The region boasts the longest sweep of sandy beach and a wonderful blend of Turkish and Greek cultures, which is apparent in many parts of the old town. Carpet shops, cozy coffee bars and tea houses and tiny souvenir shops complement the ultimate laid back feel atmosphere. Ayvalik faces the Greek Island of Lesvos and it is also within easy reach of the small Cunda island, both being ideal for day trips should you wish to venture further afield and explore or just get the taste of the delicious seafood in the local restaurants.

Alonissos is a true hideaway in the Aegean Region of Greece. This island provides Robinson Crusoe style seclusion, the cleanest crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and fantastic beaches. The rich history and culture of this island is reflected in everyday lives of the local people, in its traditions and cuisine. Try the succulent fish dishes, wonderful salads with tasty olives and mingle with the locals in the traditional tavernas. Walk around the picturesque harbours in Partitiri or Votsi or take a trip to one of the sandy beaches in Milia or Marpunta. Generally, unwinding on the beach is the order of the day on this marvelous island. Howeve,r you can also take advantage of the daily excursions and boat trips to historical places and the neighbouring islands, which will enhance your holiday experience.

The recently renovated Velassaru Island is a true gem in the Maldives. Spoil yourself in the truly stylish and sophisticated accommodation in Water Villas, Water Bungalows and Beach Villas where the tiffany blue waters invite you for the morning dip in the ocean straight from your terrace. The resort has a quiet and relaxed feel and its lush exotic beaches are never crowded. The resort's spa provides the ultimate pampering in its overwater treatment rooms and offers a whole myriad of massages, oil treatments and ritual baths. Ideal for honeymoons and year-round escapes, Velassaru Island welcomes visitors all year round, providing you with the most unforgettable holiday moments.

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Costa Rica All Inclusive Resorts

Costa Rica is often referred to as "Nature's Paradise." Its stunning waterfalls, beautiful beaches, abundance of wildlife, and breathtaking surroundings make it a destination for vacationers, adventurers, and homemakers alike. Its inexpensive lifestyle and high standard of living are yet another attraction. Costa Rica in Central America is a small country located in the isthmus. Costa Rica is among the most exhilarating places to live and is considered a real estate hot spot. The country is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean on either side.

In many cases when tourists plan a vacation, they do not prefer to stay in hotels or inns because they are very expensive. Instead, people opt to stay in lodges, condos, and resorts that are comparatively cheaper. There are many resorts in Costa Rica that provide all-inclusive packages, which includes airfare, transportation to and from the airport, accommodation charges, all meals and drinks.

A few Costa Rica resorts boast all-inclusive packages, which include lavish accommodations and lodgings at discount rates and special offers. Such resorts offer countless in house facilities, prompt services, spas, recreational rooms, exotic cuisines, elite dining facilities and elaborate living arrangements

Many resorts offer all the facilities normally provided by the hotels at a comparatively cheaper tariff. Resorts offer rooms that have rich colors and designs. There are many all-inclusive resorts in cost Rica for people to choose from. Bookings for such resorts can also be done online.

Usually the choice for an all-inclusive resort is made after weighing factors such as mode of transport, places to stay, food and budget of the visitors. Similarly, all-inclusive packages differ from season to season. When visitors are planning to choose a resort in Costa Rica, many websites provide them with information on the facilities that are provided in all-inclusive packages. Costa Rica is a sure destination for a visitor who wishes to make his or her vacation a memorable event in their lives. The warmth of the people and the charm of these exotic locations enchants a visitor no end, and attract them to this part of the world again and again.

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Phoenix Holidays - Alternative

Holidays are often the only time a family traveling together. They are also the time when it is impossible almost to get in the top drawer Resorts booking and when air fares and meals are at their most expensive.

Instead of Hawaii or the Caribbean look, Phoenix vacation for this season. Phoenix Holidays are comparatively cheaper as relaxing, and therefore a good alternative to the crowded and incredibly cheap tropics. And you'll find somethingfor everyone in the family, if you head to the Phoenix area.

