The Corespondents Romblon Province Tourism - Video 1

The Corespondents Romblon Province Tourism - Video 1 Video Clips. Duration : 9.52 Mins. for more information about Romblon Province. Visit us on faceBook, http Disclaimer: This video is courtesy of ABS-CBN INTERACTIVE... ALL The rights and credits are given to ABS-CBN INTERACTIVE... No Infringement intended upon the Used of this video... The purpose of this video is to show to the whole world the high class quality shows made by the #1 TV Station In The Philippines. The ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA NETWORK

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Types of Vacations

A vacation...that's what most of us need these days. We're buzzing from one place to another, doing chores, fetching ours kids to piano, taekwondo, tuition classes, gym, etc. Others? Probably spending most of our waking hours working or running our businesses. There is only so much that our bodies and minds can take and soon, we will need to take some time out for some real stress-less activities... vacations. Well, the type of vacation that you end up taking usually depends on who is going and here are some popular types of vacations.

The learning and experiencing vacation. Usually, this would be a to place that you have never been before. Places like Boston and Washington are incredibly historical and if you have never been to their museums or historical cities, you have not completely visited the city. More often than not, a vacation where you get to learn and experience different things can give you a new perspective in life. For teenagers and kids, they come back more knowledgeable and more interested in knowing more about other parts of the world...a world traveler in the making, maybe.

The relaxing, nature, spas and resorts type of vacation. For the busy professional and business person, THIS is the perfect vacation. It is time taken off of your daily schedule to do absolutely nothing but relax. Think Bali. Yes, getting foot massages, being pampered from head to toe, having no reason to get out of the sunbathing chair, surfing the waves like there is no tomorrow and then biking around in trails, enjoying the fresh aroma emitting from the flora and fauna. For some, they may even take the time to indulge and learn more about mind-body experiences like yoga and meditation...the perfect way to remove yourself from the superficial modern world, even for a little while.

Vacationing with kids. With our busy everyday lives, we hardly have time to spend with the kids. They are either with our parents, caregiver or nanny when we are working. Some parents pack activities like tuition into weekends for the kids too which is a horrid thought. Anyway, for these parents, the perfect type of vacation would be to take the kids out to a place where they can bond and spend carefree days learning about one another all over again. What a rejuvenating thought.

The shopping and night life vacation. THIS is perfect for the young professional who earns and saves a lot because there will come a time when they may want to just let everything go and splurge! Not advisable for everyone but if you have reason enough to celebrate, why not spend it on a wild time and let your hair down?

So, what's YOUR favorite type of vacation?

Types of Vacations

Vacation Spa Guide

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Tropicana Paradise Suite with Strip View

Tropicana Paradise Suite with Strip View Tube. Duration : 2.93 Mins.

This is the Deluxe Room at the new Tropicana Las Vegas. The Tropicana is currently undergoing massive renovations and this is a revamp of their standard room.

Keywords: Paradise, Strip, view, suite

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Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

If you're on the market for a pool, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a type of system that is right for you. The salt water pool vs. chlorine pool battle has bee raging over the last decade, and today, many homes are building these systems right from the start or converting their old chlorine pools into a salt pool. But what is the real difference from a salt water pool vs. chlorine option? Here is a quick run-down of the pool battle:

Salt water is more comfortable for swimmers. Don't be fooled into thinking that there is no chlorine in these pools. There is. However, in a salt water pool vs. a chlorine pool, the level of chlorine needed is lower and the pH level can be a bit higher. That means the pool water does not cause burning, itching, dry skin, or green hair. It also smells and tastes better.

These pools are less expensive to maintain. A salt water pool vs. chlorine pool is a lot cheaper over time because you do not have to add chlorine tablets to the water. Instead, you just add salt! The salt water runs through and electrical system that charges the salt and creates chlorine on its own. It is initially more expensive to maintain, but in only a few summers, it will pay for itself. After all chlorine tablets cost or more per bucket and you'll only need about worth of salt every summer, in most cases.

It is, in general, less time consuming to maintain these pools. A salt water pool vs. chlorine pool eats up less of your time because the control box, which charges the salt, regulates most of the water levels. Once you learn the system, you can easily control it, even when you go away on vacation by setting up a timer. However, be aware that you'll still have to check the water for pH levels as well as calcium levels.

