Maldives Coco palm Dhuni Kolhu Resort ( not Bodu hiti ! )

From Video taken in 2009 December, first part is filmed by Nikon D90, the second with the Lumix FT1/TS1 You can see the beautiful corresponding photo on @CocoPalmResorts no I made it for sharing But It's a better quality on vimeo : And it's not Bodu Hiti but Dhuni Kohlu :) If you want a video of Bodu Hiti, I'am OK :)

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Silver Legacy Hotel

Recorded January 7, 1998. Silver Legacy Resort Casino features a Victorian—19th century theme. This Reno, Nevada resort occupies two city blocks and the casino has more than 80 table games. The hotel features the world's largest composite dome, and a replica of a headframe, or silver mining rig. The resort also features a pool, health spa, and several shops and restaurants, and skywalks linking it with the Eldorado Casino Hotel and Circus Circus. The main hotel tower has 42 floors, with floors 4 through 38 being hotel rooms. At 410 feet, the Silver Legacy is the tallest building in Reno. Sam Fairchild's legendary silver mining rig is a wonder for all guests to behold, a spectacular souvenir from a bygone era of mining wealth. Encased within the world's largest composite dome, the unprecedented 120-foot-high, automated mining machine is complete with ore cars. The interior of the unique 180-foot-high composite dome measures an astounding 75000 square feet. The dome reflects the dramatic skies of Reno and depicts an entire day from sunrise to sunset. There are hourly shows seven days a week inside the dome, showcasing Silver Legacy's incredible mining rig in a wash of color, laser light and sound! This video begins with the Silver Legacy's hourly mining rig show and then continues to the adjacent Eldorado and Circus Circus Hotels. At the Eldorado I walk around the Grand Plaza and at the Circus Circus I watch the juggling and trapeze acts under the big top. From:

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - On

Visit for more hotel profiles and travel videos. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has been a Las Vegas vacation mainstay since opening on The Strip in 1966. Its signature Greco-Roman architecture defines the hotel property and facilities, evoking a feeling of luxury and extravagance. This Las Vegas hotels 85-acre property is known for concerts and entertainment by world-famous artists in its 4100-seat Colosseum, Michelin-starred restaurants, lively bars and nightclubs with international DJs and extensive shopping at the Forum Shops. The Palace and the Forum Casinos, which span a shared total of 129000 square feet, are the famed gaming and betting hub of Caesars Palace. The lobby at Caesars Palace is the epitome of classic grandeur with marble pillars, statues and a colorful frescoed ceiling. Rooms and suites are housed in towers throughout the property with Romanesque names like the Augustus, the Forum and the Centurion. Guests can select from a wide range of room categories and Las Vegas suites that will meet their needs, no matter how modest or extravagant. Upscale amenities include expansive living areas, marble baths, in-room bars, high-tech entertainment centers and well-appointed furnishings. There are seemingly endless options for restaurants at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, whether guests are looking to grab a quick bite or sit down for a true gourmet dining experience. Chef Bradley Ogden serves his signature farm-fresh New American fare in his ...

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Germany

If you're looking for a place that's rich with remnants of the recent past, then Germany's the place for you. As you may well know, Germany was a key player in the previous world wars. Thus, it filled Germany with monuments to the stories of our grandfathers about times long past but never forgotten.

1.) Berlin Wall

There's no other place in Germany that's more suffused with charged up emotions than the Berlin Wall. You can just imagine the tears and the blood shed over this very wall. This remnant of the wars stands as one of the greatest monuments to democracy known to man - a sign that freedom will always come out victorious.

2.) The Romantic Road

Driving through the Romantic road would be one of the most pleasant drives you'll experience in your whole life. This road is flanked by scenic landscapes on both sides. Occasionally, you'll pass through a picturesque town, a beautiful gothic church, and sometimes, a quaint countryside inn.

3.) Augsburg

Passing through the Romantic Road will lead you to Augsburg, a town founded by the Roman Legions and named after the esteemed Roman emperor, Augustus. This picturesque town contains such historical places as St. Anne's Church, the place where Martin Luther took refuge, and Dom, a very unusual Cathedral. You can also find here the Renaissance Golden Room, a sight that will make you squint with its shine.

4.) Neuschwanstein Castle

Did you know that Walt Disney used a castle found in Germany as his inspiration for the castle of Sleeping Beauty? It's true, those alabaster walls and those high towers and wide parapets were all based on the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is now hailed as one of the most popular tourist spots in Germany.

