Buying Lake Travis Homes for Sale

Lake Travis homes for sale have gained so much popularity in the previous years. With so much media attention on Lake Travis, it has made the place the most craved for area for development. Housing projects and real estate properties spawned into being. In fact, many home buyers are in a hurry to buy Lake Travis homes for sale because of its value and the splendid atmosphere it offers.

It is no wonder how Lake Travis homes for sale capture the eyes of home buyers as it promises a stunning view, endless recreational opportunities and a well-enhanced lifestyle. This place is indeed distinct and unparalleled from the other regions of the state.

About Lake Travis

Relocating can feel like being on a vacation or a resort. Just as your look outside the window, you will see the breathtaking view of Lake Travis and the popular Texas Hill Country. The lake is approximately 63.75 miles long with a width of 4.5 miles. It covers about 18,929 acres. There are plenty of water recreational opportunities especially on the lake like water sports. It attracts water sports enthusiasts for activities like windsurfing regattas, ski boat and sailboat competitions, cruisers, mansion-like houseboats and cigarettes.

Referred as a "gem among Texas Lakes," the place boasts a number of marina facilities, public parks, boat ramp access and a wonderful summer sun. This makes it a popular summer destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the state and the country. Water recreation like boating, sailing, swimming, hiking and fishing are just some of what the place has to offer. For lovers who like to savour a romantic experience, they can take advantage of the eye-catching sunsets over the canyons. There is too many to mention, just make sure you have your camera and video camera to capture those important moments. Certainly, it will put a smile to your lips and it will be a rewarding treat.

Buying Lake Travis Homes for Sale

Since the place is so inviting to live in you will want to ask a few questions before buying Lake Travis homes for sale. Here are a few guide questions.

What kind of home am I looking for? There are many Lake Travis homes for sale to choose from. You can take a look at rural properties, vacation homes, gated communities, modern condos and family homes. To help you in narrowing down your search, you can check out their website for an online tour.

Where do you prefer to live? You can choose whether you like to live near the south shore or the north shore. The south provides you scenic views with a lot of luxurious and sprawling homes in the area. It gives you easy access to downtown Austin. Of course, the prices can be a bit costly and vacancy rates are lower. In the north area can give you a reasonable priced property but a longer commute to Austin's downtown.

How much is your budget? Lake Travis homes for sale are still considered very affordable compared to other areas. If you already have a budget in mind it will help determine the kind of property you want to have.

What kind of lifestyle do you want to live in? Whether you are the type of person who is more reserved and wants to get lots of privacy, this is the ideal place for you. But if you want to have lots of fun and recreation opportunities, it will definitely suit your lifestyle's demands. It is important to think about the amenities and facilities you are looking for before buying a property.

Buying Lake Travis Homes for Sale

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How to Survive & Thrive in Today's Economy

Over the past two decades I have guided countless people about their job stress. Lawyers, teachers, businessmen, homemakers, and on and on. The amusing thing is that each person has said, "I have the most stressful job". With the current economic situation, let us see how Ayurveda and spirituality can help eliminate unhealthy stress, and help us turn a lemon into lemonade - to prosper from the challenge.

The thing about stress is that it is not the job but also the way one handles the stress, manages their life and maintains inner balance that determines if one becomes stressed or not.

Challenges of the Century

Now as the world faces new economic challenges, dealing with stress is more challenging than ever. Spiritual Ayurveda's ageless wisdom offers a true lifesaver and lighthouse for those sailing in turbulent waters.

Life Purpose (Dharma)

The first cause of job stress is not working in a career you 'love'.

Yes, its that simple. Life gets tougher, and only a labor of love makes it worthwhile. Doing what you love, shares love with others - it is a way to help humanity. This is a secret of stress-reduction, inner peace and outer joy. Do what you love and you help others in real ways. If you are unhappy in your job, that is the single main cause of stress. Doing what you love means using your God-given or innate abilities. Wise bosses generally only hire people who love their work, because they are committed, and do the best job.

It is not the job that causes the stress at this point, but rather the way in which one handles the events that seem to be stressful. Properly handling events requires one to develop and maintain inner balance, health and peace of mind. There are two parts to this equation. First, you must become your own life-manager. Analyze and prioritize your life. How much time to you spend on your health, career, family, education, exercise, community service and spiritual life?

Holistic Living

Do you spend the proper amount of time on each area of your life? Which is the most important life domain? Maybe you are spending too much time at work and ignoring your family. Maybe you are a bit too worried about your health and preventing yourself from developing your career and education. Work to achieve the proper weighted balance for each area of your life. How one develops and maintains one's inner balance is the final key in life-management. This is where the final myth lies. People designate career events as either stressful or not stressful.

The truth is that how one reacts to an event determines whether or not it causes stress. Let's take an example. Our clients who begin eating timely meals according to their dosha, take some brain tonics, meditate a little bit each day, and maybe receive a shiro dhara spa treatment once or twice a month, find they become much calmer, clearer and sharper. They become quite centered. As a result, how they react to work situations dramatically changes for the better.

The same events that used to cause them stress no longer bother them. In fact, many situations that previously caused stress now become opportunities.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Herbal Brain Tonics: It is not the event that causes stress but how we are prepared internally/mentally to respond to these situations. Ayurvedic therapies help us in times of stress to return to or remain on our path of nature, our spiritual and life-purpose path. In terms of herbs Ayurveda suggest products that contain gotu kola (brahmi or centella asiatica), shank pushpi and ashwagandha.

For those with more severe mental and emotional stresses we suggest these same herbs in the form of medicated nose drop oils (nasya). Medicated herbal oils are more powerful than tablets. Further, taking them through the nose immediately puts the herbs in the bloodstream, and in the nearest vicinity of the brain.

Shiro dhara: or hot oil flow on the head is like taking a month's vacation in just one hour. A person lies on a massage table on their back. Warm oil mixed with medicated herb oils appropriate for one's mental dosha are poured in a stream on the forehead, mainly targeting the area between the eyebrows (third eye/ajna Chakra).

The reason for this is that all the nerves in the body meet between the eyebrows, so when the oil contacts this area, the entire nervous system gets massaged. This is such a profound state of relaxation that even the immune system becomes extremely relaxed. From this, the deepest life-stresses are released. Shiro dhara is so effective it is used to heal diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other brain, nervous and immune-system disorders. We have had clients rid themselves of sciatica in just one session.

Another client had severe pain from spinal degeneration. While her pain medication was producing no effects, during their first shiro dhara session the pain left entirely for two full days. Others under great mental and emotional stress and worry, and those who are extremely fatigued have found even one shiro dhara session completely revive them.


Aromatherapy, music and color therapies and exercise also help balance ones mind, nervous and immune systems. Classical Indian ragas, the sound of a waterfall, or any soothing music eases mental tensions. Music can be played while commuting to work, before bed or as ambiance at the home or office. At home incense can be lit to affect the mind through the sense of smell. At the office, essential oils can be used.

Sandalwood brings peace. Rose, jasmine or lily reduces anger. Frankincense eases fears. Many of our clients keep a bottle of essential oil in their office desk and apply it any time things start becoming too stressful. Pleasant, uplifting colors in one's office also help to keep the mind fresh and positive.

Color therapy: Sky blue is universally soothing. Bright, healing shades of white, pink and blue are very good to calm down the stressful, anxious, angry and impatient mind.Pictures, flowers, wall color, etc. all can be chosen with the proper colors for calming the mind.

Meditation: We now come to the free therapies. I don't know how many times clients have come to me surprised to learn just how effective and powerful meditation is. Stress, digestion and disposition all are profoundly healed from simple, short periods of meditation. Whether you think about your life, God, family or career planning, quiet meditation is very calming and clearing. Other forms of meditation include taking nature walks or sitting in the woods or by the water.

Flower gardening helps remove anger and impatience (but don't work outside in the hot sun). There are many simple forms of meditation, even if you just hear your thoughts without reacting to them will be useful. Meditation doesn't mean sitting without any thoughts in the head-this is a myth promoted by commercial meditation businesses. Anything that helps one relax is meditation.

As I was completing this article someone has come.

Showing them the title of this article I asked, 'So, who do you think has the most stressful job?' Being an adept person they replied, 'Anyone who does not take time to think of God.' In universal terms, anyone who doesn't take time to nourish their spiritual connection feels they have the most stressful job.

So after some time, if all people can balance themselves and work according to their dharma or life purpose, we may be able to write an article entitled, 'Who has the best job.' This is my wish for you.

Now, in 2009, job stress, or the stress from possibly losing a job, or working two jobs to make ends meet, or even if a job is lost, the reality is the economic situation is causing many to stress out. The principles of living in tune/living at natures pace, and walking on nature's path, will still protect - you may need to take proactive steps to adjust to the changing climate, but action will definitely help you survive and thrive!

