Top Romantic Getaways in the Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines is rapidly becoming an important destination for honeymoon. In April 2009, has been awarded to the most popular destination in the Philippines' in Asia "was awarded by a professional at the World Travel Fair 2009 in Shanghai, China. Foreigners booking their weddings and honeymoons in the Philippines have been at record rates growth level in recent years.

What to visit the most romantic?

Professionals, people living in the Philippines, or thoseExpats who travel frequently to the Philippines many special Romantic getaways "that is in equal doses of passion, solitude and comfort in the sun. Frankly, there are many beautiful and romantic places in the Philippines, it is extremely difficult, the Top 5, 10 or even identify the top 20. Some places are more romantic than others for some very personal reasons.

However, the trip on my more than 20 years and live in the Philippines with my motherFilipino spouse, I have a complete list of sites that I have always found the confirmation of other expatriates with me their favorite locations and romantic getaway.

The Luxury Locations

1. Amanpulo on Pamalican Iceland: Rating - 5 stars

As a stand at the top of the list, with rooms from $ 550 per night. This place is the ultimate Beach Resort in the Philippines and the ultimate getaway for those who have the means to afford it. If you're looking forAmanpulo visit, you'll be hobnobbing with the rich and famous in the world - jet-setters and celebrities from around the world. This is one of the most secret places in the Philippines.

2. Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati: Rating - 5 stars

This is the perfect weekend to search for a luxury romantic, centrally located right in view of the City Light Entertainment New York City. There are a lot of room choices, from superior rooms from $ 200 to $ 300 per night, up toSuites from $ 400 to $ 500 per night. Points of view in the lobby of 'hotel are absolutely breathtaking, and the room is set up perfectly.

3. Shangri La Mactan Resort Iceland (Cebu): 5-star rating

This luxurious resort is nestled in 14 acres of beautifully landscaped coastline. All rooms open to a beautiful ocean view. Compared to the coast, the resort offers all the usual water sports. You can get a lot of room if you stay here. E 'wasnamed one of the top ten best resorts in Asia-Pacific "by Business Traveler Magazine

4. Badian Island Resort & Spa (Cebu): Get 5 stars

The resort is located on the top of the list of Top 10 Spas Iceland, as a magazine in the latest edition of the Spa Asia. And 'off the coast of south-west tip of Cebu island, away from the city noise, in a perfectly just nice romantic place. This is a2.5 hours drive from Cebu, but it is possible for a helicopter to reach the resort is the application in 30 minutes.

5. Shangri La Boracay Iceland: Rating: 5 Stars

Another group properties plush Shangri-La, a place, this island in the northern part of Boracay. E 'calm in a situation from the hustle and bustle of Boracay congestion, and has a secluded beach 350 meters of pristine and well-preserved nature. This luxury resortIt offers 219 rooms and villas decorated with ethnic furniture Filipino, every room connects to a balcony where you can relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the beach.

Well, as for the rest of us, we do so free of roll-out rates at night luxury resort of the above, but want to find the weekend, uniquely romantic. Now, this list is even more difficult to choose because it includes many beautiful and romantic places in the most favorable prices of $ 100 to $ 250 per Night.

More price-sensitive sites

1. Elite series of Boracay Resort - Boracay is the most popular tourist attraction in the Philippines. From the northern end of Boracay's main beach is relatively isolated, most are high-end places, there are two that I recommend as a romantic getaway:

Beach Hotel-Plants Plants: Rating: 3 Stars

The resort has only 29 rooms, so it is very private, and guests are treated like family members. What gives this> Resort is a unique figure in the open air through a line of cabins standing room full of great people over the pillow shells and decorated with hanging lamps, dining room, where you can read, drink, take a nap or just watch the sea and the beach.

Friday's Resort: Rating: 4 stars

Friday, as a plant is located on a beautiful white beach, but what makes it so different from its Western location a bit 'block, is more privacy. It 'was the first luxury resortbuilt in Boracay

Nami Private Villas Hotel: Rating: 4 stars

Nestled in the hills with spectacular sea views, the resort offers 12 spacious and private villas, each with its own Jacuzzi. The resort is just 10 minutes drive from the main area of White Beach. It is a service center, activities for guests including horse riding, water sports, golf and organize. The resort is an ideal destination for those seeking a romantic weekend withPrivacy and seclusion while still in the shopping area near Boracay.

2. El Nido Resort in Palawan: Rating - 4 stars

El Nido is home to a magnificent view of white sand beaches, limestone cliffs huge, peaceful lagoons and reefs full of life. The scenery is breathtaking, some of the clearest water I have ever experienced, and I'm really lonely - to the north of Palawan. There are two large resorts, from which the El Nido - PlacesIceland Iceland Minoloc Resort and Resort.

3. Pearl Farm Beach Resort: Rating - 5 stars

Located in the southern Philippines is the Samal group of Islands, an archipelago of nine islands, which has an area of 28,000 hectares. Samal Island is a beautiful, tranquil and exotic, with a coastline adorned with white sand beaches, abundant marine life, rock formations, mangroves, and landscape elements of coconut trees, flowersThe plants and fruit trees. The area is blessed with various natural attractions and flourishing flora and fauna.

4. Pansukian Resort: 5-star rating

This is a beautiful, uncrowded (only 8 villas) Resort in Siargao, an unspoilt island in the southern Philippines, also known as a paradise for surfers. It is a world renowned surf Cloud 9 north of General Luna, known to break the island's largest city. The Siargao Surfing Cup competition held in late September or In early October of each year. Siargao is located east of Cebu and the north-east of Butuan City on Mindanao.

5. Surf Camp - Calicoan Iceland, Samar: Rating: 4 stars

The Surf Camp is an idyllic tropical holiday in 'abcd' beach, island Calicoan first surf zone. The eight luxury houses are inspired by Thai, Balinese, Indonesian and Filipino architecture. All are equipped with air conditioning, hot water, satellite TV, minibar, safe, and intercom. L '> Resort has an infinity pool with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

6. Sonya's Garden - Tagaytay: Bed and Breakfast

Can not believe that is hidden in a small street in front of Tagaytay City this attractive place with rare flowers, and where to stay for lunch or dinner and the cabins are lovingly constructed and decorated uniquely by its owner, Sonia Garcia. And 'the closest you can get an English "Bed and Breakfast" in the Philippinesbut with a little 'more style and personal service.

7. Beach Resort Panglao in Bohol - Bohol Iceland: Rating: 3 Stars

Panglao is attached to a small island connected virtually on the main island of Bohol by two bridges of only 50 feet in length. All major sites are located on Panglao beach with its white sandy beaches and clean. Panglao is also the destination of choice for many divers. Alona Beach is where all the big talk about Bohol (and higherValue Resorts - which is a great Alona Palm Beach Resort).

8. The Manor at Camp John Hay - Baguio

What makes living here so special is that it is in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio, which is located at 5,000 meters high, was initially described as a mountain retreat of U.S. forces in time built around 1900. Well, its cold temperatures (an average of 19 degrees Celsius throughout the year), Manila attract visitors in large numbers in the plainsmoist. The urban character is marked by crowds of young students. And 'the Internet and get the wood in the Philippines.

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