5.) The Castles of Fussen

Like most of Europe, several castles are littered throughout Germany. It contains the other two of Ludwig's castles, the first one being the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is a must-see for all those families who are traveling through Germany because the place literally looks like it's been torn out of a storybook.

6.) Lake Constance

Lake Constance is both a tourist spot and an essential source of life for the Germans. Several areas in the country rely on this very lake for their drinking water, and this large lake is also a great place to swim and to go bird watching. Indeed, if you're one for beautiful natural sceneries, then Lake Constance is not to be ignored.

7.) The Black Forest

The name looks like it has been taken from one of the fairy tales, doesn't it? The Black Forest - it sounds like a place where evil witches reside and cursed trees grow, but don't let that deter you though. If anything, the Black Forest can hardly be related to its name as it's a sunny forest with tall and sturdy firs. It's a great place to go hiking and a great place for picnics.

8.) Cologne

When you hear the word, Cologne, what comes into your mind? A beautiful fragrance, right? Well, meet the town that's called Cologne for a reason, and indeed, the town of Cologne has its own peculiar fragrance that's very pleasing to the nose. Also, there you will find a beautiful view of the River Rhine and the Cologne Cathedral.

9.) Dachau

Take a break from the fairytale castles and mystical forests and go to the place called Dachau. Dachau is a concentration camp - a remnant of Germany's dark past where you can just imagine the horrors that took place in this very spot. However, you will also find there a statue bearing the inscription, "Never Again", a solemn promise of the German people that they will 'never again' commit such unspeakable acts - another true victory for peace.

10.) Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest - technically, it's not a place, but it's just too good a festival to leave out of any 'top ten list' that concerns tourism and Germany. This fun-filled festival in the town of Bavaria is guaranteed to leave you intoxicated and euphoric. You can spend days on end just drinking authentic German Ale and just letting yourself loose.

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV - the place to share travel videos []. Visit [] to view or share Germany travel videos [].

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The most beautiful place on Earth!

I love Bulgaria - beautiful nature, incredible landscapes, paradise on earth, great Black sea coast. Why Bulgaria is unique and incomparable??? * This is the most beautiful country in the world * Four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) * Virgin areas (Rodopi is the most beautiful mountain in the world) with very pure (therapeutic) air * Beautiful sea - cold and romantic in north, hot and entertaining in south * Bulgaria ranks third in number of historical monuments in Europe * Bulgaria is a state of 1300 years and has a rich cultural heritage - Bulgarian, Greek, Roman, Thracian * Bulgaria has given the world Cyrillic alphabet, Slavic culture and yogurt and is at the core of European culture and civilization * Foreigners say that bulgarians are very hospitable and friendly people and they have the most beautiful women in the world * Pristine places, beautiful landscapes, opportunities for fun and pleasant stay, rest for body and soul * Great opportunities for rural, ecological, cultural, historical, summer, winter, health, SPA and Wellness tourism. Few world class mountain resort and many remarkable beaches. Part of the pictures are from Bansko - a town and ski resort in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at an elevation of 925 m. Bansko is bigest and well modernised ski center of the Balkans and has recently hosted World Cup alpine ski races: the women raced in 2009 in two downhills and a super G.The men's circuit made its first stop ...

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Grand Riviera Princess Beach - know before you go - rent your beach chair?? WHAAAT???

Truth about the Grand Riviera Princess beach. The brochure says' This large all-suite resort offers something for the entire family from it's incredible beach....the ideal family getaway. We were impressed by the friendly staff, immaculate grounds, great accommodations but not impressed by slow or non existent restaurant service, 3 days without our room being made up and the lack of beach space due to vendors and rent a lounger policy. The resort is better suited to adult travelers rather then a family getaway.

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Cancun: Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort All Inclusive - Guest Reviews Ideally located between Cancun's southern tip and Playa del Carmen and just a short 20 minutes drive south of Cancun International Airport, Dreams Riviera Cancun is situated along a stretch of a natural pure white sand beach in the Riviera Maya. The world's second largest barrier reef lays just offshore with underground rivers and caves, perfect for a day of scuba diving. The mixture of developed sites and unexcavated ruins make for adventurous exploration into the region's mysterious Mayan past. Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa: UNLIMITED-LUXURY® DEFINED. BRAND-NEW RESORT: A magical and enchanting wonderland where families, couples, singles, and friends will enjoy all the pleasures for vacationing.