Now we have a rare opportunity to create the life of our dreams, to align with natural law and be ready to help others who are leaving this illusory economic usury model. The economy is crumbling because it is off nature's path and it no longer can sustain itself. Even as the main economic leaders, the Federal Reserve, and the politicians ignored the wise warnings of a few true economic seers, they continue to delude themselves and the masses that this situation is going to be over in a few days or weeks.

Yet the same seers, like Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff, continue to share that this is a long term 7-10 year adjustment. Spiritual seers add another dimension to this situation, explaining that the world, humans, systems, governments, environments, planets etc. are all undergoing major transformations, and only those who align with these natural transitions will be able to comfortably survive and even thrive.

By following the Ayurveda therapies, examining your life purpose, and following your intuition, and if needed, consulting with the seers who can guide you to self-sufficient living on nature's path, you can not only remove your unhealthy stress, but achieve your highest visions.

In a future article, I will address in more detail, this economy, and how to move from survival to 'thrival'.

If you would like mentoring, workshops, books, herbs, courses to help guide you in this time, please see my websites listed below.

Wishing you health & peace & paradise & JOY!

This article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. It in no way is intended to substitute for care from duly licensed health professionals.

How to Survive & Thrive in Today's Economy

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Property in Austria - A Look at the Austrian Property Market

One of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe, Austria is every bit a visitors paradise. It has everything - from icy Alps in the West to the picturesque Danube Basin in the East. Austria has been among the leading lights for the European unity and is largely due to its efforts that the European Union, in the modern times, has seen the light of day.

No doubt, Austrian property will always remains on the radar of the global real estate investor. However, it's the cost of living in the country that puts a dampener to their plans. Austria is the most expensive country to live in Europe; this is the reason for investors not to be over-enthusiastic in terms of their investment plans.

About Austria

High costs notwithstanding, the country is among the top-notch attractions for high-class tourists across the world. The Alps in the western region of the country have always attracted skiing and hiking fanatics from all over the world. Moreover, this mountainous region has tremendous historical significance as depicted through numerous Museums, Galleries, and Historical Buildings.

In fact, Austria's rich historical and cultural heritage is magnificently spread all across the landscape, with the capital Vienna taking the lead having a resplendent Opera House and the former imperial residence of the Hofburg. Salzburg is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart. The whole of Austria was the centre of Cultural Renaissance during the 17th and 18th Centuries, and it's here that the terms like Baroque and The Enlightenment, actually, took shape.

Austria, in modern times, has beautifully blended its cultural heritage with modern marvels in architecture. Visitors are often surprised to see the amount of amalgam contained in every modern city of Austria.

Being a landlocked country, there is little opportunity for aquatic fun. But this void is made up by other numerous land-based activities that you can enjoy within the country. And the adventure is heightened by the inviting climate with pleasant summers and cold winters. With National Parks, Vineyards, and the Alps mountain range, you won't require any other motivation to explore this beautiful country - perhaps download our country guide on Austria to help you on your way.

Buying property in Austria

As highlighted earlier, Austria is the costliest place to live in the whole of Europe. This means that unfortunately, the property scenario in Austria is not too encouraging for the investors of present times. The higher cost of living has, indeed, played a spoilsport for the potential investors. European Union membership notwithstanding, Austria has not seen any surge of investor interest, primarily because of high property prices within the country.

Austria has done well by relaxing the laws in terms of foreign ownership of property, but still buyers want the Austrian government to address the issue of high property prices of every commodity before even thinking of investing in Austrian real estate. Rough estimates indicate that a Studio Apartment is not available in Austria below £50,000 and a 2-bedroom apartment starts from a whopping £70,000 and if you are planning an independent house in Austria, be prepared to shell out at least £180,000 to realize your property. It's not only the price, but also the tax structure that is quite stringent in Austria. Any capital gains on the sale of real estate are taxed as regular income at the exorbitant rate of 34%.

Being a tourist spot, vacation and holiday property around the Alps is your best bet for investment in Austria. A year-round influx of tourists means you have regular rental income from the holiday properties in and around the ski resorts. The majority of the population in Austria live in and around cities like Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna, resultantly; these places are the ones to look out for in terms of real estate investment.

If you are prepared to overlook the high cost of living, investment in Austria is not such a bad proposition, as is evidence from the following high-points of the country -

Thriving economy

Stable political system

EU membership

Relatively one of the safest places in Europe

Modern lifestyle

Inviting climate

Cheap education

First-class health facilities

The country comprises Germans and Italians as the primary groups of foreigners who have either settled down here or made Austria their second home destination.

The restrictions for non-EU foreign investors are more stringent than the EU ones. Thus, the Brits will find the going easier as far as the legalities and administrative procedure pertaining to owning a property in Austria is concerned.

The countries peculiar real estate laws means that all foreign investors should seriously consider hiring an expert real estate agent or a local attorney to take care of all the official formalities entailing the registration of property. The expert help will also come in handy if you decide to finance your property purchase through a local Austrian bank.

Property in Austria - A Look at the Austrian Property Market

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Becoming a Ski Club rep

Becoming a Ski Club rep Video Clips. Duration : 10.65 Mins.

The word rep might conjure up scary visions of picking up holiday-makers from the airport, running a pub quiz for Brits abroad, and trying to flog activity days. But becoming a rep doesnt have to be this way. The Ski Club of Great Britain sends reps to 35 ski resorts worldwide for one simple purpose: to ski with Ski Club members. No lost luggage to sort out. No karaoke evenings to host. If you make the grade on the training course, you get to meet and ski with loads of new people, and host a social hour for them in the pub each evening. This behind the scenes film follows three budding candidates on the training course in Tignes, France. Its not all fun and games though as well as honing their skiing skills, trainees must learn mountaincraft, and on-snow leading skills from qualified mountain guides, instructors and Ski Club staff. The Ski Club is now taking applications from this year's course in December 2009. Find out more about the Ski Club reps course on For Snow Reports, snowsports news, and information on all things ski and snowboard visit the Ski Club website: For hundreds more ski and snowboard videos from inspirational freestyle and freeride to technique advice, visit the Ski Club's snowsports video website http
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Maldives, an island nation in South Asia is officially known as Republic of Maldives. This is the smallest Asian country and is known for its varied marine life and striking beaches. Male, is the capital city of Maldives and is the Administrative division of the country. According to the geographical location of Maldives this is the lowest lying country on the planet.

Maldives is known to have some most exotic resorts and hotels in the world. Maldives is an archipelago and is therefore made up of the combination of number of small islands; some of the islands in Maldives are dedicated to one or two resorts. Some of these resorts are of world class where you can enjoy and cherish your privacy. These islands are little away from the mainland and few people have access to them. So if you are looking forward to spend some leisure time away from all the hustle and bustle then these islands can be the perfect place for you. Maldives Vacation Packages offer much more than your expectation as this land is full of natural beauty and bizarre sites.


Velavaru features water villas which are completely separated from the land. Here one can get exclusive amenities and comforts and is known for the serenity and picturesque view. To reach this place you will have to go via seaplane to the South Nilandhe Atoll. Here you can have the lifetime experience and you can enjoy to the fullest. Velavaru also gives to you an opportunity to see plenty of sea life as large variety of aquatic animals can be found over here.

Maldives comprises of some 1190 islands out of which only 200 are inhabited. Some of the islands have striking features and are laced by lovely palm trees. Here one can enjoy all water sports activities like snorkelling, underwater coral watching, scuba diving, water scooters and others.

Maldives Vacation Packages have a special feature as it provides a unique service that is an underwater spa. The interested people can here take spa treatment and pamper themselves. This is situated under the water and you can take the treatment while you get an opportunity to see the breathtaking marine creatures.

The Maldives Vacation Packages make provisions for airfares, hotel accommodation, local transportation, and tour guides, so that you stay comfortably and have great time with your friends and family. A vacation to the Maldives can be a little costly, but once you reach Maldives you realize that every penny spent was worth.

You can take a flight from UAE to Maldives as there are 7 airlines operating between the two countries. 32S is the largest aircraft between the two nations. The booking of the tickets can be done online without any inconvenience.

Have Wonderful Vacations In Maldives

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Japan - Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure

Japan - Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure Tube. Duration : 1.90 Mins.