Right there in Phoenix, some of the country's principal towns. For example, Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, a stunning Frank Lloyd Wright creation, offers the palatial grounds, big rooms and a large pool invites you to bask in the
Arizona Sun

Nearby is the Camelback Inn, a traditionally-styled luxury resort with a southwestern spa - complete with lap pool andCafe - and child casitas that feel at home. The resort has a golf course and a luxury spa facility.

If you have a holiday, the stylish Phoenix's intimate and try the Royal Palms Resort and Spa. It has some of the most beautiful gardens and architecture in the West. A landmark of the historic property n Grand Spanish colonial style, you will feel as if you are in a private estate in the heart of Phoenix.

Restaurants and shopsPhoenix during a holiday there are plenty. Make sure enough Scottsdale near to enjoy the time, the extensive shopping malls, resorts and fine restaurants.

For a little adventure, rent a car and take a trip to Flagstaff, a picturesque western town not far from the Grand Canyon open (not always in winter). Make sure, early or plan to spend the night, and remember to be safe, e, pack warm clothes for the trip since the Flagstaff ski resort state line. A drivethrough the breathtaking canyons of Sedona, Arizona's red rock country is a spectacular adventure. Stop in the city for lunch and handmade silver shop.

Skip the trip planning hassle this holiday season and try a Phoenix vacation. Think of it as a gift to you.

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A Perfect Golf Vacation in Europe

Before you ask, "Why golf?" it would be important if you know what that means golf. To characterize Golf in simple terms would mean to say that it is a sport where you try a little white ball moving from one place to another by means of metal's clubs. The main objective of this game is the ball hits a hole-drive with a minimum number of ball. There are a total of 18 greens on a golf course, spread over some 60 hectares is the distance between two greens mainly between 100 and600 meters.

The golf course can get to remain a true paradise, for the forest, the lake, in the area, the hotel, a restaurant, a residential area on the highest level of expectations.

Golf is the game than the men. The rival players will help you to find your ball if you have it sent outside the target range. It will probably not show their satisfaction, if your game is not at its best.

Golf is the game for those who use their heads. To play itYou need not to use brute force. You actually have time to hit your plan. The great thing about golf is the fact that the ball is not in motion when you meet him.

Golf is a game for rich people. With golf, you can achieve a double status: rich and intelligent. Some think that it's not a better reason than this to golf practice facilities. While you search your whole day deal for a much more desirable, you can tell your friends that you play golf.

Recently, abeen a new trend in the world of golf set. Golf Resorts is an innovative idea that any knowledge were brought to. Imagine you are planning a holiday alone or with your family.

If you are a golfer then your best option is to find packages at a cozy resort spa offers both, and that golf. Thus, while you try to refine your game with other golfers, you can relax and enjoy your family suggested some of the best spa packages byof the place.

A first-class golf holiday is the discovery of a golf course that is stimulating enough for you. Next you should look for a package that will look like the chance to personalize your experience with golf. This package is likely to include hotel stays, golf lessons, spa and spa.

Awesome weather is very important. You do not want to sit in the rain and try to move the ball around the golf course. Finally, we are talking hereLeisure and pleasure.

Here you will find excellent golf courses all over the world, from USA to Europe. Recently, the golf industry is an important development in countries like Germany, has met, Switzerland and Austria. Placed in mountainous landscapes await the golf tourists.

Today, there was a large number of PGA tournaments in these countries, it would be great if you manage to accommodate during these events. You will not only be able to playGolf, but you will also see to fight some of the best golfers in the world trophies.

If you choose golf resorts to spend your vacation in one of the luxury in Austria, you should prepare yourself for the life of some of the best days of your, one of the most pleasant of the countries of Europe.

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Five Fabulous hotels and villas in Kalkan

If you to Kalkan, Turkey, go really spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation. Here are five of the best villas and luxury hotels.