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Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Taking vacations allows time for relaxing and enjoying yourself in being free from your everyday responsibilities at home and at the office. It is your moment to travel and explore the world. Vacations also bring unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime. Making good memories is good for the soul. You will not only enjoy it, but also become mentally, physically and spiritually healthy.

Before giving you the importance of vacation, here are some tips on how to take a vacation:

1. Make sure you have a vacation budget.
2. Let your boss and colleagues know it early.
3. Reserve your flights and hotels early.
4. Pack light.
5. Enjoy the planning and packing as part of the overall experience
6. Leave your phone and laptop home.

Specialist Corner

Studies show that taking a vacation can lessen the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and help live a healthier life.

Experts consent that people who seize their health seriously should also learn to take vacation time seriously. Researchers from the State University of New York at Oswego conducted a survey of more than 12,000 men ages 35 to 57 who had participated in a large heart disease prevention trial. The results, presented last March at a meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Savannah, suggest that men who take vacations every year reduce their overall risk of death by about 20 percent, and their risk of death from heart disease by as much as 30 percent.

When the mind feels pressured and blocked with ideas, the effects on the body can be undesirable. One very important characteristic of mental health and well being is simply setting set the time to allow your mind to do nothing. It is in the method of not being hectic that one is free to reflect, deliberate, refresh and generally be grateful in the world around you - a world which you are usually to busy to recognize.

When the Doctor says Rest

When you get sick, the most common thing you hear from your doctor and peers is to get plenty of rest. This was meant exactly that. Rest, with no activities suggested whatsoever. The art of doing nothing when you are unwell drains your mind from noise and hassle of the world. As stress and depression rise, having a time for regular outings and vacations can give you some solutions to maintaining a healthy condition.

Many people plan a vacation wherein fast paced activities are planned everyday for the week. Therefore, the vacation often ends up being as demanding as the job that you left behind. A lot of people evoke the feeling of being crushed by the time they have got back from their holiday, and this is the point. In order to get the bursting health benefits of a vacation, it is important for you to do as little as possible and set aside the time to relax your mind and soul that you need to replenish so you can return home feeling rejuvenated.

Take it Easy and Unwind

Idleness is often sulked upon in modern society, yet it is a significant part of your human mental health. It allows you to collect thoughts, to expand your viewpoint, and to alleviate anxiety. A certain amount of being idle is essential to a happy, contented life.

The ultimate tool in stress management is relaxation. Whether you take a siesta in a beach chair or snore beneath the stars, you will feel that you sleep better on a vacation. Your mind and body calm down when you adjust your focus and your pace.

One great way to relax is by reading a book especially when you fall asleep doing it. Fishing is somewhat of a reflective activity. Trying innovative sports like surfing and bowling may not be soothing but may suggest benefits to your health and well-being. No matter how active or inactive your vacation is, your mind will take it easy and your body will unwind. Basically, do the things you love, the things that bring meaning to you in your life, and see if you can mix it with the quiet and calm down time you need with the adventure side of yourself.

Explore Your Options

A vacation will give you the chance to see new places and seek new adventures. Some may take a trip abroad and explore the wonderful things beyond in search of discovery. Others may spend their vacations camping and hiking in mountains nearby. Still others prefer to volunteer in an activity in their community. There are a lot of choices to pick from. Choose what's best for you and for your health. The goal is to get out of your stress and daily obligations and take care of you.

Debbie Turner, entrepreneur and home business coach, offers great travel destinations at over 5,000 locations worldwide, starting at $298 for a 7 night stay. For details on the Global Resorts Network luxury travel club membership, Debbie's Phone is 843.270.5611, email: A member of this vacation club can refer others to it and generate $1000 referral fees. Win-win situation.

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Florida Vacations - Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa - RCI Timeshares Florida Vacations - Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida. Discover the rich heritage of Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort with it's Victorian elegance and quiet charm. Named for the natural mineral hot springs found in the area, Saratoga Springs Resort immerses...

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Rose Hall Resort: Sugar Mill Falls Water Park

Scenes from the water park at Rose Hall Resort in Jamaica. Recorded December '08

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Sandals Grande St. Lucian - The Best of the Caribbean

Discover the heart of the Southern Caribbean on this episode of The Best of the Caribbean. Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort is set on a spectacular peninsula that offers panoramic vistas with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. This palatial resort offers a sheltered beachfront and a scenic harbor that will stir your soul. videoID:sgl

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7 Fun Things to Do During the Holidays

Almost everybody loves the thought of spending the holidays most especially if it happens over a long period of time. People who already have their own families also find this a pleasant gift to them and a well-deserved break from work which they would rather spend at home or treating the kids out as well as their other loved ones. In any case, kids to adults alike all enjoy spending some time out on a holiday. But if you're a bit clueless as to what to do during the holiday season to make it a very enjoyable time for you and the family, here are some ideas you may want to consider.