Both salt water and chlorinated water are unhealthy for the environment. No one really wins the pool war when it comes to environmental concerns. While salt water may be a bit safer, it can still cause soil and drinking water problems, as well as kill sensitive plants around the pool. On the plus side, a salt pool option is safer for pets and for your family.

As you can see, a salt water pool vs. chlorine options is a much better choice in most cases. However, there are still some problems with salt water, and you should also consider natural pool water option, which are much safer. These systems cost a bit more initially, but the price is worth it because the quality of the water is unbeatable. Before you choose a pool system, make sure that you consider all the options.

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

Vacation Spa Guide

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HOW TO SKIN FADE WITH A NORELCO TUTORIAL Video Clips. Duration : 5.65 Mins.


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Luminous Arc 2 - Final Intermission - Luna

Luminous Arc 2 - Final Intermission - Luna Tube. Duration : 1.85 Mins.

Final Break Luna

Tags: luminous, arc, two, scene, final, break, intermission, luna

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A Model Day at Magic Kingdom - Exclusive Disney Parks Tilt-Shift Video

A Model Day at Magic Kingdom - Exclusive Disney Parks Tilt-Shift Video Tube. Duration : 3.22 Mins.

See the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida from a whole new perspective. The exclusive video first featured on The Disney Parks Blog was created from a series of photos snapped inside the Magic Kingdom Park. Its a sunrise-to-sunset story told without words. But the message is clear — celebrate. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog:

Tags: Photography, Disneyphotography, Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, tiltshift, tilt, shift, disneyworld, Disney, Resort, Move, it, Shake, Celebrate, What, will, you, Space, Mountain, Autopia, Contemporary, Spectromagic, Big, Thunder, Frontierland, Splash, Fantasyland, Dumbo, Main, St, Miniature, Model, Stop, Motion, Animation

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Southern Brittany France (South Bretagne) - Loire Atlantique (Holiday Travel Guide)

Southern Brittany France (South Bretagne) - Loire Atlantique (Holiday Travel Guide) Video Clips. Duration : 2.57 Mins.

More at (Holiday Travel Guide) Once you reach the Loire-Altantique department, you know you have arrived in Southern Brittany in France (south Bretagne - Breizh). This is a land much flatter than the rest of Brittany, a land of rivers & canals with a Nature Regional Park in Grande Briere, a coastline of beautiful beaches with the glamorous seaside resort of La Baule and his dominant city, Nantes, Brittany's former capital. Small seaside resorts worth a visit include Le Croisic, Piriac-sur-mer, Saint Brévin and Pornic without forgetting the stunning medieval city of Guérande with its salt mashes. For more information on places to visit in Southern Brittany, your travel & accommodation arrangements, the festivals taking place and more, visit http - Video of Nantes' Mi-Careme Carnival: - Video of Nantes City: Music credit: Kevin McLeod

Keywords: france, brittany, southern, south, bretagne, loire, atlantique, holiday, travel, guide, nantes, la, baule, pornichet, guerande, salt, mashes, saint, nazaire, pornic, le, croisic, destination, beaches, beach, coast, coastline, sea, crepes, sailing, breton, cottages, galettes, pancakes, seafood, discover, europe, celtic, breizh, destinations, places, to, visit, francia, western

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koh chang

koh chang Video Clips. Duration : 3.82 Mins. - Koh Chang (Ko Chang),Thailand Hotels and Resorts, Maps, Photos, Travel Guide and Information

Keywords: koh chang, koh chang hotel, koh chang hotels, koh chang resort, koh chang accommodation, ko chang hotel, koh chang thailand

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Men's Hair Styling Advice from Heaven Spa

Men's Hair Styling Advice from Heaven Spa Tube. Duration : 8.32 Mins.

Lost for ideas for how to style your hair? This short tutorial will undoubtedly provide you with ideas and advice you need - as well as tips on products and techniques. The tutorial is led by Josh Lowe from Manchester's Heaven Spa, one of the UK's Redken colourists and the Redken platform artist.

Tags: menshair, male, grooming, hairstyling, Josh, Lowe, Heaven, Spa, heavenspa, Manchester, fashion, beauty

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Chris Evans radio 2 with seven Ferraris

Chris Evans radio 2 with seven Ferraris Tube. Duration : 0.87 Mins.

Chris Evans radio 2 DJ, Children in need fundraiser at HAYNES INTERNATIONAL MOTOR MUSEUM sparkford somerset uk, with seven Ferraris.