Leading economic expert Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport. In this video Jim and Paige visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in Japan Copyright Jim Rogers - provided as a special contribution to The Fenton Report. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the largest public aquariums in the world. It is located in the ward of Minato in Osaka, Japan, near Osaka Bay. The walk-through aquarium displays several habitats in 16 tanks, along with the marine life inside them. The habitats are from the Ring of Fire and the Ring of Life areas of the Pacific Ocean. The largest tank holds 5400 cubic metres of water, and a variety of fish including a manta-ray and a whale shark. The tanks used in the aquarium are made of 314 tonnes of acrylic glass - roughly 1.5 times the world's annual production. The largest single pane measures six meters by five meters by thirty centimeters and weighs roughly 10 tons. At the thicknesses used, regular glass would not only be unwieldy, but would not have a desirable amount of transparency. Kaiyukan is located five minutes' walk from Osakako Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Chuo Line. The Tempozan Harbor Village Ferris wheel is located next to the aquarium.
Keywords: Japan, Osaka, Aquarium, Kaiyukan, aquariums, fish, fishes, habitats, shark, manta, ray, marine, japanese, Asia, city, map, vacation, day, guide, tour, international, world, airline, itinerary, ideas, tips, company, resorts, holiday, discovery, hotel, trip, advisor, best, time, agent, agencies, travels, resort, channel, adventure, adventures, vacations, money, manager, investments, investment, economy, economist, jim, rogers

Let's face it, adults and children often have very different definitions of the word vacation. Kids aren't likely to stay excited long on shopping trips or sight seeing excursions, just as parents aren't thrilled with the thought of amusement parks and miniature golf courses day after day. This makes it tough when planning any trip, from a weekend getaway to a month-long retreat. Still, there are those special places that offer the perfect blend of activities that both kids and adults can not only enjoy, but can enjoy together. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado, is one of these towns. While the list is seemingly endless, here are a few ideas of activities to get your family started on the right foot in Breckenridge.

Go for a ride. Because a ride in the car might have your kids screaming in less than ten minutes, gearing up the family for a bike ride is a better option in Breckenridge. Voted one of the top ten best places to take kids on a bike ride, Breckenridge boasts trails that range from easy to moderate to difficult, making it a perfect spot for the whole family. Give the kids some time off. Breckenridge hosts a day and an evening program specifically designed to give your kids some time away to participate in fun activities with other kids. Known as "Kids Day Off" and "Kids Night Out," these programs include gold mine tours, pottery painting, swimming, and various other kid-friendly activities. Plus, this program lets the parents have some time away too! Skate to it. The Breckenridge Public Skateboard Park is complete with rails, ramps, and jumps that will give your kids a place to practice on their boards or in-line skates. Dream and play. The Mountain Top Children's Museum is a great place for kids of all ages to learn and participate in interactive creative activities. Additionally, exhibits such as "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Winter Wonders" dazzle the imagination. Recreate. Breckenridge's recreation center is a fantastic place for both kids and adults. With two climbing walls, an indoor pool, basketball, racquetball, soccer, softball, and tennis, the kids aren't likely to get bored quickly. Raft away. Take the whole family on a guided rafting adventure in Colorado's ripping white water. Get out and hike. When the snow is melted, hiking is a great family activity that changes as the seasons change. Involve the kids in wildflower hunting, pine tree identification, or wildlife viewing. And, when the snow does fall, strap on snow shoes and take a walk in the winter wonderland of fresh powder. Take a lesson. Breckenridge is a great place to get kids out on the slopes, for the first time or for the hundredth. For beginners, rest assured that Breckenridge Ski Resort offers top notch ski and snowboard instructors that will take your kids on half day or full day lessons, giving you a chance to tackle the mountain on your own. Get some air. Take the family up the BreckConnect Gondola, granting breathtaking views of Breckenridge, Summit County, and Cumberland Gulch, all while suspended high in the air. Fly in the sky. A hot air balloon ride is more than just a good view in Breckenridge. It's an exhilarating experience that the whole family will be talking about for months. Breckenridge offers both summer and winter rides.

If your family wants to put a twist on its normal routine, Breckenridge is the perfect place to explore. Kids have endless outdoor activities to satisfy their wild side, and adults can have just as much fun by their side.

Entertaining the Kids is an Easy Task in Breckenridge

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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal - Video vs. Brochure

Gran Bahia Principe Akumal - Video vs. Brochure Video Clips. Duration : 9.38 Mins.

Introduction to our video project on resorts and destinations. Just an quick example of how video of a destination can show it all. A page in a brochure . . . it can become the bottom of the bird cage I guess.
Keywords: Mexico, Destinations, Caribbean, Vacations, Viva, Wyndham, Maya, Azteca, all, inclusive, resorts, Mayan, Riviera, getaways, Mayacoba, hotel, Fairmont, Cancun, Chichen, itza, tour, ruins, pyramids, Playa, del, Carmen, history, Tikal, Tulum, Yucatan, Gran, Bahia, Principe, Coba, Akumal, Grand, Palladium, Colonial, Kantenah, White, Sands, Ecotourism, Xcaret, Palace, excellence, secrets, Xel-Ha, real, estate, Cabos, San, Lucas, guide, University, Mazatlan, Ensenada, Sonora, Aero, jcvdude, Sunwing, Travel, Agent, reviews, itravel, Westjet

It has been recently reported that a Tree Hotel is under construction in Sweden. As is evident from the name, the hotel is built atop a tree in a forest. Going on a vacation is a lot of fun. Especially if you are going to a beautiful place like Sweden, then you are bound to have a great vacation. This place is world known for its culture and its mouth-watering cuisines. Sweden is the ideal getaway from your hectic work schedule to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

However, the biggest hectic of going on a dream vacation is booking a hotel. You have to take some vital factors into account such as budget, hotel facilities, location, and various other details. But you don't need to worry as Sweden is a popular tourist spot that attracts hordes of visitors each year, therefore it has many hotels that will suit your needs and budget easily.

If you are on a slightly limited budget, you can go for the cheap hotels in Sweden. Don't be under the misconception that the service is bad or the rooms will be dirty. While it is true that you may not get to avail the luxury of a five-star hotel, you will get modestly furnished and clean rooms. The service at these hotels is also decent. Even the food is of good quality.

Are you willing to stretch your budget a little? Then you can opt for the budget hotels which are a step ahead of the cheap hotels. The three-star hotels mostly fall under this category. The service will be better than it is in a cheap hotel and you will get more facilities in your rooms such as cable television and mini-bar. The rooms are also decorated tastefully.

Five-star hotels in Sweden are your ultimate destination if your pocket is not acting as a constraint. They believe in delivering nothing but the best to their clients. Luxurious and elegantly decorated rooms providing spectacular views, Jacuzzi, mini bar, spa, nightclubs, and top class service is what you will get at these hotels. You can also try your luck at the casinos. These hotels are mostly famous for their mouth-watering multi-cuisine menu.

The Internet has opened up a vast array of options in front of you. You can book the hotel of your choice by just a few clicks. will guide you through each step and make sure that the reservation is processed smoothly. Take a trip to Sweden today!

Hotels Fit Into Everyone's Pocket

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Valentines Day Collab - DIY GlitterGlobes

Valentines Day Collab - DIY GlitterGlobes Tube. Duration : 3.52 Mins.

Happy Valentines Day! The girls! Lip looks - Night time Makeup- Coming Soon! Sweet and Smokey- Coming Soon! Sweet Day Makeup - Day2night Transition Makeup- Romantic and Sultry Makeup - Casual/day hair - Fancy hair - Accessorize your Valentine's Day Outfit- Night Outfits- Summer Night Outfit- Day outfits - DIY DIY Flower Pen Gift - DIY Valentine's Spa DIY Valentine's Glitterglobe- Nails- Baking- Coming Soon! Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day- Day & Nighttime Outfits- My links! Twitter - Email Me! - Like me on Facebook! - Business Inquiry - XOXO, CloeCouture Disclaimer - All of the products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. I am not being sponsored for my video.
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People who wish to experience the best comfort and accommodation as they travel to Alaska is perfectly offered in Sitka. It is one of the biggest cities in Alaska, so far Sitka features great fishing spots as well as accommodating amenities. So if you are planning to have a vacation, maybe it's time for you to check out the Sitka Alaska fishing charters. This will help vacationers to save from too much expense. The fishing charters may offer services for the fishing activity or reservations for the resort or the fishing lodge.

There are top five things to expect when you avail the Sitka Alaska fishing charters.

1. The big catch - when it talks about the big catch, most hobbyists are after with the type of fish that can satisfy them best, for example is the salmon, as you go fishing, you can encounter three types of salmon, it can be the Chinook or the king salmon, what is king salmon? Among its kind, it is noted as the heaviest because it measures around 40 to 70 pounds. If you want to go medium, you can chase after the silver salmon or the Coho, smaller than the Chinook and weighs at about, 8 up to 12 pounds. If you don't care about the size of the fish, you can go for the sockeye or the red salmon, this is the most delicious among its king. Aside from the three types of salmon, you can be intimidated by the halibut fish. It is bigger compared to the king salmon, it normally weighs 30 up to 100 pounds. As recorded, the heaviest halibut measures over 300 pounds. Aren't challenge with that?

2. The fishing lodge - what is a lodge? There are some guests that are still confused with the accommodations around Alaska. For example is the regular rooms, in most cases, customers settle for the affordable rooms. However, there are some that aims for privacy and avail the private cabins. If you want to enjoy, try to have the package, they will offer room for the family and will allow guests to enjoy the public amenities. During the night, you will never feel bored because bar grill is also one of the recreations of the place. To enjoy your stay, choose the right fishing lodge offered by the Sitka Alaska fishing charters.