1. Go out of town - Although holidays may be lazily spent at home, why would you let yourself get stuck at home for days doing nothing? That will eventually become boring so if you want, it would be best if you just pack your bags, score some tickets, and plan your trip elsewhere. Take the kids somewhere nice like a family resort or go on a romantic trip with your loved one and spend your days away from worries and stress.

2. Redecorate - Have you been looking at repainting the walls? Are the kids telling you they want a new theme for their bedroom? In case you decide to stay at home during the holidays, make it fun and interesting by doing your home or even just a part of it a makeover with everyone else! It'll be exciting to plan decors and even buy them together as you create the new version of the home or its room that you want to reanimate.

3. Go to a spa - Since it's time to take away your stress and totally relax during the holidays, you might as well take this time to hit the spa. This can also be a romantic event that you and your loved ones or special someone can share.

4. Fix the house - You might not notice it at first but trying to be your home's very own handyman can be a fun and interesting to do. This is of course extra special if done with the family. There are lots of DIY articles that you can read up online if there are specific things that you needed to repairs on. Plus, online shops are peppered with hardware tools that you would find useful.

5. Go on a road trip - Whoever said that traveling should be expensive? Go on a camping trip or simply go out on a roadtrip across the state! The biggest investment that you would only have here is for gas and some supplies that you would need to bring with you during the trip.

6. Go to the beach - The holidays is also the perfect time to get a new tan or just enjoy the beach without any hassles. Pack your bags, fill it with beach clothes and make sure you don't forget your sunblock.

7. Cook and bake at home - The holiday season may also be the perfect time for you to unleash your inner chef. Plan some recipes that you have always wanted to try and cap it off by daring yourself to bake even just a simple yet yummy chocolate cake.

These are just some of the fun things you can do during the holidays. Just remember that in the midst of all these things, what's most important is that you get to do it with the people who are dearest to you.

Harrison Fray is an experienced and expert wedding planner who specializes in wedding gifts and bridesmaid gifts buying. He can assist you to purchase personalized groomsmen gifts cheaply but with unique style. Drop by Engraved Gift Creations to see what Harrison recommends.

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Green Nature Resort & Spa

Green Nature Resort

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Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa 5*

Отель Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa 5*. Пляжный отдых в Доминикане, Пунта Кана.

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Our Wandering Juan Video Contest is now accepting entries! Join and stand a chance to win a family or barkada package to Boracay Regency Beach Resort & Spa, Coron Club Paradise, or Davao Pearl Farm Beach Resort! v Here is how to join: 1. Travel via Cebu Pacific to any local destination and create a video capturing the highlights of your travel experience. 2. Go to Cebu Pacific's YouTube Channel ( and find the official Wandering Juan Invitation to join video. 3. Go to comments, and choose "Create a Video Response." 4. Upload your video entry and indicate your complete name, contact number/s, email address, and a short description of the video. 5. All video responses or entries will be subject to pre-screening by CEB representatives before appearing on CEB's YouTube Channel. You can upload your entries from December 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012 until 11:59am only. The entries will be screened by Cebu Pacific before being seen on the YouTube Channel. Here are the video requirements: 1. A Cebu Pacific airplane/s must be shown in the video. The video should not promote or show other products or airlines directly or indirectly competing with Cebu Pacific Air. Contestants can submit as many entries as they wish. However, a contestant may only win once. 2. Production of the video must have been made between January 2011 and January 2012, and must not have been previously awarded. All entries must be original and have not been exhibited commercially, locally or ...

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Horse Country Resort Congress & SPA

Resort in Sardegna Horse Country: resort immerso nella pineta di Arborea, a pochi passi dal mare, nel cuore della Sardegna.

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Hyatt Master's Hypnotized!?!?! 1 of 3

Hyatt Master's 2010. Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa. Tuesday, May 25th - Speaker Anthony Galie challenges the Masters to think differently. Before you know it ... several individuals found themselves on stage - HYPNOTIZED!