Keywords: Ferraris

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Wentworth Woodhouse: £200m museum and hotel plans

Wentworth Woodhouse: £200m museum and hotel plans Video Clips. Duration : 4.82 Mins.

Wentworth Woodhouse, one of Britain's biggest stately homes, could open to the public for the first time with £200 million plans for a hotel, spa, museum and business park in Wentworth, on the Rotherham-Barnsley border, six miles north of Sheffield. It would create 1500 jobs and attract 150000 visitors a year. First interview with owner Clifford Newbold and video tour of the houseby The Star's digital editor Graham Walker. Full story from Saturday, May 21, 2011, in The Star - also see

Tags: Wentworth, Woodhouse, Rotherham, Barnsley, The Star, Sheffield, Cliford Newbold, stately, home, house, South Yorkshire, Graham Walker

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Kenya safari slide show from Travel Kenya Travel

Kenya safari slide show from Travel Kenya Travel Video Clips. Duration : 5.18 Mins.

Slide show of beaches, resorts and animals on Safari in Kenya Africa. Hundreds of Kenyan guides, reviews, photos and videos from the Kenya experts at Travel Kenya Before travel to Kenya visit the FlightCenter Kenyan site.

Tags: kenya, slide, show, video, music, mombasa, malindi, nairobi, kenya travel, entertainment, guide, travel, beaches, resorts, hotels, reviews, flightcenter, Travel Kenya, safari, africa, adventure, tourism, destination, photography, travel log, fun, nature, culture, wilderness, animals, holiday, african safari, kenya safari, flight center

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Vacationing in Vail

Set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Colorado, Vail is a picturesque ski destination that will leave you yearning for its light, deep snow. Cruising down the mountain, whether via skis or snowboard, is sheer bliss as you explore the seven stunning back bowls on the largest ski mountain in North America. Make your way to Vail for your next ski excursion and let the mountain guide all your adventures while you experience all this breathtaking area has to offer.

If you are heading to Vail in the winter, you are most likely going for the fresh powder, stunning terrain, and memorable skiing that awaits all visitors. The largest ski mountain, Vail Mountain, boasts 5,289 acres of open playground with three distinct areas that feature different elements and fortes. While you may be concerned that the masses may be flooding here when you want to ski the Vail slopes, pack away your concerns because on a typical day, there are only two skiers per acre and on an extremely busy day, there is still only four. Finding some fresh tracks and prime powder is a small feat at Vail, where the mountain is yours to conquer.

Although skiing at Vail is an exciting experience for skiers of all levels, other amazing opportunities await nearby. When you purchase a Vail lift ticket, you also have access to the fabulous resorts of Breckenridge, Keystone, and Beaver Creek. So whether you are staying for a long weekend or a weeklong adventure, you will never have to worry about a dull moment with all the ski possibilities available at your fingertips.

While skiing is certainly the main attraction, you can find other active and exciting ways to fill your days should you so choose. Snowmobiling through the trees or along the many trails is a great way to not only boost your heart rate, but also see the many parts of Vail you may miss if you spend your entire vacation on the slopes. For the more adventurous, consider dog sledding in the quiet solitude of the great outdoors as you enjoy a tour of the area with a loved one.

There are countless ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Vail and if you are looking for a well-rounded vacation, consider the many other possibilities Vail offers to its visitors. There are both indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks, and there are even mountaintop rinks that allow you to spin and twirl at 10,000 ft. Cap off your day with a sleigh ride around the city, soaking in the fresh mountain air and the splendid sight of Vail at night. Or head out for the exertion and exhilaration of a snowshoeing or cross country skiing adventure that takes you through the woods and the backcountry for a real mountain experience. Whatever kind of winter activity you are looking for, Vail is most certainly an accommodating host.

If you are looking to spend some time indoors, check out the historical sights and the relaxing possibilities that surround Vail. History buffs will want to head to the Colorado Ski Museum and Ski Hall of Fame for the collection of artifacts, equipment and clothing dating all the way back to the late 19th century. For anyone looking to relieve their aches after a long day on the mountain, there are numerous spas where you can spend an hour or an entire day indulging yourself in complete relaxation.

Whether you have come for the skiing or for an all-around amazing outdoor adventure, Vail has everything you need for a memorable and exciting winter vacation. To get the most convenience and to stay in the most breathtaking surroundings, consider Vail rentals for your accommodations needs. You can find ski in/ski out condos, stunning condos, and large houses with enough room for your entire group. Enjoy all the amenities of home while experiencing the Vail vacation of your dreams when you stay in rental that meets all your needs and exceeds all your expectations.