3. The fishing equipments - this includes the fishing rod, baits, hook and etc. you can bring your own equipment or you can also rent from their fishing stores. For the big fish, you will also need a bigger bait. You can also avail the fishing manual. don't worry if your not one of the hobbyists, you still join the activity with the help of the fishing guide.

4. The views and other activities - there are times that your family don't like to go fishing. To cope up with their need or to avoid boredom, make sure that the place is full of wonders. Just like the views and the abundant wildlife. You can join them as you explore the place.

5. Fishing Guide - they are the people you serve as the map of the trip, hey can also serve as your guide for fishing. Fishing guide are friendly and approachable. So don't hesitate to ask for their help.

Big Fishing Charters - The People's Choice

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Great Wall of China outside of Beijing - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure

Great Wall of China outside of Beijing - Travel - Jim Rogers World Adventure Tube. Duration : 3.88 Mins.

Leading economic expert Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport. In this video Jim and Paige learning about living in China. Copyright Jim Rogers - provided as a special contribution to The Fenton Report. The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from Xiongnu attacks during the rule of successive dynasties. Several walls, referred to as the Great Wall of China, were built since the 5th century BC. One of the most famous is the wall built between 220206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang; little of it remains; it was much farther north than the current wall, which was built during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall stretches over approximately 6400 km (4000 miles) from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia, but stretches to over 6700 km (4160 miles) in total. At its peak, the Ming Wall was guarded by more than one million men. It has been estimated that somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 million Chinese died as part of the centuries-long project of building the wall.
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Interview with Jeff Maziareck, author of "Spirituality Simplified"

Today we are pleased to have Jeff Maziareck with us. Jeff, after much study and research into the subject of spirituality has written a book that is not like any other book on the topic. Jeff, welcome to Reader Views.

Irene: "Spirituality Simplified" - seems like a book that gives a novice understanding of the basics of spirituality. What inspired you to write such a book?

Jeff: In the late 1980s when I first discovered the subject of "spirituality", it didn't take very long for me to become thoroughly engrossed in it. In fact, over a period of ten years I ultimately purchased and read nearly 200 books in this category. In that process it occurred to me one day in early 1999 there really wasn't, at least to my knowledge, an existing book that could be described as the ideal "first book" for a person who was new to the spiritual path--a book that could effectively introduce the subject, and at the same time serve as a "road map" to other content that I felt could assist them in their process of self-discovery.

While I thought the idea had some merit, it wasn't until I visited a friend of mine in Florida by the name of Kaye O'Bara that I was actually inspired to move forward and begin to write the book. Kaye and her daughter, Edwarda, were the subject of a book by Wayne Dyer called "A Promise is a Promise." I had initially met her in 1998 after reading that book and then stopping by her home in N. Miami for a visit. During February of 1999 on a return trip to see her, we spent an entire afternoon together, and that is when the subject of my idea for the book arose. After hearing me speak about it, Kaye immediately voiced her opinion on the matter; namely, that I need to write the book because it was obvious I had great passion for the subject. I decided to take her advice, and began work on the book promptly upon my return home. At the beginning of the project I didn't really expect to ever publish a book, but proceeded anyway because I felt it would be an excellent way for me to crystallize my philosophy to that point, and come to better understand myself.

Irene: What is spirituality in your terms?

Jeff: In my terms spirituality is coming to the awareness that each and very person has within them a "spark" of the Creator, or God if you prefer. In essence, we are all connected to the very force that created us, and each of us therefore has the innate potential to be deeply compassionate and unconditionally loving. Spirituality also requires each of us to accept that our connection to the Creator/God also means, by default, that at some level we are connected to all other people as well. In addition, the path of spirituality requires an individual be willing to leave no stone unturned in the process of coming to truly know themselves. That means being ready to question literally everything they have been taught about spirituality, and for that matter, religion as well.

Irene: Some people would disagree with you that we are all connected. They believe that their path to God is the only way and feel that they have been chosen to convince others of the same. How do you justify your belief?

Jeff: To answer the question first, I don't really feel that I must justify my belief to anyone. I have come to believe what I believe based on my own research and study, and my objective in writing the book was not to persuade anyone to believe exactly the same way. The purpose of writing the book was to share information, ideas, and experiences that hopefully would be of some value to spiritual seekers. If people profit from it great, they are responsible for that; if they are annoyed by it that is their responsibility as well. As for people who would disagree that we are all connected, I would recommend they spend some time reading about what quantum physicists have known for quite sometime, which is the raw material of creation is, in reality, a field of energy that permeates every square inch of the Universe, and as such, connects everything, including people. Finally, for those who feel that their way to God is the only way, it's not my business to convince them otherwise, and I wouldn't ever make an effort to do so.

Irene: Many people interchange the terms spirituality and religion. What is the difference?

Jeff: In my view spirituality and religion are not equivalent terms. As I say in the final chapter of the book, spiritual growth is a lot like walking a high wire without a safety net, because unlike traditional religious practice there is no rigid dogma that exists to provide one with all of the 'answers'. Instead, on this path an individual takes on the responsibility for finding his or her own answers to serious questions such as: Who or what is God? What is the purpose of my life? What is the meaning of life in general? With religion, one simply has to accept the dogma is the truth because someone says that it is; questioning of the dogma is typically frowned upon, and particularly so in sects that are firmly attached to particular teachings. Spiritual growth is a never-ending process that requires the individual to continually refine their philosophy based on their personal process of discovery. As such, it requires a commitment to do the work, to dig and dig for answers that resonate positively within. It's really not about "getting somewhere," it's about "being" fully with the process of self-discovery.

Irene: Spiritual people often call themselves "enlightened." What is your view in this area?

Jeff: There is an old saying I heard a while back, the origin of which I cannot recall, that essentially states the following: 'he who speaks does not know, he who doesn't speak, knows.' For someone to outwardly claim they are enlightened suggests to me they are trying to somehow distinguish themselves as being ahead of the pack, so to speak. Rhetorically speaking, what is the standard by which to judge whether someone is truly enlightened? In my experience it is all an individual process and looking to put one's self on some kind of grading scale of progress is a desire rooted in ego, not in Spirit.

Irene: What spiritual teachers have you used as a basis of your information?

Jeff: Within the book there are nearly 80 quotations from about 40 different books. That translates into a wealth of content from a number of different authors. The intent was to use the "best of the best" content that I had uncovered over the various books I read. In that process, I've come to feel that there are a handful of teachers that have had the most impact on my continually evolving spiritual philosophy, they are: Fr. Anthony DeMello, because I greatly enjoy his very practical, no-nonsense approach to the topic; Stuart Wilde, because he never tries to appear like he has it all solved, and honestly his irreverent approach makes me laugh; and Wayne Dyer, because the very first book I read was his title "You'll See It When You Believe It", and it truly was a life-changing work for me.

Irene: Wayne Dyer certainly brought a message in that book. Would you tell our reading audience a little more about what the title really means? The adage is reversed.

Jeff: The essence of what Mr. Dyer is saying is this: our thoughts are real "things" or energy impulses if you will, that go out into the world and serve as attractors to experience(s). Or to say it another way, we become what we think about all day long. If we focus our thoughts (and feelings) on that which we want to manifest in our lives, then over time that manifestation will come to pass; the same applies to focusing our thoughts on what we don't want. This is by no means a concept that originated with Dyer, as centuries ago the Buddha reportedly said the following: "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." With that said, the meaning of the title of Dyer's book is therefore the more accurate way of presenting how things work--since our thoughts create our world, we will only see things arrive up in our life when we think (or believe) that they will.

Irene: There are many spiritual concepts that seem to overlap into the metaphysical realm. What are some of them and how do you view the overlap?

Jeff: There clearly is some overlap between spiritual and metaphysical concepts. The primary difference in my experience is that pure metaphysics doesn't seem to have as much focus on the Creator/God itself; instead it appears to concentrate more on the human being's place in the universe, while also describing so-called universal principles or laws. In addition, it incorporates things like astrology, channeling, and other paranormal phenomena, whereas spirituality is typically less concerned with these subjects. The area of universal principles or laws is one in which the overlap can be seen. For example, both talk about the existence of the principle (or law) of cause and effect, as well as others including oneness, detachment, and abundance. I think the key for spiritual seekers is not to get caught up in labels and categorizations, but instead to be willing to consider information from all kinds of sources as they traverse their path of self-discovery.

Irene: You talk about "spiritual principles" in your book. What are some of them?

Jeff: Within the book I specifically address six principles I felt were most important for the novice spiritual seeker in particular. The principles described in the book are the following: Cause & Effect, Present Moment Awareness, Oneness, Abundance, Non-attachment (or Detachment), and Forgiveness. At the end of each chapter I also include a "related reading list" driven down to the chapter level to assist the reader in learning more about these principles, and in turn, others as well depending on the book they reference.