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Temazcal at Aventura Spa Palace, Riviera Maya

A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcalli ("house of heat"). In ancient Mesoamerica it was used as part of a curative ceremony thought to purify the body after exertion such as after a battle or a ceremonial ball game. It was also used for healing the sick, improving health, and for women to give birth. It continues to be used today in Indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America that were part of the ancient Mesoamerican region for spiritual and health reasons. It is currently being recovered by all sectors of society in that part of the world and is used as a cleansing of mind body and spirit. The sweatlodge in Mesoamerica is usually a permanent structure, unlike in other regions. The temazcal is usually constructed from volcanic rock and cement and is usually a circular dome, although rectangular ones have been found at certain archeological sites and this shape is also used. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated (volcanic stones are safe because they do not explode from the temperature)and then are placed in a pit in the temazcal,located in the center or near a wall.

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maldives lily beach resort & spa at huvahendhoo

lily beach resort & spa デラックスウォーターヴィラ

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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana, Beach Resort & Spa

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Super-Inclusive Breezes Resort & Spa Panama

Book now with Zipto Travel with our amazing deals on this resort and other exciting vacation packages: Breezes Panama Resort & Spa is not just the first Super-Inclusive resort in Central America, it's also the first Breezes Resort ever to grace the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. We've included everything that's helped make Breezes one of the world's favorite Caribbean resorts, but now you can experience it all from a totally different perspective. Breezes pioneered the Super-Inclusive vacation, providing an almost endless list of amenities in one upfront price. And now we're pioneers in what is destined to become the next vacation hot spot. Breezes Panama sits on a spectacular stretch of sand of Santa Clara in a region known as "The Dry Arc" for its comfortably dry climate, all year round. With mountains on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Breezes Panama is an adventurer's dream come true. From eco-tours and hiking, to windsurfing, you'll find it all, right here. For the less adventurous, there's a spa, and of course, an array of restaurants and bars.

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Cancun: Grand Oasis Caribbean Resort All Inclusive- Guest Reviews Conveniently located at the north entrance to Cancun's hotel zone, the all-inclusive Grand Oasis Caribbean Beach Resort sits within walking distance of shopping, bars and restaurants. Guests staying at this resort may enjoy the additional services and facilities of the adjacent sister property, Oasis Palm Beach. This new resort opened January 2009!"

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Bali tropic resort and spa Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

Bali tropic Hotel resort and spa is an all-inclusive hotelthat epitomizes the balinese achitecture and style by powdery white san and crystaline seas. The ultimate tropical retreat

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The Address Hotels + Resorts, Dubai

Welcome to The Address Hotels + Resorts, the new definition of luxury hospitality. Where cool meets warmth. Style meets luxury and discerning travellers choose to stay and meet time and again. Find the perfect corporate or leisure getaway. From trendsetting to traditionally luxurious and urban chic to sporty, each of our five bespoke properties, set un Dubai's most spectacular locations, offers its own fusion of contemporary style and classic elegance. There are sublime spas, vibrant restaurants, rich fabrics and stylish furnishings, all accompanied by attentive service and individual touches of flair. In these world class hotels, it's easy to regain your personal energy or simply relax and have fun. These are places to inspire and delight. The Address Hotels + Resorts. Where life happens.

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Centara Grand Beach Resort

Samui ,Thailand,Chaweng beach , Bangkok,Centara Grand Beach Resort

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a Wife Or Girlfriend for 2010

Most men that I know loathe shopping and Christmas shopping can be an annoyance. They may love their wives or girlfriend but simply find Christmas gift shopping and shopping in general to be very taxing on them. It does not help that they have no idea what to get their wife or girlfriend for Christmas which makes this article on the best Christmas gift ideas for wife or girlfriend for 2010 helpful for many men to come up with the best Christmas gift ideas for their wife or girlfriend for 2010.

The problem with shopping or the best Christmas gifts for wives and girlfriends is that most men do not have experience buying gifts because whatever birthday, engagement, housewarming, etc parties that the men go to during the year with their wife or girlfriend, she usually assumes the role and task of finding the best gift for whatever occasion. This means that these men will have no idea how to get the best holiday gifts for the woman in their life.

Sometimes knowing what to get your wife or girlfriend as a Christmas present will involve simply being a good listener. Paying attention to what she says about what she covets and would like to have during normal conversations, will help you come up with great Christmas gift ideas for the best Christmas gifts for her. If you have poor listening skills or need information on the best Christmas gift ideas for 2010, here are a few suggestions of best Christmas gift ideas for wife or girlfriend for 2010.