Vacationing in Vail

Vacation Resorts Guide

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Mayan Riviera Grand Palladium - Commentary

Mayan Riviera Grand Palladium - Commentary Video Clips. Duration : 6.43 Mins.

Explore Grand Palladium Riviera Maya.

Keywords: Mexico, Destinations, Caribbean, Vacations, Viva, Wyndham, Maya, Azteca, all, inclusive, resorts, Mayan, Riviera, getaways, Mayacoba, hotel, Fairmont, Cancun, Chichen, itza, tour, ruins, pyramids, Playa, del, Carmen, history, Tikal, Tulum, Yucatan, Gran, Bahia, Principe, Coba, Akumal, Grand, Palladium, Colonial, Kantenah, White, Sands, Ecotourism, Xcaret, Palace, excellence, secrets, Xel-Ha, real, estate, guide, Playacar, Mazatlan, Ensenada, Snorkeling, jcvdude, Sunwing, Travel, Agent, reviews, itravel, Westjet

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Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation!

That's the intent of this article, to wake up some ideas in your head, and plan for things to do in Florida and any of your travels.

When we venture down to Florida or anywhere for that fact of the matter, we first figure out what activities we definitely don't want to miss. Here is our list of favorite things to do on vacation...

1. Sit on the beach and play in the ocean. This is a no brainer. We love to walk the beach, bathe in the sun, play in the waves, and watch the beautiful people.

What types of things do you do on your vacation? What activities do you have planned? Do you relax, go active, or a little of both?

2. Play golf. Golf is a great game. There are excellent golf courses all over the world to choose from and you can even plan an entire golf vacation.

3. Go fishing. Deep sea fishing or fishing from a pier is a blast. If you have never done this try it once, you'll love it.

4. Other sporting activities like scuba, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, renting jet skis, or whatever. There are a ton of water activities to choose from.

5. Day trips and tours are awesome choices. Rent a boat for the day. Take a barefoot cruise. Venture over to Orlando and go to Disney World or any theme park. Dinner cruises, exploring, hiking, tours at local sites, and anything else that you can think of.

6. Go shopping! Yes, the ladies will love this one and probably already have it planned. I hate to shop, but it is actually fun when I am on vacation. It wears me out though. Take some extra money and visit the local shops, find souvenirs, and spend some of that hard-earned money.

7. Drive around. We have rented convertibles or motorcycles for a couple of days and just explored the area. One time, we went from Miami to Key West and spent the day there. Another time, we traveled up the A1A highway along the Atlantic Coast of Florida, enjoying the luxurious homes, yachts, and views. You can even do this as a weekend getaway. Find a cool spot that's only 6 hours or less away and take off. We always have fun doing this.

8. Take in local entertainment, events, restaurants, and such. Go dancing, find the best watering holes, do something romantic, party likes its 1999. Remember, you are on vacation and it's time to have some fun and do stuff you don't usually get to do at home.

The list is as endless as your imagination. These are just a few general ideas that we always plan on doing. Be creative and try new things.

Enjoy your trip, have a good time, and tell us your stories!!!

Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation!

Vacation Resorts Guide

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Pop Century Bus Stops

Pop Century Bus Stops Video Clips. Duration : 0.72 Mins. People often ask us what the bus stops are like at Disney's Value resorts. Here's a quick video of the Pop Century bus stops. Please subscribe to our videos at http You can follow us on Twitter at Learn more Disney travel tips and tricks on our blog at See our top-rated Disney guide books at

Tags: disney, pop, century, value, resort, bus, stops, world

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Kelly & Lennon EXotic Racing in Vegas

Kelly & Lennon EXotic Racing in Vegas Video Clips. Duration : 3.90 Mins.

This is a highlights clip of Kelly and I racing around the Las Vegas speedway track in Sept 2010. Kel raced the Lambo Gallardo first, Then i raced the Ferrari F430, and then Kel went back for more, racing the Ferrari F430 for herself. Exotics Racing is a place in Vegas that allows you to drive exotic cars exactly how they are meant to be driven... FAST. They let you unleash your cars fury at over 200kph around the Las Vegas speedway racetrack. You pick between Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Porsches, Aston Martins, Audi's and more. Then the expert instructors you have guide you around the track to get maximum speed out of them. My number 1 recommendation for anyone who heads to Las Vegas

Keywords: exotics, racing, ferrari, lambo, lamborghini, lambourghini, porsche, audi, F430, Gallardo, Murcielago, Aston, Martin, vantage, race, drag, racetrack, speed, fast, drivers, drive, driving, lennon, kelly, cooper, las, vegas

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3 star/5 star all inclusive resort - What's the difference?