Irene: Some of them seem so mystical, especially when people are encouraged to connect with their Higher Self. Tell us about the Higher Self.

Jeff: To me the Higher Self is the aspect of ourselves that is Divine in nature, the part of us that looks out upon our life as a "witness" of all that is occurring here in the physical world, and which always knows the most appropriate choice for us in any given moment. Our primary challenge is to learn to consistently and consciously connect with this higher aspect by developing the ability to truly quiet our mind and be open to its advice and counsel. Clearly, this is not easy given all of the distractions of daily life combined with the effects of all the emotional and intellectual programming we have been exposed to since our arrival on earth in a physical body. Nonetheless, as my favorite musical artist Todd Rundgren once said, "If you want different choices, you've got to hear the quiet voices."

Irene: In your book you talk about "cause and effect." Do you believe this is Karmic?

Jeff: As I say in the book, the principle of cause & effect essentially serves as our personal boomerang, bringing back to us at some point, and in some form, whatever we put out into the world. According to this principle, every effect one experiences had to have a cause. In my view, the primary lesson to be learned is that in order to progress in life we simply must do our best to become more conscious of the choices we are making, for they are causes that in turn create effects. This includes choices about what we think about as well. The challenge we face in this area is that over time so much of our decision-making/choice-making, and our thoughts themselves for that matter, emerge from subconscious programs that operate in the background, so to speak.

As for "karma", as I say in the book, it is a bit unnerving when one stops to think about all the causes one may have initiated in the past (i.e., from this lifetime and perhaps even past lifetimes), that could ultimately emerge as some type of negative effect. Rather than getting all caught up in that, in my experience the most constructive approach is to 1. Focus on creating new causes in each present moment (i.e., thoughts, feelings, actions) that will ultimately lead to positive effects, and 2. Make best efforts to "reframe" negative circumstances into positive ones by looking for the lesson embedded within the experience (i.e., what is the Universe/Spirit trying to teach me here?). From my perspective, accepting cause & effect as a working principle in one's life is very empowering, because it compels you to acknowledge your role as an active creator of life circumstances rather than as a helpless roulette ball on the wheel of life.

Irene: You quote Tamura "We may fool ourselves into believing that we are fundamentally different from the person we are judging, but, in truth, we can never recognize in another what we don't have in ourselves." That's a pretty scary thought. Explain this to our reading audience.

Jeff: According to the theory, each of us consciously and subconsciously "project" ourselves energetically out into the world, and other people then "mirror" these projections back to us. I don't feel it's frightening at all; it's just another piece of the puzzle of self-discovery. For example, if we judge someone for being intolerant, then at some level we ourselves are intolerant, and the message is that we need to acknowledge that "shadow" aspect so that can completely accept ourselves exactly as we are, even with our hidden/repressed aspects.

Since learning about this "mirroring" process years ago, I make it a regular practice to carefully consider what my judgments are saying about me, and the result has been very educational. As a case in point, last year I announced to one of my clients that I would be taking an extended vacation, and the response was not very supportive. I was of course displeased and began having negative feelings about it, wondering how this individual could feel that way given that I hadn't taken any time off in two years. In the midst of my "stewing" about the matter, this thought came to me, "all this person is showing you, is that part of you that doesn't feel you deserve the time off." I knew immediately this insight was completely accurate, and I promptly stopped running the negative thoughts about the client, and instead affirmed to myself that I did indeed deserve the break.

Irene: You talk about detaching in your book. Why is it so important to "detach from the outcome"?

Jeff: Detachment is key to manifesting desires, because it all comes down to the point of focus. Whenever we are attached to a particular result, meaning that we really, really want to have some item, or to have something occur, the focus is on what we don't have rather than on what we intend to have. In essence, we are subconsciously focused on the wanting, and not the having. We simply need to get to a point where we get in the feeling space of actually having what we desire, and let the universe take care of the details. This goes against the traditional "make it happen" approach that is so prevalent in business, but that approach takes so much energy, and once one realizes that there is indeed an unseen "force" that is there to assist us in our creative efforts, it's unnecessary to resort to that approach. This doesn't mean that one doesn't "do" anything, not at all; one follows their inspiration and still puts energy out into the world to manifest desires. However, the difference is that the actions are supported by an attitude of trust that "this, or something better will manifest." This is one other critical advantage of detachment, namely that being detached from a specific outcome opens the door for something even better to arrive or occur.

Irene: Your explanation gives meaning to "showing up." Would you tell us some experiences you've had when you were detached from the outcome but showed up.

Jeff: In 1994 I started a business that was originally intended to one offering marketing consulting services for high-tech firms. I began marketing the firm through various means, and made little progress for three months. At this point, I decided to step away from taking physical "action", and instead begin using affirmations and prayer as techniques to generate connections that would lead to work. In doing this, I made best efforts to put the energy out there and then detach from the outcome as best as I could. I kept myself busy with reading and household projects. Then, one day the phone rang and it was some woman from a high technology public relations firm who had heard about my high-tech background from a friend of a friend. She asked if I would drive up to meet her for lunch to discuss the concept of my writing draft press releases for the firm. The lunch meeting went well and I began work the next week. By the time 5 years had passed, I had written nearly 1,200 releases for that firm.

Approximately six months after I began writing for that firm, I received a letter in the mail from an ex-girlfriend who had just moved back to the area from the West Coast, within which she indicated that she felt I could very well be a great writing resource for her firm. I then phoned her and arranged to have lunch with her in April of 1995; six months later I began working as a freelance writer for her company. Today, more than 10 years later, I continue to work for that firm on a freelance basis as a senior technical writer. Clearly, I did nothing to make either of these situations happen; I simply put some energy out there and in time something good manifested all on its own.

Irene: What is a simple test to find out if one is spiritually inclined?

Jeff: I am not really certain there is a simple test in this regard. From my experience, at the root of an orientation towards spirituality is a deeply-held desire to truly come to an understanding of the purpose of life, and willingness to explore any and all avenues available to reach that understanding. The path of spiritual growth is not one that lends itself to the "quick fix," yet once it is embarked upon this path will yield rewards that are more than commensurate with the effort.

Irene: There is much buzz around find the purpose of life, and many different beliefs of what that means. What is your understanding of "purpose of life"?

Jeff: To me, the purpose of life is a fairly esoteric subject, and it can be interpreted in various ways. There's the purpose of life in general, and then there's the purpose of an individual's life. As for the former, I've personally come to believe that one reason each of us is here is to come to understand who we really are, namely (as stated earlier) "sparks" of the Divine that have the innate potential to be as compassionate and unconditionally loving as the very force that created us.. As for individual purpose, I feel that each person was created to bring some form of service to the world, and that purpose will ultimately reveal itself to each individual who is sincerely dedicated to learning about, and meeting that purpose. The purpose may not always be easily discovered or understood, and perhaps at times it may turn out that the purpose requires the individual to face significant life challenges. In addition, because each living soul has freewill choice a given purpose may not always be realized. When it is not, then one can only hope that the infinite intelligence of the Creator provided for backup plans. Seriously, though, this is a very complex subject.

Irene: Jeff, it has been a real pleasure talking with you. I know our reading audience would like to know more about you and your book. Do you have a website where people can learn more?

Jeff: Thank you and it really was wonderful to have this opportunity to dialog with you about the subject of spirituality.

To learn more about ""Spirituality Simplified"", which in addition to being a solid "spiritual starter book" is likewise a handy reference guide for those who have been on "the path of self discovery" for some time, readers are invited to visit our Website.

Spiritual Seekers Find Starting Point

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Eye Soothing Treatment : Eye Soothing Treatment Makeup Removal

Eye Soothing Treatment : Eye Soothing Treatment Makeup Removal Tube. Duration : 2.08 Mins.

Makeup removal for an eye soothing treatment is important to avoid infection and irritation. Learn correct makeup removal techniques with expertise from an aesthetician in this free beauty guide video. Expert: Karen Lange Bio: Karen Lange is a certified aesthetician working at the presitigous Lotus Spa in Pacifica, California. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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If you feel that your travel advertising budget needs some revisions, if you think you need more "bang for your buck" in order to attract more people to your business, consider working with a full-service tourism company.

By investing your money with an experience business that keeps an eye on tourism trends, travel agencies, hotels and other tourism-related businesses can derive maximum benefit from their travel advertising dollars. Some examples of the types of travel advertising services that they offer should include:

A Multi-Media Package

Why just use print if you can develop a presence on the Internet? Consider your options carefully: in some cases, a full-color, glossy travel magazine distributed annually to the right audience may be exactly what you need to advertise your business. However, it might not hurt to search a little further to see if you can find a company that can offer you an Internet web page, access to an e-mail newsletter and other similar amenities to reach potential vacationers. A personalized web site will allow interested visitors a chance to see exactly what accommodations your hotel can offer, or list the types of services your company can provide. Look for a business that employs experienced writers and artists, who can help you craft an advertisement into an attractive package that is bound to draw new business. Since advertising is usually the first contact customers will have with your company, make a good impression! Lure potential business with a well-designed and well-placed ad, which features quality artwork.

