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IV stands for Individual Value. Put simply, they are values that range from 0-31 that are set on a pokemon in each of it's stats. The higher the value, the higher your stat will be. At level 100, these values become very important as they can result in a 31 point boost or drop in a stat. These values are defined permenantly when you receive an egg or catch a pokemon. They can never be changed. This is why people breed for IVs, as they want the best possible result that can never be changed. They're like pokemon Genes. IVs are hidden in game and the only way to find them is with an online IV calculator. I will leave a couple of links for those later. So to demonstrate IVs I'll give you an example. I'll use Heracross. These are the stats of a Hardy Heracross at level 100, with no EVs. I'm using Hardy so that the stats stay completely neutral and therefore display IVs in a clearer way. For this set, my Heracross has an IV of 0 in every stat. HP: 270 Atk: 255 Def: 155 Spa: 85 SpDef: 195 Spe: 175 Now to show you what a Hardy Heracross looks like with every IV at 31. HP: 301 Atk: 286 Def: 186 Spa: 116 SpDef: 226 Spe: 206 You can see that the second Heracross is MUCH better than the first, as it has what is called perfect IVs (ie an IV of 31 in every stat). This is the Heracross that I'd much rather take into a fight with me, as it's stats are much higher thanks to the IVs. Unfortunitely, IVs are never so straightforward. An IV spread is completely random, decided by a random ...
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