3 star/5 star all inclusive resort - What's the difference? Video Clips. Duration : 7.13 Mins.

Whats the difference between the 3 star Club Bucanero in Santiago de Cuba and the five star Paradisus Rio del Oro all inclusive resort in Holguin, Cuba. On April 2nd departures to Cuba the difference between these two resorts is approx 0.00 per person per week. (00 for a couple) Is it worth it? Yes, if you can afford it. The food, drinks, service are all in a class of their own at the 5 star Paradisus Rio de Oro. But knowing that Club Bucanaro was a 3 star resort we werent expecting 5 a star resort. We loved the Club Bucanero and would recommend it, but it is not 5 star.

Keywords: Club, Bucanero, all, inclusive, resort, Santiago, Paradisus, Rio, del, Oro, Holguin, star, rating, all-inclusive, holiday, guide, Caribbean, destinations, getaway, Cuba, family, vacation, packages, travel, to, last, minute, deals, jcvdude, online, video, production, videography, photography

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Disney's Pop Century Resort, room 3156

Disney's Pop Century Resort, room 3156 Tube. Duration : 2.55 Mins.

Video of a typical room at Disney's Pop Century Resort, courtesy of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, online at

Tags: WDW, Walt, Disney, World, Pop, Century,, Unofficial, Guide

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2000 Walt Disney World "Millennium Celebration" Vacation Planning Video - In HD - Part 1/4.mpg

2000 Walt Disney World "Millennium Celebration" Vacation Planning Video - In HD - Part 1/4.mpg Tube. Duration : 9.40 Mins.

(c) 1999 The Walt Disney Company. This is Part 1 of the 2000 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video (You can watch the ENTIRE video in one shot here: ). Disney's Theme for the Resort in 2000 is the "Millennium Celebration," and ran from October 1, 1999 to January 1, 2001. Epcot is Millennium Central and is highlighted in the video, having the longest segment. Disney produced versions for Young Adult Couples w/out Kids and for Families with Kids, this is the Young Adult Couples w/out Kids video. Part 4 has a separate segment about the Disney Cruise Line. ENJOY!


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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Walkthrough - Space Marine Campaign - Mission 3 - Calderis pt 2

Dawn of War 2 Retribution Walkthrough - Space Marine Campaign - Mission 3 - Calderis pt 2 Video Clips. Duration : 10.82 Mins.

Bestselling apps now free: For more information worthy of the Machine God, head over to Also at: Check out these related Mahalo Video Game Walkthroughs: Bulletstorm Walkthrough: Fight Night Champion Walkthrough: Killzone 3 Walkthrough: Dead Space 2 Severed Walkthrough: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Walkthrough: 3-fate-of-two-worlds-walkthrough/ World of Warcraft Cataclysm Walkthrough: walkthrough Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough: Cover Orange Ipad Walkthrough: DC Universe Online Walkthrough: Cut the Rope HD Walkthrough: Back to the Future Episode 2 Walkthrough: episode-two-get-tannen-walkthrough Gran Turismo 5 Walkthrough: Super Meat Boy Walkthrough: Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies: Check out these Mahalo Video Games Reviews: Dead Space 2 Review: Hard Corps Uprising Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Review: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review: Tron Evolution Review: Stacking Review: Back to the Future Episode 2 Review: Gran Turismo 5 Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch Review: Stacking Review: Dead Nation Review: Check ...

Keywords: Warhammer, 40K, Dawn, of, War, Retribution, Walkthrough, Space, Marine, Chaos, Ork, Eldar, RTS, strategy, action, videogames

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Banff, Canada - 1080HD Travel Video

Banff, Canada - 1080HD Travel Video Tube. Duration : 5.05 Mins.

Banff, Alberta Canada Find our complete Banff travel guide at

Tags: banff, alberta, canada, travel, alpine, skiing, snowboarding

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Luxury Home for Sale in New Zealand

Luxury Home for Sale in New Zealand Tube. Duration : 2.10 Mins.