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Firstly, diamonds are a girl's best friend and timeless gifts such as diamond tennis bracelets or diamond stud earrings always make some of the best Christmas presents for a wife or girlfriend to show that you do not take her for granted. Before purchasing diamonds, be sure that you buy from a reputable jeweler and consider the four 'C's involved with diamonds - cut, color, carat and clarity.

If you are not in a position to make a significant Christmas present purchase, cheaper Christmas presents that will be appreciated include items such as a spa gift certificate. You can always score a homerun with a gift certificate to a spa. Women thoroughly enjoy any gifts that allow them to relax and get pampered with any combination or facials, mani/pedi, massage, etc. Gift certificates to spas are some of the best Christmas gifts ideas for wife or girlfriend.

Another one of the best Christmas present ideas 2010 for the woman in your life are girlfriend's getaways that are becoming more and more popular and allow women to connect with their girlfriends while on vacation lazing on the beach, shopping, getting pampered. Many resorts offer various girlfriend's getaway packages and this will be a much appreciated Christmas present if you get this for her and a few of her girlfriends.

While coming up with the best Xmas gift ideas for wife or girlfriend, it is also important to consider your wife or girlfriend's interests and hobbies. Based on what she enjoys doing, you can tailor Christmas gifts that you give to her to be in line with her interests and hobbies. If she is an avid reader, get her the latest model Kindle or an iPad. If she is into running or other fitness, get her the latest generation iPod or MP3 player. Thoughtful gifts are some of the best Christmas gifts by far.

Another great Holiday gift idea for her is to get your wife a gift certificate for maid service. If she is a stay at home mom or an extremely busy career woman who does the majority of the housework, giving her the gift of maid service shows how much you care and appreciate her. If you are extremely budget conscious, you can come up with a homemade book of coupons for such things as doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning the house, etc so that she can cash in her coupons every now and then for a day or night off from these chores while you do them.

These are just a few of the best Christmas gift ideas for wife or girlfriend for 2010. These make up some of the top 10 best Christmas gifts for women. Visit for additional suggestions on the top 10 Christmas gifts for women for 2010. Find the best ideas and stores for the best holiday gifts for women.

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Grotto Bay Beach Resort - Bermuda YP

Newly renovated and redecorated Oceanview and Oceanfront rooms feature balconies or patios and are a calm and comfortable retreat, lulling you to sleep after a day of balmy pleasures. Indulge in and savour the island cuisine, market fresh and always served to your liking. Revitalize in crystal blue surrounds, swim on the private pink sand beach, bathe in the fresh water pool, or linger in the outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by gardens above the beach; sail, snorkel, wind surf, dive ancient wrecks or explore our delicate and beautiful coral reefs. For more great videos, local listings, maps and other helpful Bermuda information, visit Bermuda's local search engine,

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Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel Resort in Mauritius - Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre offical video

Sofitel So Mauritius Bel Ombre is the first boutique hotel of the giant French hospitality group, Accor . It is set in an ecological environment where every effort is taken to preserve the natural beauty of Bel Ombre. Spread across more than 32 acres of land, this resort has access to 540 metres of beach with natural lagoon and corals. The resort is designed by famous designers Kenzo and Lek Bunnag and opened in April 2011. The resort has 84 suites (60 m2), 6 beach villas (100 m2) and 2 Villa Beaulieu (200 m2), all overlooking the Indian Ocean and all offering 24 hour personal butler service. This luxury resort has 2 restaurants and a bar. Restaurants offer fresh sea food and the the bar offers Molecular cocktails, one of its kind in Mauritius. So Spa's range of delightful treatments are made with fruits and spices harvested in Mauritius. Spa treatments include hibiscus flowers and acupuncture with gold needles. So Fit offers the latest fitness equipment in beautiful natural surroundings. The hotel has a separate corner for the kids and also a tennis court. The hotel offers free wi-fi to the guests and 24 hours room service. Book now: Follow us:

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Cancun Palace All Inclusive Resort

Flanked by the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon, Cancun Palace is just a short stroll from Cancuns main attractions in the famous Hotel Zone. An impressive 12-story building with an ample entrance that sets the prelude for what Cancun Palace is all about: great service, high-end amenities and activities for everyone in your party. Kids ages 4-17 keep themselves busy in the kids club while adults experience exciting nightlife and dining thats a true culinary adventure with spectacular views. All-in-all, theres something for everyone here in the heart of Cancun.