Kalkan, Turkey is one of the finest resorts for couples and families looking for rest and relaxation in majestic surroundings. Famous for its breathtaking locale amid the hills and the quiet, unspoiled beauty of the streets, it is quickly becoming the destination of choice for discerning travelers.

It is adizzying selection of luxury hotels here, and if you are looking to narrow down your choices, here are five places to stay check during your visit to Kalkan, Turkey.

Likya Residence and Spa

For many people, not a luxury holiday is complete without a visit to a high-quality spa, and if you are in Kalkan are looking for a spa hotel, it is hard to do better than the Residence Likya. This boutique hotel has a spa connected to and providesTreatments ranging from Swedish massage red wine baths. As if that were not enough, the hotel itself offers a spectacular view of the ocean, and the high quality suites offer excellent accommodation with a personal touch.


Near the center of Kalkan, who lives more than Oasis up to its name. This intimate hotel is built with local marble and stone and is tastefully furnished with quality service through its dedicated staff made available. For the ultimate in luxury, booka stay in one of the two penthouse suites, each with its own Jacuzzi and a private roof terrace. For a quiet oasis in a great location, the Oasis is an ideal choice in Kalkan, Turkey.

Antique Villas

For those travelers that the privacy and independence of their own villa, are the antique villas offer an excellent choice. This collection of villas on the hills above Kalkan away, providing a secluded base to explore the delights of the resort and enjoythe surrounding landscape. Lavishly decorated and with high quality facilities, Jacuzzi and private swimming pools are among the villas offer privacy and antique quality to the same extent.

Mavi Su

This beautifully restored old house renovated and is today one of the finest private villas in Kalkan, Turkey. The breathtaking interior is a feast for the senses, which adjusted only by the spectacular views of Kalkan and the sea. Words can not describe Mavi Su - suffice it to sayIt is perhaps the most beautiful villa in the village.

Mediterranean House

While it may not be possible, the sheer beauty of Mavi Su, Mediterranean house fit more than makes up for it with its excellent facilities. With satellite television and a computer with Internet access, this villa is ideal for those who stay to the outside world while on vacation together. On the ground floor of the villa is a separate apartment with two bedrooms, which is a flexible combination ofAccommodation and is therefore ideal for two families or larger groups to rent the villa for their holidays. Throw in an infinity pool and a spacious terrace, and it's Mediterranean House one of the best equipped villas in Kalkan, Turkey.

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Make your next Wintergreen Ski Destinations

You would think Virginia is for sailing and beaches, but Wintergreen, near Charlottesville, VA was considered to be the ski resort of the South. The resort offers everything for the skier needs. Although Wintergreen has only a height of just over three thousand five hundred feet, it offers more than eleven thousand acres with more than 20 trails with a decline of about a thousand meters.

Wintergreen has six lifts. You may bebreathtaking views of the Appalachians. This area is surrounded by luxury and golf courses, with a world-class course in the vicinity of the resort.

Since this is not one of the major ski areas, makes it ideal for a family holiday. Besides skiing, there are hiking, biking, tubing, snowboarding, and even swimming in the pool. As a family business, you can participate in a variety of events such as crafts, campfires, and stories for children.

InIn addition, the ski and pamper yourself in the pleasant spa with massages, body wraps, skin treatments and nail care, you can create a scenic drive to the historic Civil War attractions and wineries near. For you fitness junkies, you can use the Mountaintop Aquatic and Fitness Center. This center offers steam baths, heated pools, whirlpools, and the latest cardio and strength equipment.

You can also take advantage of the Performing Arts Winter Green, thethroughout the year, several musical performances that will delight your whole family. If musicals and leisure are not your thing, perhaps the nature. The Wintergreen Nature Foundation promotes the conservation of natural resources, like what you see in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The family events do not stop there. Other activities include tennis, horseback riding, tubing and even snowmobiles. You can participate in rock climbing, bungee trampoline, rock climbing, mountain andBike through the Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School.

Wow, offers Wintergreen much. The resort is open year round and has a top spot for relaxation and recreation, with activities suited for the whole family.

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