One of New Zealand's most luxurious homes for sale - Price guide NZM (approx USM) Discerning architecture and a magnificent location have combined to produce a property that is so much more than simply a sum of its parts. A cliff top with sweeping views stretching from St Heliers in the south across the Hauraki Gulf to Coromandel and Great Barrier Island provides the site for a striking home that complements but never overwhelms its setting. Combined, the result is an impressive property that maximises its superlative location and architecture. Set high on the cliff top between Milford and Castor Bay, the house keeps the bustle and noise of city life firmly at bay, and instead enjoys utmost peace, privacy and security on its three quarter acre site. While its 1000m² floor plan makes this a home of palatial proportions, thoughtful design has ensured its size never overwhelms. Instead this is essentially a warm and practical home ideal for family life and entertaining whether on an intimate or grand scale. Architect Richard Priest has created a unique design that sweeps two wings of sumptuous living around a paved outdoor living area. These are linked by spacious galleries opening directly to the courtyard lending a taste of the exotic to the property. The courtyard, with its outdoor fireplace, sheltered sitting and dining areas and 21 metre heated pool, complete with diving platform, overlooks a stunning expanse of sea and sky. A fire-pit and spa with its own DVD add ...

Tags: New Zealand, House, Luxury, Property, Real Estate, For Sale

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Greece The Most Admired Land On Earth

Greece The Most Admired Land On Earth Video Clips. Duration : 1.05 Mins.

Greece is widely regarded as the place where the western civilization was born many centuries ago. It is widely acknowledged as the guiding force that has driven the human civilization for over 2500 years now. It is also the place where three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa, and three varying climatic conditions submerge into one. These enthralling shades make it one of the most visited places on earth today. Roughly 16 million tourists walk on its soil every year, thus allowing several hundred thousand Greek nationals to be employed by its tourism industry. Located at the southeastern fringe of the European peninsula, Greece is spoken of highly for its world class beaches, lavish hotels and the level of hospitality it offers. Hotels in Greece are an integral part of its tourism infrastructure, which earns around 15% of the nation's entire GDP in revenues. Rich visuals may be recalled; if one began examining how the events of Greece had benefited the world we are part of. It was Greece that first gave the idea of democratic governance almost 2500 years ago. The word "democracy" itself stemmed out from the Greek language, meaning the rule of the people. In spite of its initial doubts, the Greek democracy survived on and was later followed by many other states. Modern states are often seen mimicking the same federal structure that Romans established around 2000 years ago. However, it should be noted down for academic reasons that Romans were more of an autocratic ...

Tags: Greek hotel, Greek hotels, hotels in Greece, Greece hotel, Greece hotels, Greece travel, Greece tour, Greek hotel guide, Greece hotel guide, Crete hotel, Athens hotel, Greek islands hotel, travel Greece, accommodation Greece, Greece holidays, Greek holidays, holidays Greek islands, holidays Greece, travel Greek islands, book on line hotel, visit Greece, cheap hotels Greece, quality hotel Greece

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DIET of JAPAN Tube. Duration : 1.95 Mins.

TO ORDER: SPECTACULAR LIFESTYLE - Stay fit and reduce health problems. Most of America's diet fads have not worked since over half of Americans are overweight. Forget these recipes for disaster! Now imagine a diet which was tested by over 100 million people and which has evolved over centuries - the miraculous 'DIET of JAPAN'. And this video shows how to adapt the healthy Japanese lifestyle to how you lose weight and keep fit in America. This video reveals the 7 amazing secrets of the world's best lifestyle. The Japanese live the longest on earth, with fewer medical problems and this stunning video shows why - the healthy, delicious foods they eat and how they exercise and relax. HOW TO LIVE A LONG, HEALTHY LIFE - You'll see why the Japanese have fewer health problems than Americans. In fact, Japanese women don't even have a word for 'hot flashes'. See the fantastic health benefits of this unique culture - a land of the tea ceremony and spectacular spas. 65% of Americans are overweight, chasing diet fads that don't work. The solution is Japan's remarkable diet, which has evolved over centuries. Also, shed pounds exercising with exciting Japanese music videos. THE 7 SECRETS OF THE JAPANESE LIFESTYLE - You'll learn how to cook Japanese meals, miracle foods that keep you slim, and explore Japan's diverse cuisine: Sushi, Tofu, Ramen and Teppanyaki. INCREDIBLE LIFESTLYE PLANNER - See the videos and then quickly adopt the best ways to eat, exercise and unwind ...