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Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania Call: (866) 259-6625 Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania - provides a full-service, first-class, Year-Round Family destination resort and water park. The 78000 sq. ft. water park includes 11 water slides, 6 pools, which includes an outdoor pool, and many other water themed attractions. With an unmatched focus on comfort, Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, PA has 401 all-suite guest suites with 10 different suite configurations. Other attractions for children include the Northern Lights Arcade and the Cub Club activity room. There are also a number of amenities for adults, like the Iron Horse Fitness Center or Elements—a full service Aveda Concept Spa. With the selection of food options like the Loose Moose Cottage or Camp Critter Bar and Grille, you'll never have to leave the resort. In addition, the Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg can accommodate any business traveler's needs with free wifi throughout the resort as well as an abundance of conference and meeting space. For more information visit: Website - Twitter - Facebook - MySpace - Flickr - Join TheWolf Pack Today! Sign-up for our mailing list to receive special event information, promotions and other details for your Great Wolf Lodge location. Visit: 1 Great Wolf Drive, Scotrun, PA 18355 (866) 259-6625‎

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Mystery Hotels - How to Cheat and Maybe Get a Bargain

We have spent some time looking at's 'Mystery Hotel' range and the new mystery offers from In some cases, LastMinute's descriptions of its mystery hotels make it pretty easy to pinpoint the actual hotel. Wotif's mystery hotels are a little harder to fathom but there are some clues, for instance they might be selling 'Comfort' and 'Grand Comfort' rooms at a mystery hotel so you just go through the list of other Wotif hotels in the same city and see which hotel uses that description for its rooms. The US company Priceline was the originator of the mystery hotel deal and we have always had serious misgivings about using them.

The main objection is that instead of seeing a discounted price (20% off the usual agent's price is fairly normal for both LastMinute and Wotif) at a specific hotel, Priceline gives you no clue as to the actual hotel and you have to bid the price you are prepared to pay. Priceline does give a little help - it breaks cities down into areas and shows the normal retail price of hotels in different star categories and suggests a likely discount you should apply when bidding. Nonetheless, there is a huge danger that you will end up paying more than you need to. Priceline might have set a secret minimum bid of $80 a night but if someone bids $95 the company will happily accept the bid. Also, in recent years, business has been very good for the hotel industry and we suspect that Priceline was selling rooms at some hotels that would otherwise have difficulty in attracting guests. In other words, you could end up paying over the odds for an inferior hotel.

However, now the game has changed a little. Quite a few hotels have empty rooms and are willing to sell them at low rates through Priceline, on condition of anonymity to avoid destroying their normal rating. And, we have found a rather handy guide that should help you avoid some of the Priceline pitfalls.

One community forum for users of Priceline (and HotWire, a division of Expedia, which is designed more for US customers) is The front page is a bit messy, but all you need do is scroll down to find the forum dedicated to the area you want to visit. Pick Boston and the first post will be a list of hotels that forum members have purchased through Priceline. There is no guarantee that this list is completely accurate - hotels will come and go, depending on season and occupancy - but at least you have an idea of the sort of hotel you will get in each star category. Then you go through the most recent posts where members have listed deals they have actually obtained from Priceline. You may see that someone was able to bid $80 for a room at the Omni Parker two days ago and a bid of $85 got a room at the Hyatt Regency a week earlier. You need to take careful note of when the reservations were for (weekdays or weekends) and how far in advance the reservations were made because this is bound to have an effect on the price.

This site works best with Priceline's US hotels. Postings for international reservations are far sparser. If you want to stay in Venice in May, it is of little use to know that someone was able to bid $90 for a room at the Hilton Molino in February.

All prices on Priceline are before the dreaded 'taxes and charges', which can add a sizeable sum to the total and clearly include a generous service charge. We could not see how they came up with charges of £28 on a basic hotel cost of £92. At least you see this figure before your bid is submitted.

Once you are ready to go ahead, you have to submit your payment details. If the bid is accepted, your money is taken immediately and there is no possibility of cancellation or alteration. If the bid is not accepted, no money is taken and you are only allowed to rebid if you alter some of the terms of the original bid. Betterbidding suggests a way around this. Let's say you want to stay in a five-star hotel in one area of Paris. Your initial bid is turned down so you alter your bid to include another area of Paris but an area which you can see from Betterbidding does not have a Priceline five-star hotel. Assuming Priceline has not suddenly added a new hotel (which is a very real possibility) then your increased bid on the hotel you want should be accepted.

Betterbidding also gives the same range of information for HotWire. This is part of the same group that owns Expedia and but it is designed principally for US customers and payment is taken in dollars - effectively adding to the cost for UK customers.