Budget-Friendly Costs

Whether your business is new or well-established, you want to make sure that your travel advertising dollars are spent on an advertising campaign that is well within your means. Does the company you choose to advertise with offer any incentives, such as full color on your ads for no extra charge? To make sure your getting your money's worth, the print medium you select should run your travel advertising at the right time of the year to allow visitors to select the right vacation spot for them, no matter what the season.

Know Your Market

In Power Marketing for Small Business, author Jody Hornor noted: "Targeting your market with the use of demographic data helps you get the most out of your sales and advertising efforts." So, if you know that your travel advertising campaign will appeal to a higher-income audience then "by targeting your promotional materials to those prospects more likely to buy your product, you will obtain a higher response rate at a lower cost." A knowledgeable tourism company can help you achieve that goal.

Always Room for More

If your company has grown or added a new service, don't forget to promote any changes with a feature article, which can be distributed to local newspapers and magazines as well as national publications. Extra space for additional details gives your travel advertising that extra edge!


Look for a publication or tourism agency that has been in business for a while, offering quality service to members of the tourism profession. A professional firm will always be happy to offer references. Working with a well-established company will allow you to establish a long-term relationship with talented professionals who understand your needs, and who will help you achieve all of your travel advertising goals.

People have enjoyed vacationing since the days of the ancient Roman Empire. In 19th century England, every upper-income person knew it was necessary to take the "Grand Tour" of Europe to learn more about the history and culture of different nations. Not long after the United States was born, tourists were traveling to seaside resorts or mountain spas where they could relax and unwind.

In addition to having enough time and disposal income, the majority of today's travelers is often better-educated and visits a destination with a particular objective in mind, whether it's outdoor sports or cultural events. For a growing number, there is often sufficient time to add a second, "mini" vacation to their schedule, further increasing demands on the tourism industry infrastructure.

In recent years, more than 27 million Americans traveled abroad to fulfill their vacation fantasies, which ranged from touring ancient ruins, or trekking through lush forests, to just lounging on a broad sandy beach under a bright summer sun. Although portions of the world may be in turmoil, there are still a lot of places to see and millions of people happy to spend part of their annual income on a memorable vacation.

In exchange, millions of travelers from foreign countries spent more than billion in the United States in 2004, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. A growing number of them are from emerging markets such as China, which will probably see more than 100 million vacationers traveling abroad to destinations like America by the year 2020. The World Tourism Organization predicts that international tourism will continue to grow annually overall by four percent.

However, it is important to remember that tourism has been affected by two primary factors in recent years. First, the tragedy of September 11, 2001, which has caused some travelers to reconsider their choice of a vacation destination. Second, access to the Internet has provided them with the opportunity to book their own trips, sometimes at a cheaper rate than they can find from local travel agencies. As a result, it's up to you to find new ways to attract their attention and show them the benefits of bringing their business to you--the tourism professional.

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that lack of planning is the primary cause many companies fail to succeed in America. Do you want to become a leader in your particular market? If you do, then remember that it is necessary to invest time, energy and capital in your travel advertising, which will undoubtedly help your company reap greater rewards.

Travel Advertising - Make It Work Harder For You

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IV breeding guide

IV breeding guide Video Clips. Duration : 2.32 Mins.

IV stands for Individual Value. Put simply, they are values that range from 0-31 that are set on a pokemon in each of it's stats. The higher the value, the higher your stat will be. At level 100, these values become very important as they can result in a 31 point boost or drop in a stat. These values are defined permenantly when you receive an egg or catch a pokemon. They can never be changed. This is why people breed for IVs, as they want the best possible result that can never be changed. They're like pokemon Genes. IVs are hidden in game and the only way to find them is with an online IV calculator. I will leave a couple of links for those later. So to demonstrate IVs I'll give you an example. I'll use Heracross. These are the stats of a Hardy Heracross at level 100, with no EVs. I'm using Hardy so that the stats stay completely neutral and therefore display IVs in a clearer way. For this set, my Heracross has an IV of 0 in every stat. HP: 270 Atk: 255 Def: 155 Spa: 85 SpDef: 195 Spe: 175 Now to show you what a Hardy Heracross looks like with every IV at 31. HP: 301 Atk: 286 Def: 186 Spa: 116 SpDef: 226 Spe: 206 You can see that the second Heracross is MUCH better than the first, as it has what is called perfect IVs (ie an IV of 31 in every stat). This is the Heracross that I'd much rather take into a fight with me, as it's stats are much higher thanks to the IVs. Unfortunitely, IVs are never so straightforward. An IV spread is completely random, decided by a random ...
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Cozumel has something to suit the tastes and budgets of a wide variety of travelers. From the most lavish of hotels with services that complement the prices, to the most basic of rooms, some with cooking facilities, you can find what you are looking for without looking too far. First, decide what you would like out of your vacation time. Are you longing to wake up to a beautiful sunrise pouring over the ocean, the beaches and directly into your room? Or are you a night owl, looking to party at any of many local discos and watering holes until you crawl into your bed and draw the curtains shut? Do you want beachfront and a swimming pool at your facility? Or do you prefer the small town atmosphere where you can walk over to restaurants and bars and sample the local flavor of the island? There are hotels that offer anything you could possibly want - including some who specialize in singles events for those who are unattached.

There are hotels and resorts on the island built on or near some of the best beach diving available. They offer everything from diving equipment and lessons, to snorkeling gear and swim fins for an enjoyable underwater experience merely feet from your room. Others are built to take advantage of the offshore reefs a short boat ride from the beach where the diving and snorkeling is unbeatable. Still others offer family fun with a myriad of activities for the kids while the parents can enjoy their free time on the island however they choose. And then there are the lodges built for the serious fisherman who comes to catch some of the many types of ocean fish available around the island. These places offer serious equipment, including many boat excursions around the island to some of the well-known spots for catching fish.

Some hotels offer a choice of suites with kitchenettes, or modest air conditioned rooms just steps away from the excitement of the waterfront with its many restaurants, oceanfront bars and magnificent shopping. When you stay in this type of hotel, you have the best of both worlds as the best diving beaches are minutes away and yet you have many amenities available to you just a short walk from your comfortable room. There are condos for rent on the island as well as houses priced to fit any budget. You merely have to do a little research, decide what you want from your fabulous Cozumel vacation, and then go for it!

A Guide to Cozumel Hotels

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Disney Vacation Planning - Let Birnbaum Be Your Guide

Imagine having never been to Walt Disney World and you're trying to plan a vacation for you and your family. Where do you begin? How do you navigate four theme parks, two water parks, 26 resorts, entertainment complexes, dining, and the rest of the magic? How do you determine how long to stay? How much time do you spend in each theme park? These are all the questions that first-time visitors to Walt Disney World have to face when making their vacation plans to the Vacation Kingdom of the World.

Well, put your mind at ease because Steve Birnbaum composed the one and only "official guidebook" to the destination, Birnbaum's Official Guide to Walt Disney World. And because of the notoriety and the increasing popularity of this book through the years, six others have joined the annually published collection of Birnbaum guides to the Disney parks, six in total for Walt Disney World and one for Disneyland. Even if you're a seasoned expert, you will learn a thing or two or three when you read the most comprehensive guide to the Vacation Kingdom of the 'World' and the extraordinary amount of detail that the author/editor provides readers like you. Whether you're a "first-timer" or "seasoned pro," you'll find the Birnbaum guides invaluable tools when planning your next vacation to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

The guide that started it all is the Birnbaum's Official Guide to Walt Disney World. This is the most comprehensive volume on the subject and covers off everything from an initial introduction to the resort, to traveling there, the theme parks and water parks, resorts, dining, shopping, sports and golf, recreations and more. And if you're confused by all of the ticket and package product Disney has to offer, it will become quite clear by the time you finish this guide. The author/editor goes into great detail about each and every one of these topics and even offers up helpful hints to help you avoid any hiccups that may come about. After having read this book from cover to cover, I can honestly say if there's a subject or attraction or show not covered in this book, it simply doesn't exist.

Next up, Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Without Kids is an abbreviated version of the first book but targeted to adult-only travel. As you can imagine, in addition to the theme park, water park, and resort coverage, the main focus in on the 'adult' fun including golf, entertainment, and spa indulgences.

While you're reading through the main guidebook, your kids will love Birnbaum's Walt Disney World For Kids .This book is written from the perspective our younger travelers and makes them feel like part of the planning process.

If you're planning a Disney Cruise, you'll love Birnbaum's Disney Cruise Line. The definitive resource for booking a Disney Cruise Line cruise-only or land and sea package. Everything you need to know about booking a Disney Cruise Line vacation is featured within the pages including amazing details on the ships, dining, shore excursions, staterooms, and packages. Plus helpful tools and tips are presented throughout to help you "navigate" booking your Disney Cruise Line vacation!

