Becoming a Ski Club rep

Becoming a Ski Club rep Video Clips. Duration : 10.65 Mins.

The word rep might conjure up scary visions of picking up holiday-makers from the airport, running a pub quiz for Brits abroad, and trying to flog activity days. But becoming a rep doesnt have to be this way. The Ski Club of Great Britain sends reps to 35 ski resorts worldwide for one simple purpose: to ski with Ski Club members. No lost luggage to sort out. No karaoke evenings to host. If you make the grade on the training course, you get to meet and ski with loads of new people, and host a social hour for them in the pub each evening. This behind the scenes film follows three budding candidates on the training course in Tignes, France. Its not all fun and games though as well as honing their skiing skills, trainees must learn mountaincraft, and on-snow leading skills from qualified mountain guides, instructors and Ski Club staff. The Ski Club is now taking applications from this year's course in December 2009. Find out more about the Ski Club reps course on For Snow Reports, snowsports news, and information on all things ski and snowboard visit the Ski Club website: For hundreds more ski and snowboard videos from inspirational freestyle and freeride to technique advice, visit the Ski Club's snowsports video website http
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