HotWire's system is similar to Priceline with the bidding aspect removed. You know the star rating in advance, the area of the city involved and the full cost (plus taxes and charges). A quick look at Betterbidding should give you an idea of which hotels it is selling in the various categories and cities. The site is not as strong on hotels outside North America as Priceline.

With both these sites, we recommend you attempt to cross-check prices with the hotels direct or hotels of a similar category. Neither, nor Expedia/ (the companies behind these mystery sites) is noted for selling hotels cheaply. In some cases, a 20% discount off their rates will only equate to a 10% discount off rates available elsewhere. If you think you can get a room at the Luxor in Las Vegas for $65, you might find it better to take away the guesswork and book direct with the hotel for $72.

We certainly cannot recommend Priceline and the Betterbidding site to everyone. It can be very time-consuming and dangerous. There is a huge potential for error: you can easily pay quite a lot of money for a hotel you do not want. Another significant danger is that you can get carried away with the whole game and concentrate too much on trying to 'win' rather than on finding a hotel that is suitable for you! However, there are some genuine bargains around, particularly in the US, where Priceline is stronger, and there is plenty of information on Betterbidding. If you are looking for a couple of nights in a hotel in New York, and you have the time and patience, you might just get a good deal.

Will I get the worst room in the hotel if I have booked a mystery deal at a special price?

There is a possibility that a few hotels will use these mystery deals to sell a handful of less desirable rooms they would not normally sell unless the hotel was full. Most hotels will give you a standard room but, as is common for rooms booked at special rates through agents, it is likely to be the lowest-category room available. The better rooms may be on higher floors, have more modern furnishings or better views and these are likely to be allocated to clients who have booked direct with the hotel.


If you have booked a standard room through an agent (whether it be Priceline or not), there is no reason why you cannot upgrade the room when you arrive. Many hotels are more than happy to upgrade agency customers to executive-floor rooms (maybe for an extra £30 a night) or give them a larger room or one with a better view. Hotels are looking for extra revenue at every opportunity and if someone offers them money, and they have a better room available, they are unlikely to turn them down. Interestingly, this method can quite often lead to a free upgrade! A receptionist may find the task of taking the extra payment on the computer system too daunting and just allocate a better room without charge. Offering to pay for an upgrade can be a better way of getting a free upgrade than just asking.

Jack Rosenbloom is a regular contributor to Inside Traveller (

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Dreams Punta Cana

Reserve at your Dreams Punta Cana Resort vacation package to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 5* All Inclusive Beach Front Luxury, Perfect Honeymoon, Family or Spa Destination at Dreams Resort. Enjoy all inclusive vacations to Cuba, Caribbean and Mexico for a lot less!

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Q Signature Koh Samui

The Absolute Q Signature Koh Samui 5 Star Spa and Resort Hotel was visited by the Australian TV Channel ITVSN.

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Islas Secas Resort

Islas Secas is a boutique resort amid 16 secluded private tropical islands. Islas Secas is designed for active people who appreciate private, pristine surroundings, tasteful, comfortable accommodations and excellent food and drink. Islas Secas offers the ultimate adventure vacation in tranquil natural beauty with swimming, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and more. Or do little more than enjoy a relaxing massage and pamper yourself with our professional spa service and local gourmet cuisine. Your private island resort awaits you.

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OSHO: The Silent Explosion - a visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort

OSHO INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION RESORT "This place is a new place. It is not a traditional place, not a by-product of the past, it is a seed for the future and a source." - Osho Location: Located 100 miles southeast of Mumbai in the thriving modern city of Pune, India, the OSHO International Meditation Resort is a holiday destination with a difference. The Meditation Resort is spread over 40 acres of spectacular gardens in a gorgeous tree-lined residential area. Uniqueness: Each year the meditation resort welcomes thousands of people from more than 100 countries. The unique campus provides an opportunity for a direct personal experience of a new way of living—with more awareness, relaxation, celebration and creativity. A great variety of around-the-clock and around-the-year program options are available. Doing nothing and just relaxing is one of them! All programs are based on the OSHO vision of "Zorba the Buddha" -- a qualitatively new kind of human being who is able both to participate creatively in everyday life and to relax into silence and meditation. Meditations: A full daily schedule of meditations for every type of person includes methods that are active and passive, traditional and revolutionary, and in particular the OSHO Active MeditationsTM. The meditations take place in what must be the world's largest meditation hall, the Osho Auditorium. Multiversity: Individual sessions, courses and workshops cover everything from creative arts to holistic health, personal ...

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