Two other minor editions make up the collection of six books, the Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Dining Guide, a complete guide to all themepark, resort, and entertainment districts, and Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Pocket Parks Guide, a relatively new guidebook addition to the Birnbaum family, this book is an on-site reference guide to each of the theme parks, water parks, and recreation, and for the ultimate in convenience, it fits comfortably into your pocket!

Traveling to the west coast, then Birnbaum's Official Guide to the Disneyland Resort is a must have. The same comprehensive approach is taken for this Disney destination on the other side of the country.

Whether you're traveling alone, with kids, with friends, or cruising, you will find all of these guidebooks extremely helpful in the planning process. I strongly suggest that as soon as you decide that you're going, seek out the books you need right away because Disney vacation planning can take a lot of time and the author / editor offers great advice and helpful tips.  Happy planning.

Disney Vacation Planning - Let Birnbaum Be Your Guide

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Temecula Wine Tours For Every Occasion and Budget

From rustic to romantic, simple to extravagant, Temecula wine tours are the perfect addition to a Southern California vacation and the ideal way to celebrate any occasion.

Centrally located, the expansive vineyards, majestic mountains, and rugged beauty of Temecula wine country makes it a popular destination for those seeking everything from a relaxing retreat to an exciting adventure. With more than 30 wineries representing history, culture, and award winning excellence, planning a tour is the best way to experience the uniqueness of each vineyard and fully appreciate all that Temecula has to offer. Whether planning a one-day excursion or a weekend getaway, Temecula tours will handle all of the details so you can simply relax, enjoy the scenery, and sip some of the world's finest wines.

Temecula wine tours take visitors to a place where the pride of family owned estates and the passion of expert wine makers combine to create unforgettable experiences.

Shuttle Tours

The Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle is one of the most popular ways to tour Temecula wineries and vineyards. With pick-ups at most area hotels, a variety of itineraries, and knowledgeable hosts, this shuttle system allows travelers to visit several wineries in a short period of time. Single day and weekend shuttles are available, or companies and organizations can tailor their tours and customize their schedule to suit their specific group.

Planning a shuttle tour is also one of the most economic ways to explore wine country. Locations such as Ponte Winery offer several tastings and a souvenir glass for a minimal fee of - per person. The shuttle provides an affordable way to visit rustic wineries and elegant estates, enjoy friendly guided tours, and experience award winning wines.

Adventure Tours

Hummer or Jeep tours offer the ideal outlet for those wishing to explore their wild side and experience the rugged and adventurous Temecula terrain. Connect with the history of the area and witness breathtaking scenery with a safari like open vehicle tour that combines award winning wineries with off road adventure and sightseeing.

View the vineyards from a new perspective by taking a hot air balloon tour, or add a little romance with a sunrise champagne flight.

For the less adventurous who are still seeking something a little different, try a restored motorized cable car tour. Travel to each winery on these authentic pieces of San Francisco history, enjoying a picnic lunch and uninhibited view of the spectacular scenery. Since these cable cars can accommodate up to 30 people, they are an excellent choice for bachelorette parties, business events, or birthday celebrations.

Luxury and Romantic Tours

Temecula tours offer many all-inclusive packages, making it a perfect destination for a little pampering and romance. Combine your tour with a stay at the acclaimed South West Winery Resort where you can enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments, exquisite cuisine, and peaceful strolls through vineyards.

Several luxury bus and limo services are available, offering private tours in a more intimate setting. Many resorts will provide couple's packages including exclusive offers and a variety of romantic options for touring wineries or attending wine tastings. Combining tours with an all-inclusive package will make planning your vacation easier and less expensive.

With so many wineries to choose from, Temecula wine tours can help simplify your visit and ensure that you enjoy all the luxury, experience all the adventure, and appreciate all the culture that makes California's wine country one of the most unforgettable vacation destinations.

Temecula Wine Tours For Every Occasion and Budget

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Relax with a Mini-Vacation

Need a few weeks on a beach to relax and unwind but can barely afford to take a day off? No problem. Here are some quick and inexpensive ways to relax with a mini-vacation.

Have a Pajama Day!

Whether you live alone or with a family, choose a day and declare it Pajama Day. The rules are easy. Just clear your calendar and spend the day in your jammies. Think you're too important and will be missed? Remember that even the most powerful leader in the free world takes time off to hang out at Camp David. President Bush may even do it in his pajamas, but we try not to think about that.

So, sleep in (as long as the kids will let you), eat pancakes, watch movies, read and laugh. If you have kids, we bet they'll love having your undivided attention. You'll be amazed at how an unstructured day with no responsibilities can turn down your stress level.

Enjoy Your Own Private Spa.

Day spas are lovely, but expensive and you still have to get dressed and face traffic to get there. Why not create an oasis of peace in your own home? No commute time and you don't have to worry about how much to tip!

The key to transforming your bathroom into your personal spa is to set the mood. Put on a tape of your favorite soothing music. Light some candles, with a delicate fragrance. Lay out fluffy towels and your favorite bath salts and lotions. Turn off the phone, lock the draw and sink into a soothing tub.

Think you don't have time for a long bath? Even five minutes in a hot tub in a soothing environment will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Spend The Night In A Hotel.

You'll be amazed at how a change of scene and routine will help reduce your stress level. Pack an overnight bag, choose an affordable room near either home or office and stay there one night during the week. Even a one-night stay in a hotel has the feel of a vacation, especially if you use hotel amenities like an indoor pool and Jacuzzi.

If you don't have little ones, treat yourself to room service and enjoy a glass of wine while reading the book that's been languishing on your nightstand or just a peaceful conversation. Enjoy the quiet - you deserve it!

Taking the kids along? Take advantage of the pool and then a casual dinner out. Keep the conversation focused on favorite vacation moments, past and future.

Take a Mental Vacation.

Don't have the time or money for a full day off or a hotel room? No problem, just take a mental vacation. First, find a place where you can have five interrupted minutes. Having trouble finding a place? Remember that there's a reason they put locks on bathroom doors. Next, get comfortable. Slip your shoes off, loosen tight clothing and sit in a relaxing position. Now, close your eyes (finish reading this first, though) and imagination a favorite moment from your past. Perhaps it was at the beach or star-gazing or sitting by a fire.

Concentrate on the smells, sights and sounds at that moment. How the sun felt on your skin at the beach, or the smell of wood smoke from a campfire. Focus on how you felt at that moment. Relaxed, filled with a sense of well-being, at peace.

After a few minutes enjoying that special moment, concentrate on bringing those feelings of peace and well-being to the present. Open your eyes, stretch and let yourself enjoy the new, relaxed you. Head on back to the real world, knowing that you can go to that special, peaceful place anytime, anywhere.

The key to a good vacation isn't where you go, how long it is or how much you spend. It's how you feel during the vacation. You have the ability to conjure that relaxed, happy you anytime. It just takes a bit of concentration and being willing to let go of your current stresses, even if it's just a day or a moment. Go on, take a mini-vacation and relax.

Relax with a Mini-Vacation

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Planos 'A guide to Paxos' Greece

Planos 'A guide to Paxos' Greece Video Clips. Duration : 3.87 Mins.

Produced and Edited by: Pixel Postcards Director of Photography Adrian Marciente Planos Holidays 'A guide to Paxos' Paxos Island, Greece For availability and bookings please email or call +44 (0)1373 813022 Planos Holidays owner, Nick Harvey, first travelled to Paxos in 1982, not having visited Greece before and was immediately struck by the friendliness of the locals and the feeling that as well as being on holiday. Since then much has changed on the island. Better quality accommodation, more people working there and a big increase in tavernas, restaurants and bars. However this place remains in essence, a tiny unspoilt 12 square miles of olives and cypress and I am delighted, not only to have retained my connection with Paxos, but to have the privilege of working there as well. Our accommodation on Paxos is chosen to provide "something for everyone", right from tiny harbour-front studios to olive grove villas with private pools. We have had huge enjoyment acquiring much first-hand knowledge of the island which we would love to share with you. Our well-informed staff have a real working knowledge of Paxos, all of which is backed up by a strong presence on the island to advise and assist during your holiday. On arrival at Corfu Airport we'll meet and direct you to your coach, minibus or taxi transfer to the New Port. At the Port you will be looked after and escorted to the ferry to Paxos. Part of the Ionian Islands ...
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Luxury tourism is booming, especially for South America destinations. The combination of new high-end properties and relatively lower prices when compared to the international market has contributed to the trend. But in addition to these two factors, what makes South America luxury tours so popular, and why should you consider one for yourself? Here are 3 reasons why.