Keywords: diet, health, fitness, lose, weight, healthy, japan, aerobics, exercise, workout, relax, walk, walking, spa, cancer, menopause, heart

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Exfoliation Back Treatment : Exfoliation Back Treatment Cleansing

Exfoliation Back Treatment : Exfoliation Back Treatment Cleansing Tube. Duration : 1.83 Mins.

Cleansing the back for an exfoliation treatment will remove dirt and oil. Learn how to cleanse the back with expertise from an aesthetician in this free beauty guide video. Expert: Karen Lange Bio: Karen Lange is a certified aesthetician working at the presitigous Lotus Spa in Pacifica, California. Filmmaker: Sam Lee

Keywords: cosmetology, beauty tips, exfoliation, spa treatments, back treatments, skin exfoliation, skin care

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Krug Champagne - Las Vegas - Gourmet - On

Krug Champagne - Las Vegas - Gourmet - On Video Clips. Duration : 4.03 Mins.

"Tucked away at the end of a long unassuming hallway at the Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace youll find the United States first and only Krug Room. These elite hideaways, which can also be found in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo, are the place to feast on phenomenal cuisine and taste the most extraordinary Champagne. Seating up to 34 guests, an elegantly dressed table at the Krug Room provides the perfect setting for intimate and exclusive conversation. Modern art adorns the walls and assorted Krug ephemera dots the spacious room. This is by far one of the most luxurious restaurants in Las Vegas, so dont forget to raise a glass of the finest vintage bubbly and toast to the good life. The Menu: Devised by Guy Savoy, one of the most respected chefs in the world and recipient of three Michelin stars, the gourmet menu changes seasonally but always features exceptional fresh and simple ingredients. One such menu includes a six-course meal featuring Colors of Caviar, Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices, Poisson a la Broche and Savoys famous artichoke and black truffle soup. Dessert options include an inspired collection of fennel, lemon, basil and white chocolate macaroons. The Must-Have: Naturally, its all about the bubbly at the Krug Room. Offering the full range of the Krug Champagne, the restaurant carefully pairs each course with Krugs finest vintages from 1985 to 1995. Some of the Champagnes you can expect include Krug Grande Cuvée, Krug Rosé, Krug Vintage, Krug ...

Keywords: the krug room at guy savoy, holiday guide, holiday tips, Las Vegas, Las Vegas travel guide, las vegas travel tips, Travel America, travel guide, travel help, travel tips, vacation tips, voyage tv

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Oasis of the Seas: Solarium and Vitality at Sea

Oasis of the Seas: Solarium and Vitality at Sea Video Clips. Duration : 6.97 Mins.

The Oasis of the Seas diverts from the Voyager and Freedom class models for the Adult Solarium and Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center. Instead of the fitness center occupying the foreword section of the pool deck it is now the Solarium. This allows for it to be partially glassed in with full 180˚ views. The Solarium features two decks filled with faux trees and shrubs along with flowing waters and fountains. Along with the Cantilevered Whirlpools the Solarium features it's own smaller whirlpools and a center dipping pool with fountains. The Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center has been relocated to the foreword part of deck 6 as well as in the bow on deck 5. Current Links: For Photos: For Profile: For Guide: Captain's Welcome Message: Captain's Corner: Fountain Show: TV System: Parades: Main Dining Room: Entertainment Place: Central Park: Viking Crown: Vitality/Solarium: Pool Deck: Sports Zone: Boardwalk: Future Links: Other Ships Oasis of the Seas Royal Promenade

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You Are Empty - PC - 02 - Hospital 2

You Are Empty - PC - 02 - Hospital 2 Video Clips. Duration : 8.25 Mins.

You Are Empty - PC - 02 - Hospital 2 I know what you're all thinking: BJ WTF IS THIS?!? Well I saw it at gamestop and thought it looked sweet. Turns out, it IS pretty sweet! So here it is! Like it or not! Please Visit: and help make a young mans dream come tru.

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ACHIEVEMENT: Well Drilled - Perfect Pit stop in F1 2010

ACHIEVEMENT: Well Drilled - Perfect Pit stop in F1 2010 Video Clips. Duration : 1.88 Mins.

Very simple achievement which many people may have trouble with, just follow the simple instructions I go through on the video. If you want any more videos or achievements guides for F1 2010 let me know by commenting on this video. Also Subscribe to stay up to date and help me make more. Cheers! GET 5 ACHIEVEMENTS IN ONE RACE in F1 2010!! Watch my video here -

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