Your Money Goes Further. Luxury travel has long been loved by the upper class, but it is increasingly becoming accessible to the middle class as well. And although 5-star hotels and private tours might stretch the budget a bit too tight in the United States or Europe, these things are entirely possible in South America. Usually, the biggest expense is the airfare, but if you are able to travel during the down season or have flexible dates, you can get good deals, especially from main airports such at Miami, Los Angles, and New York. Services are typically cheaper throughout Latin America, so not only are you able to treat yourself to luxuries like spa services, you can also browse local markets for handmade crafts. Peru is a great example of quality crafts that are extremely affordable in country, with everything from carved wood designed to delicate woven tapestries and cozy alpaca clothing.

They're Easily Accessible. Gone are the days when only the elite could travel in comfort. Today you don't need to be part of an exclusive club or have a private assistant plan your trip for you. There are plenty of hotels that are able to arrange excursions and transfers for you. And if you're interested in traveling around a country or to multiple countries you can choose to book your entire trip with a luxury travel company. Luxury Machu Picchu tour packages, for example, can set you up in some of the best hotels in the region (and they're not always the ones you'd know about!) as well as take you deep into the Peruvian Amazon with quick private transfers and private guides the entire way.

They're Diverse. Luxury aside, one of the reasons so many people are flocking to South America is that it offers a great amount of diversity. During one seamless vacation you can: visit the Galapagos Islands, cruise down the Amazon River, take a luxury hike to Machu Picchu while staying in rural lodges, fly in a helicopter over Rio de Janeiro, and explore the mysteries of Easter Island. How is that for diverse?

South America Luxury Tours: Why They're So Popular and Why You Should Go

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Boracay Philippines for Spring Vacation!

Boracay is one of the best beaches I have ever been to. It will be yours too! I'll tell you why.

The Philippines is one of the best places to travel during the spring season. The Philippines has one of the best beaches in the world where you can relax, enjoy, and get to know people.

In the Philippines, white beaches are very famous because of its paradise view. The top beaches in the Philippines are Boracay, Palawan, Puerto Gallera, Dumaguete, San Juan and a lot more. I want to introduce Boracay as my first choice. Boracay is the beach capital of the Philippines. Boracay will surely make your days blast! It will be a fantastic place for your vacation.

This island has clean white sands and clear water. You can go swimming, scuba diving and fish hunting during the day. During the afternoon, you can have a good nap by the seashore and feel the cool breeze rubbing against your face. You can also try to get a foot massage or facial massage in a spa. In the evening, get the groove with the different music lounge and local concerts around. The fun doesn't end here for there are a lot of activities that can be done once you get to talk with local tourist guides.

Boracay has been divided into 3 stations. Station 2 has a lot of establishments and great hotels to spend the night with the entire family. Good food and fancy restaurants are all over the place. Exotic meals can also be served in local stores or expensive restaurants. You can get to know a lot of foreigners or locals from different places. You can also take a tour from station 1 to station 3 by foot. Exploring the island will be the best and it doesn't cost that much at all! Everything can depend upon your budget.

If you want to know more about the different stations then visit the Boracay website or you can just send me a message.

Here is a list on what you can do in the island:

Island Hopping Food Trip Spa / Massage / Facial Parasailing / Paragliding Henna / Tattoo Snorkeling / Scuba Diving Fish hunting / Fishing Boating / Sailing / Banana Boat Ride / Pukka Beach Biking / ATV Riding Butterfly Garden Wall Climbing Hair Braiding Souvenir Shopping Windsurfing / Kite boarding Jet Skiing

This is a place you will surely enjoy so don't forget to put on your sunscreen!

Boracay Philippines for Spring Vacation!

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Top 4 Things You Can't Miss On Caribbean Cruises To The Bahamas

If you haven't had the chance to go on Caribbean cruises before, planning one is almost as fun as actually visiting the Bahamas and other tropical locations. Before you go, take the time to research the many different types of things you can do on Caribbean cruises. However leave yourself some downtime while your ship is in port so you can explore things that you come across that might not have made it onto your must-not-miss list.

Visit Fort Fincastle And Queen's Staircase

The Queen's Staircase is an attraction is Nassau that was carved by hand in celebration of Queen Victoria. There are 65 steps (one for each year of the Queen's reign) and it is carved entirely out of limestone, which took more than a year to complete. While there's no official tour, a guide is usually available to help explain the history and significance of the staircase. This guide doesn't actually work in any official capacity, but it's nice to tip him a few dollars for his time.

Once you get to the top, take a few moments to take in the view. Fort Fincastle is also located here and most visitors report that it's well worth the dollar admission fee. The fort is small, but still full of history.

See The Flamingos At Ardastra Gardens Zoo

If you like animals, the Ardastra Garden Zoo is something that shouldn't be missed. Here birds such as flamingos and peacocks are allowed to roam freely, but the highlight is probably the marching flamingos show. The flamingos march around to music and guests are invited to come into the arena to get up close and personal with the birds. The entrance fee for the zoo is for adults and for children 4-12.

Check Out The Casinos

There are a number of casinos in the Bahamas and even people who aren't gamblers make an effort to visit at least one of them when they're on breaks from Caribbean cruises. The Atlantis, for instance, offers a number of things to do in addition to gambling, such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling through ruins, golfing, rocking climbing or visiting the spa. Of course, if slot machines and gaming tables are more your speed, these casinos offer games of every type for gamblers of every level.

Visit The Straw Market

If you're looking for deals to take home as souvenirs, visit the Straw Market. Here vendors sell crafts woven out of straw, carved wood trinkets, clothing and more. If you find something that you want to take home, make sure to haggle with the vendors because they expect it! Don't be afraid to walk away from a vendor with a price that's too high because chances are good that you'll be able to find a similar product elsewhere in the Bahamas.

Caribbean cruises through the Bahamas are some of the most fun vacations you can take. However, don't limit yourself to activities on the ship. Before you book your cruise, take time to research what you want to do off the ship to ensure that your vacation is a fun-filled one.

Top 4 Things You Can't Miss On Caribbean Cruises To The Bahamas

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Bradt Guide to Venezuela - Margarita & Los Roques

Bradt Guide to Venezuela - Margarita & Los Roques Video Clips. Duration : 2.02 Mins.

Bradt Guide to Venezuela author Russell Maddicks at home in Caversham discussing the Venezuelan beach resorts of Margarita and Los Roques in a short video by local film maker Jorge Franca.
Keywords: Margarita Island, isla, venezuela, travel, tourism, Macanao, Los Roques, posada, guidebook, author, writer, translator, Russell Maddicks, Bradt Guide, Caversham Upon Thames, Jorge Franca

Traveling is always fun especially if you get to experience new culture and environment. Germany is a great place for people to visit; it's full of history, art, culture, and wonderful landscapes and sites to see. This country is a great place if you want to have a romantic getaway, or a family vacation, or if you are traveling by yourself. Whatever you do, there are some places in Germany that you simply cannot miss.

The first place you must visit is the Neushwanstein Castle, or Schloss Neuschwanstein in German. This castle is located in Hohenschwangau, Germany. This castle was open to the public in 1886 under the order of King Ludwig II, but was not finished until 1892. Ludwig II used the castle as his private get away to escape the spotlight, and was in honor of Richard Wagner, sadly, the King never saw the castle completed and died in 1886 right before it opened to the public. They have open tours and guided tours and are open all year long except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

You will also want to visit the Black Forest aka Schwarzwald. This is a wooden mountain range located in southwestern Germany. While in the Black Forest, you can visit Baden-Baden a spa town that offers the best for rest and relaxation. There are also natural springs with mineral water that you can relax in. There are many hiking trails and interesting sites to see. The forest got its name because of how dense the trees are in the area, not because it was evil or sinister in anyway. There are many vineyards throughout this region and tons of castles to be explored.

Visiting the city of Cologne (Köln) can be fun and interesting. This city actually has their own dialect of German and like many cities, has its own Beer and technique/style of making it. Cologne was given its name because of the fragrant water that was created by an Italian merchant who went to Germany to make his fortune. The Cologne Cathedral is an amazing site to be seen which took about 600 years to complete. Cities such as this are filled with a rich history and have a life of their own that you would have to experience in order to get the full effect of the city.

The most iconic sight to be seen is the Berlin Wall. The wall was set up by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, or East Germany) in 1961 during the Cold War. It cut off West Berlin from East Berlin and East Germany and prevented East Berliners from escaping to West Berlin. The wall was "torn down" in 1989 with the help of the United States Helping liberate Berlin from the Soviet Union. Parts of the wall still stand and are covered in graffiti that symbolizes freedom and the strife of those whom the wall separated. This is an amazing site to be seen and represents an amazing part of the worlds history.

Germany is a beautiful land that is rich of forests and hills. The culture there is something you should experience firsthand if it is possible. There are so many great places to visit in this country, theses were just a few amazing places for you to discover. When planning your trip to Germany, be sure to plan ahead to see when attractions are open, what the costs are, and if they are family friendly or not so you don't miss out on anything. Another thing to look at is the dress code for some of the cathedrals or castles. You may also want to get travel insurance for those unexpected things like lost luggage, injury, or if some place like your hotel files for bankruptcy.

Things to Do In Germany

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